Chi Pu - Angelababy

Huynh Xiaoming expressed his attitude when Chi Pu sang live, billions of billions kicked the wind to do an act of comfort on behalf of VN03:39Billionaire Cycle Monsoon 4: Chi Pu - Ella won big when singing See Tinh but met "severe tension" and exploded drama?04:15Billionaire Pedals the Wind and Turns Waves: Chi Pu released a series of behind-the-scenes photos, many big men joined the "watch"03:30Kicking the Wind, performance 2: Chi Pu upside down on the fire, Amber's mother suddenly appeared to praise her?03:26Billionaires beat the wind: Chi Pu group was criticized when practicing vocals, VN lost the title of the most beautiful beauty show03:25Billionaire Beats the Wind: Chi Pu sings a shocking Rose Flower live, Amber Liu and the stars have a "strange" reaction?03:32Billionaire Pedaling Wind and Turning Waves met with tension because of Chi Pu, angry manager said 1 sentence straight03:18Cycling Wind trailer episode 3: Chi Pu "stuns" with her voice, Ella panics because of the rope swing?03:12Breaking the wind 2023: Chi Pu won again but was "ousted" by Amber and Ella, and began to compete fiercely03:19Billionaire turns extremely hot: Chi Pu hits a high note See Tinh makes Amber "dumb" people, how is the score03:10Tran Thanh "confused" when he heard his brother Son Tung sing, netizens sarcastically: "On the same level as Chi Pu"03:15Ngo Thien officially "kicked" Chi Pu, revealing the man behind the VN representative at Da Gio 202303:35Billionaire Turns the Wave: Chi Pu "kept his head" extremely, "carried his back" Ngo Thien, Ly Sa Man Tu still eliminated?04:20Billionaire Beat the Wind: Chi Pu was commented by Chinese stars to act "intimidating people", soon disqualified for this reason?03:56Billionaire Pedal Episode 2: Chi Pu sings See Tinh in Chinese, wears ao dai, VN travel ticket for Amber?03:30Billionaire Pedals Wind Turns Waves stuck behind the scenes: Chi Pu was pressured by the director and shouted in the face?03:45Billionaires kicking the wind: Chi Pu had trouble breathing, was injured in the backstage, was specially "taken care of" by Amber!02:47Billionaire beats the wind in the trailer for episode 2: Chi Pu is bright, crushing the female stars when singing See love, fans are still arguing03:59Billionaire beats the wind 2023: Chi Pu was defeated by a Japanese singer, the profile made fans "International Billionaire"04:05

Topic: Chi Pu - Angelababy

Pinky13:47:13 29/09/2023
Gil Le 'teaches' fans after being called names along with Chi Pu and Hoang Thuy Linh, sarcastically calling anti fans "sufferers"
Bình Yên16:19:18 28/09/2023
Cbiz made Chi Pu receive extremely good news: Is it all thanks to the Chinese audience being so favorable?
Nguyễn Kim11:35:22 28/09/2023
Cbiz loves Chi Pu like an egg, aggressively "spending money" to get the idol to check in, trying every way to please her
Mưa15:31:21 27/09/2023
Amber and her sisters made a special appearance, Chi Pu continued to win the hearts of Chinese fans with a strange action
Xuka17:16:52 26/09/2023
Cbiz is in an uproar because Chi Pu, a Chinese fan "won land" and gave huge gifts to Vietnamese female stars
Nắng11:57:57 25/09/2023
Cbiz continues to favor Chi Pu and Amber, revealing the Vietnamese beauty's deep conflict with one person
Bảo Tiên14:37:05 22/09/2023
Chi Pu encountered a difficult situation like Lisa, being "played a trick" by crazy fans at the airport, netizens looked "green in the face"
Mộc Trà11:17:50 22/09/2023
With Cbiz at hand, Chi Pu decided to do something shocking that even big sister Ella had not dared to try
Xuka13:45:48 21/09/2023
Cbiz "reveals" the real relationship of Chi Pu - Amber after Pedal Gio 2023, fans are excited because they are so beautiful together
Uyển Đình14:43:55 20/09/2023
Chi Pu was fully "supported" by Cbiz, setting a record of billions of views, a rare Vietnamese female star to do this.
Mưa13:52:49 20/09/2023
Cbiz raised Chi Pu's level again in a brand new show, the "big sisters" also fell for their Vietnamese juniors
Nhật Hân11:50:39 20/09/2023
Chi Pu opens up about the pressure of participating in "Pedal the Wind 2023" and becoming a "laugh" for the online community.
Xuka16:31:20 18/09/2023
Chi Pu rarely shared about her lover at Cbiz, her biological mother's reaction caused a stir
Nhật Hân11:12:58 18/09/2023
Chi Pu revealed that he will hold a concert in China, netizens wonder if he is "mature" enough?
Mộc Trà11:17:14 16/09/2023
Cbiz made Chi Pu happy again, "acting out" to do something special for Son Tung M-TP
Nguyễn Tuyết13:42:52 14/09/2023
Chi Pu is about to "date" her boyfriend Bai Loc, a fan of "pet chicken" Yu Zheng?
Xuka13:09:57 14/09/2023
Cbiz harshly with Li Li, Chi Pu rarely exposes the true attitude of Chinese fans
Xuka12:41:48 13/09/2023
Cbiz continued to announce the great news to Chi Pu, rejecting LyLy, straight out at the international show
Gia Hoàng10:43:50 12/09/2023
Nhi Katy: Following in the footsteps of Chi Pu "taking the mic as a singer", accepting the offer to collaborate with her ex-boyfriend for fame
Gia Hoàng07:26:54 12/09/2023
Huang Thuy Ling, who used to teach junior life, now suffers from sarcasm: "Thanks to Chi Pu to teach how to sing."
Nắng11:36:55 10/09/2023
Chi Pu continued to riot Cbiz at the hit show, the A-list big sisters also "saluted"
Bình Yên12:17:13 09/09/2023
Chi Pu received great good news, officially accepted a new position, making fans "raise eyebrows"
Mưa13:57:32 08/09/2023
Ho Ngoc Ha followed Chi Pu's footsteps, encroaching on foreign fields, the attitude of the audience surprised
Bình Yên11:31:11 08/09/2023
Chi Pu acts shockingly at the Chinese airport, and Ella and Gong Linna show their attitude to the juniors