Noisy Lake

Hien Ho fainted on stage while performing and a series of controversies about the incident03:49Hien Ho is provided with 500 million/week by "he relies on", his cousin posted a hidden status to release more evidence?03:34The fact that Hien Ho and his giant brother took pictures of "taking refuge" in a luxurious room has a new discovery03:08Vy Oanh officially made a "shocking" move amidst the noise of being banned from leaving Vietnam?03:23Turns out this is the reason Hien Ho "revealed" a series of shocking photos, and still "relying" with the giant U60 for 4 years?03:26Hien Ho "rioted" with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say?03:03Hien Ho was "taken off" by the image of "brothers who rely on" love everywhere, this "relied" is a bit too much03:42Hari Won clearly explained the reason for returning to Korea after a long time between noisy marriage problems with Tran Thanh03:52HOT: "Cousin" Hien Ho officially spoke about the sensitive clip 13p13s, clarifying rumors of harming her sister03:34Trang Nemo's husband spoke up, his attitude was different from the "gypsy husband" of the white shirt lady?04:05CEO Thuy Nga Paris released evidence to prove unjust for Viet Huong amidst the noise calling for charity04:07Khoa Pug and Johnny Dang face each other, the reason is related to virtual money?04:49Ho Hoai Anh's sister-in-law revealed that the male musician returned to the country tonight, there was no r.ape04:05Lam Tam Nhu revealed the moment of crying like rain in the midst of the divorce noise, gaining custody of the children with Huo Kien Hoa03:22Dat G and Du Uyen broke up noisy, trying to bring each other down, the girl's family was "left behind a pile of debt"03:04Johnny Dang "tit-for-tat" with Khoa Pug, Hieu PC posted a forum to warn virtual currency investors04:20Thuy Tien was sent a "terrible" gift by Quang Linh Vlog to Indo, comforting her "lover" amidst the noise with MGI?03:51Cousin Hien Ho is the one who sells his sister's 'reliance' image to a mysterious person?03:25Hien Ho has no way back after the noisy love affair with "relying brothers", why?03:45

Topic: Noisy Lake

Gia Linh18:41:04 29/09/2023
Ariana Grande, after the "little tam" scandal, is now "exposed" for voluntarily canceling the show due to lack of tickets, netizens: "Time is up"
Bảo Tiên15:36:18 29/09/2023
Dieu Nhi "reappears" after the scandal of Anh Tu's affair, revealing an unusually messy bust?
Bảo Tiên14:01:16 27/09/2023
Song Joong Ki attracted attention when he made moves related to Song Hye Kyo amid the noise of his new wife's private life
T.P11:00:36 27/09/2023
Vy Oanh admitted that the fuss with Mrs. Phuong Hang was due to bad luck at the age of five, and opened up about the biggest event of her career.
Đức Trí15:35:52 26/09/2023
Luong My International competition, fans fall for the village pond contest, fried egg hotgirl Thanh Tam once participated
Bình Minh14:29:02 26/09/2023
Hien Ho successfully returned to the entertainment industry, receiving a show that immediately received enthusiastic support from the audience?
Nhật Hân10:04:37 26/09/2023
Hoang Canh Du "trying to punch and eat sticky rice" chasing the label of "Duong Duong copy", netizens booed because he was too delusional
Yaya17:28:31 23/09/2023
Truong Tri Lam was 'arrested' by the police for being involved in a virtual currency fraud ring
Gia Linh10:51:01 22/09/2023
Rapper MPaKK: Da LAB's "many-talented" leader when caught up in harassment on social networks
An Nhi09:39:40 22/09/2023
Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach had their lovemaking photos released amid the dating noise, their intimate actions made fans blush
Juni Nguyễn14:57:24 20/09/2023
Luu Huong Giang participated in "Beautiful sister riding the wind and waves" after her noisy marriage with Ho Hoai Anh
Keng14:33:44 19/09/2023
Tieu Hy encountered a change like Hien Ho, was loudly "asked for a link for 12 minutes", fans immediately found evidence to prove her innocence.
Hoa Tuyết15:40:44 18/09/2023
Tonny Viet: His career was frozen for a long time due to noise related to money, what is it like now after being hidden for nearly 10 years?
JLO14:27:02 18/09/2023
Hoang Thuy Linh wrote a letter of apology after the condescending noise, the main role in the movie was turned away by the audience
Đức Trí10:09:32 18/09/2023
Dieu Nhi reveals new moves after 1 month of scandal with Anh Tu, sweet message causes storm of fans
Đức Trí16:57:42 16/09/2023
Viet Trinh 'disparaged' Hoang Thuy Linh for making a loud condescending noise, teaching her juniors the personality of an artist
Bình Minh16:08:51 16/09/2023
Jisoo (BlackPink) won the hearts of Vietnamese fans with practical actions, Lisa encountered tension amid the noise of leaving YG
Nguyễn Kim16:29:23 14/09/2023
Puka spoke out about the image of the red tunic, wearing gold as heavy as the bride, counting down to the happy day
Huỳnh Phúc15:45:38 14/09/2023
Hoang Thuy Linh was kicked by his "best friend" amid the noise of "love to teach life", 1 male star openly "sided"
Hoàng Phúc15:17:54 14/09/2023
Hien Ho has another clip in the car, cousin also asks for "hot goods" 3 minutes and 33 seconds, how real is it?
Gia Linh09:42:30 14/09/2023
Phuong Nhi also used to "publicize" her boyfriend but was not as noisy as Y Nhi, broke up because of the registration subject?
Huỳnh Phúc07:16:31 14/09/2023
Trinh Thang Binh used to be close, now the implication of playing with Hien Ho is "bubbly", how does the singer respond?
Thảo Mai16:43:50 13/09/2023
Pham Thoai pretending to be a girl, falling off a float, wearing a fashion show in Hoa Lu ancient capital is just a trick of designers?
Mưa15:33:45 13/09/2023
Huong Jiang continued to have "tribulations" after the noise, being criticized: "Singing cannot hear any words"