He Is The Refuge Of The Sage Lake

Hien Ho fainted on stage while performing and a series of controversies about the incident03:49Hien Ho is provided with 500 million/week by "he relies on", his cousin posted a hidden status to release more evidence?03:34GC - How is the character that knocked down the MV We Are Now a formidable force?04:02The fact that Hien Ho and his giant brother took pictures of "taking refuge" in a luxurious room has a new discovery03:08Turns out this is the reason Hien Ho "revealed" a series of shocking photos, and still "relying" with the giant U60 for 4 years?03:26Hien Ho "rioted" with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say?03:03Hien Ho was "taken off" by the image of "brothers who rely on" love everywhere, this "relied" is a bit too much03:42HOT: "Cousin" Hien Ho officially spoke about the sensitive clip 13p13s, clarifying rumors of harming her sister03:34Cousin Hien Ho is the one who sells his sister's 'reliance' image to a mysterious person?03:25Hien Ho has no way back after the noisy love affair with "relying brothers", why?03:45"Old Buddha" Son Kim protects his family with 6 bullet points: A fatal knife for Hien Ho and his son-in-law?04:46Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho?03:35Toc Tien "unfriended" with Hien Ho, Tran Thanh once praised the card, but now it's like this?03:28Hien Ho, Tram Anh have moles in places that make men fall in love03:53What does Hien Ho and the "10 minute 33 second clip" have that people rush to ask for a link03:15Hien Ho publicly apologized after the scandal of "relying cousin", Ho Ngoc Ha was suddenly called out with the "Diamond giant"04:43Kicking Hien Ho, the "ex-boyfriend" of the female singer is "delighted" when being cursed by netizens02:54Revealing the image that is said to be Hien Ho dancing enthusiastically in the bar with the popular G63?03:45Son Tung's We Are Now is based on a true story05:02

Topic: He Is The Refuge Of The Sage Lake

Bình Minh14:29:02 26/09/2023
Hien Ho successfully returned to the entertainment industry, receiving a show that immediately received enthusiastic support from the audience?
Keng14:33:44 19/09/2023
Tieu Hy encountered a change like Hien Ho, was loudly "asked for a link for 12 minutes", fans immediately found evidence to prove her innocence.
Hoàng Phúc15:17:54 14/09/2023
Hien Ho has another clip in the car, cousin also asks for "hot goods" 3 minutes and 33 seconds, how real is it?
Huỳnh Phúc07:16:31 14/09/2023
Trinh Thang Binh used to be close, now the implication of playing with Hien Ho is "bubbly", how does the singer respond?
Uyển Đình10:17:48 11/09/2023
Hien Ho "rioted" with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say?
Nhật Hân17:03:02 25/08/2023
Hien Ho "reappeared" estranged from netizen, the new product is the result of being "stir-fried" from other people's hits?
Nguyễn Kim07:39:03 21/08/2023
The new owner of Hien Ho's "turbulent" Mercedes-AMG G63, thinking a stranger turned out to be an "idol" of the car sales world
JLO11:02:27 20/08/2023
Making green tea to be provided, 1 female MC was threatened by "brothers" when parting, had to ask for help
Gia Hoàng11:44:18 19/08/2023
Fairy Cookie after saying "no audience" now turns the car, is it to carry the "new chicken" Hien Ho?
Nguyễn Kim15:00:41 17/08/2023
Hien Ho despite returning to showbiz was immediately "blocked", immediately finding this character "paved the way"
Hàn Di15:58:21 15/08/2023
Hien Ho took advantage of the supercar - "playing tricks" to return as a singer, fans were angry because of 1 detail
Thanh Phúc10:18:19 15/08/2023
Heather Hu revealed a shaky, stubborn photo like no other, returned to music and was immediately slammed by fans: 'Who welcomes?'
Gia Hoàng07:10:29 14/08/2023
Hien Ho was "dodged like evil" by the whole showbiz, but there was still a musician who "defied" the cooperation
Đức Trí13:42:45 12/08/2023
Hien Ho revealed the move to "run away" after selling the G63 supercar, wiping out all traces, avoiding public opinion
An Tư10:48:07 12/08/2023
Heather Ho and Jack "defied" public opinion - "unruly" comeback, trying to find the "brilliant aura"?
Đình Thi15:07:54 11/08/2023
Hien Ho is backed by giants: selling used cars in the "blink of an eye", buying new super products to return to showbiz?
Bảo Tiên14:31:21 11/08/2023
Hien Ho "revealed" the reason for selling the G63 car, the audience did not sympathize but also demanded a boycott to the end!
Phúc Sen14:53:56 09/08/2023
Hien Ho put the G63 supercar up for sale after snatching her husband, questioning the exhaustion of the economy because there was no one to support her
Hoàng Phúc14:48:06 02/08/2023
Song Hye Kyo received a bitter ending when she ignored the young master to marry Song Joong Ki, now she can only rely on one person
Phúc Sen10:35:19 10/05/2023
Trinh Thang Binh's career went downhill, his singing was broken, his pronunciation was wrong, fans booed: Sealed by Hien Ho?
Anh Anh16:59:22 06/04/2023
Trinh Thang Binh continues to make the audience uncomfortable after being noisy with Hien Ho, still living with his old love
Chi Chu11:28:26 02/04/2023
Tran Thanh "responds" to Duy Manh and a series of artists after noisy "glory aura", praising Hien Ho?
Nhất Diệp14:42:52 31/03/2023
Hien Ho: Continuously canceled Show caused income to decrease, but still living well because of this!
Mèo Con11:27:51 31/03/2023
Hien Ho and the story of Vietnamese stars being ostracized for playing with a scandal: Poor Trinh Thang Binh