Lisa 'flippantly' signed a contract with an American company, Jennie choked up and cried on stage03:08Le Han Tue Lam: From a destitute past to the youngest shark in Shark Tank, her husband is a Bank General Director05:23BLACKPINK did not disband like 2NE1, the new "landing point" of the 3 members leaving YG Entertainment was revealed.03:52Rosé (BLACKPINK) has an "answer" to the question of re-signing with YG, and also revealed the group's future?03:19The lawyer commented that Ms. Phuong Hang's sentence was reduced by a temporary detention period, and she was released at the appeal hearing?03:41Lisa "said goodbye" to fans amid rumors of "shaking hands" with an American company, YG is really difficult to save!03:42BLACKPINK "breaks up": Lisa and Jisoo are easy to predict, Rosé "turns around" unexpectedly, Jennie causes the most regret03:47BlackPink's disbandment is inevitable, YG denied rumors of 3 members leaving the group to save the situation03:43BLACKPINK before re-signing day: Jennie opens up about launching a fashion brand, Jisoo suddenly gets attacked?03:48BLACKPINK disbands, YG "clears the way" for "new chickens" to take their place, will it make things happen in the future?04:03Nam Em openly sided with Ms. Phuong Hang, upset when she heard the 3-year prison sentence, and scolded people for living fake lives03:01Huong Giang was speechless and speechless when Ho Ngoc Ha 'criticized' to her face: 'Ungraceful'03:01Pharmacist Tien sobbed, eliminating Mai Ngo to clear the way for Huong Giang's team at The New Mentor?03:44Lindo made Quang Linh "cry" because of a sentence related to Vietnamese cuisine, comparing it to Angola03:14BTS temporarily cedes the glory to BlackPink, and will regain it after completing their military service03:35Footballer Dinh Trong and his girlfriend of 9 years held a wedding, people "crossed their eyes" at the bride price from the man.03:05Rosé shows off her "fairy" beauty to the hearts of fans, from ordinary oranges to advertising photos with just one word "EXCELLENT"03:36Thanh Hang implicitly said that Huong Giang "robbed and shouted at the same time", affirming that winning or losing is not important03:49Song Luan publicly announced that she has a busty eldest daughter with a pretty Western appearance and the shocking identity of her mother03:05


Nhật Hân15:55:47 26/09/2023
Ho Chi Minh City: Ministry of Health requests to identify the source of infection of 2 cases of monkeypox, people live in new fear
Huỳnh Phúc15:45:16 26/09/2023
JungKook's "girlfriend" caused controversy when she innocently showed off photos with her face pierced in many places
Đức Trí15:35:52 26/09/2023
Luong My International competition, fans fall for the village pond contest, fried egg hotgirl Thanh Tam once participated
Nguyễn Kim15:09:26 26/09/2023
Park Jung Min: Former member of SS501 rose to fame thanks to acting, learned Kbiz but considers himself incompetent
Hoàng Phúc15:04:10 26/09/2023
Ngoc Trinh revealed her health condition after egg injection, accidentally "touching" Ms. Nhan Vlog
JLO14:53:25 26/09/2023
Du Thien revealed photos of him dating Maria Ozawa, saying something that made the adult movie goddess embarrassed
Huỳnh Phúc14:47:08 26/09/2023
Trieu Lo Tu was ridiculed right at Milan Fashion Week, is he really favored in the West?
Thư Kỳ14:40:53 26/09/2023
Diep Lam Anh reappears with 'Beautiful sister kicking the wind' after losing custody of her children, 'Tuesday' Quynh Nga is also present
Nguyễn Kim14:35:47 26/09/2023
Trieu Lo Tu "escaped his life as alum", took revenge on his "little sister next door" image, and caused chaos at the airport of the Golden Temple
Gia Linh14:31:40 26/09/2023
Taylor Swift was caught sharing a car with a famous male player, netizen: "Preparing for new music!"
Bình Minh14:29:02 26/09/2023
Hien Ho successfully returned to the entertainment industry, receiving a show that immediately received enthusiastic support from the audience?
Phúc Sen13:39:41 26/09/2023
Diep Lam Anh wrote a letter to women after losing custody of her two children, fans felt sad about the situation.


Nắng11:21:35 26/09/2023
Miss Grand International kicks off: Le Hoang Phuong reveals disadvantages, roommates reveal themselves
Bình Yên11:17:01 26/09/2023
Engfa Waraha acted ridiculously, fans demanded her expulsion and not being allowed to perform at the Miss Grand finals
Uyển Đình10:30:49 26/09/2023
What will be the future of BLACKPINK if Jennie and Jisoo set up their own company? YG's response is "dizzying" fast.
Nhật Hân10:04:37 26/09/2023
Hoang Canh Du "trying to punch and eat sticky rice" chasing the label of "Duong Duong copy", netizens booed because he was too delusional
Nguyễn Tuyết09:57:58 26/09/2023
Ngu Thu Han's younger sister took action to help Tong To Nhi correct his mistakes, Cuc Tinh Y actively responded?
Nguyễn Tuyết07:46:50 26/09/2023
Truong Tinh Nghi paired with a male god of youth, suddenly criticized by fans: "Excess water is too cloudy"
Thư Kỳ21:34:08 25/09/2023
Song Joong Ki was upset when his private life was scrutinized and revealed his changes after marriage for the first time
Yaya20:34:15 25/09/2023
Jennie and Jisoo 'attacked' to set up their own company, revealing evidence that Lisa was abandoned and treated unfairly by YG
Keng17:39:04 25/09/2023
Hua Thuan My: Became a billionaire after divorcing her old husband 3 times, fell in love with her young lover and was taken advantage of and treated cruelly
Tuyết Ngọc16:50:40 25/09/2023
Duong Tu "reunited" with Dang Luan on a special occasion, ready to reunite in a new movie, is that true?
Quỳnh Quỳnh16:12:46 25/09/2023
Freen Sarocha Chankimha: 9X pearl of the Golden Temple, "making waves" with the series GAP The Series
Tuyết Ngọc15:06:40 25/09/2023
Chloe Bailey publicly said she loves BTS very much, constantly praising the 7 HYBE boys for this!


Ning Jing11:48:52 26/09/2023
Thang Ngo changed dramatically after breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan: Often speaks moral, gloomy and no longer smiles
Thảo Mai11:38:43 26/09/2023
Trang Nemo couldn't sleep, cried and wet her pillow with regret. She was strongly praised and took the opportunity to do this for her son
An Nhi09:55:01 26/09/2023
Tycoon Duc An hung 100 pictures of Phan Nhu Thao in his house. He wanted to register his marriage but was refused.
Hoàng Phúc07:33:15 26/09/2023
Miss Hai Bao after saying goodbye to Miss Hai Bao: Quit working as a worker, changed her appearance, determined to become a singer
Nhật Hân07:23:30 26/09/2023
The Koi fish king suddenly opened up about one thing, fans quickly blamed Ha Thanh Xuan: "Does not know how to look at people"
Uyển Đình18:01:05 25/09/2023
Hundreds of people flocked to the river to "hunt for gold", hoping to change their lives, but unexpectedly they were shocked by the ironic truth
Thảo Mai17:35:43 25/09/2023
Van Toan was pushed in the boat with Hoa Minzy, the Vietnamese players supported, the female singer only said one humiliating sentence.
Gia Hoàng17:34:01 25/09/2023
Ho Chi Minh City: Maid burned down employer's house in Thu Duc, suspected of later committing suicide in the fire to escape crime
An Nhi16:37:53 25/09/2023
Truong Giang's daughter - Nha Phuong appeared adorable in a family photo set, looking exactly like her mother
Hoa Tuyết16:24:12 25/09/2023
Duy Manh suddenly said something to Dinh Trong on the wedding day, the bride "froze for 5 seconds" when she heard it.
Gia Hoàng16:19:22 25/09/2023
Ms. Nhan Vlogs 5 times 7 times so that fans have to remind her about her pregnancy, everyone's response is boring.
Nguyễn Kim10:43:32 25/09/2023
The moment a 4-storey house collapsed in Ho Chi Minh City, in the blink of an eye it turned into a pile of rubble, 2 people narrowly escaped.


An Nhi12:24:54 26/09/2023
Hoai Linh appeared at the 100 billion Patriarch's temple quietly, but her close-up appearance changed one thing.
Mưa11:38:49 26/09/2023
Mr. Tu encountered him and had his picture posted on social networks by Lee Min Ho. Dieu Nhi showed her attitude clearly
Nhật Hân11:12:06 26/09/2023
Tran Thanh acted "out of love" with Truc Nhan after a beautiful show, the Seahorse Chess Association is unlikely to reunite
Bảo Tiên11:01:50 26/09/2023
Le Khoa: Having collaborated with an artist who won 4 Grammy awards, VN Idol is the "way" to regain glory
Hoa Tuyết10:48:48 26/09/2023
Hoa Minzy revealed her pregnancy suspicion, fans suddenly shouted Van Toan's name, how did the insiders react?
Phúc Sen10:17:19 26/09/2023
H'Hen Niê 'flexes' a shocking certificate of merit, fans are 'sobbing' with pride with a series of dedicated activities for the community
Yang Mi10:14:41 26/09/2023
Hoang Thuy Linh spoke up about the cancellation of the Vietnam Idol show because of her condescending attitude: She took the initiative to cancel
Minh Lợi10:08:23 26/09/2023
Clip of Khanh Phuong being happy and cheerful even though his wife was "carried" away. Fans asked if he was waiting for his wife to come home and he answered in shock.
Kim Lâm07:39:17 26/09/2023
Puka revealed a special wish for Gin Tuan Kiet for 4 years, saying exactly one sentence but "sweet as sugar".
Thư Kỳ07:34:43 26/09/2023
Diep Lam Anh was "disappointed" when her ex-husband Nghiem Duc received custody of their children
Pinky07:16:07 26/09/2023
Thuy Tien questioned the Communist Party, their attitude of declaring war in the face of attacks is that they are evil people but can live in peace
Hướng Dương19:47:35 25/09/2023
Miss Universe VN 2023: Emma Le responds to rumors of false height declaration, fans sarcastically say "It's right to admit it's wrong"