The mystery of the tomb of Ba Chua Tho Nom - Ho Xuan Huong: The psychic involved still could not find it

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The life of female singer Ho Xuan Huong has become a legend in the history of Vietnamese poetry.

However, where is the grave of this talented but multi-disciplined female artist, almost no one, any document specifically mentions it. So, where is this female soldier named Ho buried?


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Quynh village, Quynh Doi commune, Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province, the hometown of female artist Ho Xuan Huong, is located in the beginning of Nghe. In this 630-year-old village, which is famous as the land of this faculty, meeting anyone from young children to old people, almost everyone knows quite well the background of the life of female artist Ho Xuan Huong. But all were vague when asked about the real tomb of the queen of Nom poetry.

The tombstone of female singer Ho Xuan Huong is located at the top of the village. Next to her memorial stele are the graves of Ho Tung Mau and the hero Cu Chinh Lan. The original text on the stele reads: "The memorial stele of Ho Xuan Huong (1772-1822). She is a Quynh Doi (Quynh Luu-Nghe An) who is an outstanding female poet, famous for her non-formal, anti-formal poems. feudalism in the 18th century. Works: Xuan Huong poetry collection; Luu Huong Ky; Do Son Bat Bay...". Beer is also translated into English written on the side. But Ho Xuan Huong's real grave is not buried in his hometown.

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Journalist and researcher Ho Sy Bang, Former Director of the Institute of International Relations, Institute for the Study of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought, who has more than 10 books written and compiled very elaborately on The life and career of female poet Ho Xuan Huong, but when asked about the resting place of the queen of Nom poetry, he also regretted that he had not found the correct answer.

"There are quite a few theories about the grave of female poet Ho Xuan Huong, including some documents left behind that I have collected, it is possible that her grave is currently located under West Lake. But that is just a Just hypothetical," said Mr. Bang.

Currently, there have been many scientific research results confirming the presence of the poet queen Ho Xuan Huong and her literary talent in the nation's history, dispelling the idea that she is a character. unreal. So where is the female singer's grave located, is a question without a satisfactory answer, not only posed to the children of her homeland.

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Mr. Ho Ba Hien, Deputy Head of the Liaison Department, and Head of the Ho Vietnam History Department, spent a lot of time researching and personally went to find the grave of female poet Ho Xuan Huong. Talking to us about this issue, Mr. Hien said: "There are some coincidences that during my research and direct search to say that the grave of female poet Ho Xuan Huong is near the old West Lake. (The old West Lake was the end of the old Red River, after the Red River changed its course and over time created the present West Lake)".


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According to historian Ho Ba Hien, in 1842, when King Thieu Tri went to Hanoi, poet Tung Thien Vuong Mien Tham followed his king to Hanoi to visit West Lake and left behind the poem "Long Bien Truc Chi Tu". In it, there is a passage "Full of lotus ponds / Send people down to pick them up and bring them up to worship / Don't climb over Xuan Huong's grave / The golden stream is still angry with the king who missed the village / Son rotted away from the dead grave / Xuan Huong passed away by the side of the river green grass" (Hoang Xuan Han translated poetry). Later, there were a few articles, notably 2 articles by Mr. Vu The Khoi (Journal of "Old and Present" - issue 39 - May 1997) and To Hoai ("Then and Now" in May) /2000) refers to questions about the whereabouts of Ho Xuan Huong's grave.

Those questions place her grave in one of three places. One is Lac Chinh village (formerly Ngu Xa) near Truc Bach lake has a floating beach with many graves. The second is a floating mound as a cemetery in the middle of the lake, close to Thuy Khue, near Buoi school. The third is on a mound near Nghi Tam village (now submerged).

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Just that much material is not enough, Mr. Ho Ba Hien and some dedicated people have come to UIA Scientific Union's Remote Grave Psychic Center.

"According to the psychic's instructions, coincidentally, her grave is in the third position above. The psychic said that in the past, West Lake was narrow, next to West Lake was Dong Tao cemetery, her grave was located by the lake. West and next to Dong Tao cemetery, in this cemetery there is a shrine dedicated to Ho Xuan Huong. When the flood caused the dyke breach, West Lake was widened to what it is now, causing Dong Tao cemetery and Ho Xuan Huong's grave to be located. deep in the water," said Mr. Hien.

Through researching documents and with the help of UIA Scientific Union, Mr. Hien sketched out a plan, then spent his efforts to hire a boat to go to the place to find the grave.

Also according to the research of researchers through the river workers around the old West Lake in the villages of Ho Khau, Thuy Khue and Nghi Tam recounted, the old Nghi Tam ward had a very large Dong Tao cemetery, relatives Khanh Xuan ward often goes to bury and place graves in this cemetery. Since the people of three villages Truc Lam, Truc Yen and Yen Quang built a dam to block the water of West Lake for fishing in 1620, now it is Thanh Nien street, right next to Khanh Xuan ward at that time, so the cemetery has been flooded. .

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There are many theories about the grave of female poet Ho Xuan Huong, making it increasingly difficult to find her resting place. Mr. Hien said: "Finding the tomb of the queen of Nom poetry is very necessary so that not only Vietnamese people but also international tourists admire her poetry when remembering the talented female singer who is lit incense in front of the grave. The search for her grave, I will bring it up here in the meeting to deploy the roadmap of the new Ho - Vietnam Liaison Committee.

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