Thang Ngo changed dramatically after breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan: Often speaks moral, gloomy and no longer smiles03:49Tycoon Duc An hung 100 pictures of Phan Nhu Thao in his house. He wanted to register his marriage but was refused.03:01Pham Thoai 'exposed' the story of MC Quyen Linh 'cheating' to help his family escape poverty03:23Footballer Dinh Trong and his girlfriend of 9 years held a wedding, people "crossed their eyes" at the bride price from the man.03:05Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai made a shocking decision with the male shipper to save 10 people in a mini apartment fire04:00Lindo made Quang Linh "cry" because of a sentence related to Vietnamese cuisine, comparing it to Angola03:14"Koi fish king" talks about "making up" after Ha Thanh Xuan announced the end of his relationship, his ex-wife maintains the same attitude03:21Rumor has it that Ha Thanh Xuan broke up with Koi Fish King because of high debt and refused to talk about his ex-wife for this reason.03:06Shark Binh "aggressively" gave a "huge" gift to Phuong Oanh, happily "showing off" the good news after 2 months of being in the same house?03:18When Quang Linh Vlog was sarcastically called the "spare tire" of Thuy Tien who knew an African billionaire, she immediately expressed her attitude.02:53Midfielder Van Toan bought a whole set of fireworks to celebrate his special mansion in his hometown, "slightly flexing" his assets at the age of 2704:04CEO Tran Hung Huy shows off a close-up photo of his 24-year-old daughter, fans wonder about the ACB president's partner04:07Billionaire Hoang Kieu defaulted on $3 billion in debt, his daughter-in-law made a "strange" move, revealing the truth about being the daughter-in-law of a rich family03:26Tycoon Duc An and 3 "pink shadows" continue their love story: All Vbiz beauties, supermodels, and beauty queens have it all03:48Doan Hai My accepted Doan Van Hau's marriage proposal, revealing the time of the wedding03:14Tycoon Duc An exposed Ngoc Thuy's poor past, declaring: He has no qualifications to win property03:13Van Toan was pushed in the boat with Hoa Minzy, the Vietnamese players supported, the female singer only said one humiliating sentence.03:42Without Quang Linh, the African team is ignored by a powerful force. Quang Dung Vlog returns, how is his health?03:28Chef Vo Quoc defends Binh Bong Bot, defames journalists and newspapers on social networks: "My Facebook was hacked"04:25

#Hot KOLs

Hướng Dương22:02:16 29/09/2023
MC Quyen Linh's Cinderella revealed a talent worthy of 10 points, fans urged: Hurry up for the Miss Contest!
Quỳnh Quỳnh17:17:19 29/09/2023
The son of Bui Tien Dung's family shakes and poses awkwardly while taking photos. His parents are helpless and ask him to do something.
Nhật Hân17:11:04 29/09/2023
Phi Nhung's younger brother made fans sad when he revealed that he still keeps the habit of doing the same thing since the day she passed away.
Keng12:00:08 29/09/2023
Hotboy Khoa Vuong's transgender ex-girlfriend: Loved each other for 9 years then broke up, now they are soulmates for one reason
Ning Jing10:11:37 29/09/2023
Ms. Trendy (Khanh Linh) revealed her wedding photos in the West, burst into tears talking about her fiancé
Nhật Hân07:23:15 29/09/2023
Dong Nhi's "golden lady" sister-in-law suddenly released a series of wedding photos, netizen: "Only smells of money"
Quỳnh Quỳnh16:07:48 28/09/2023
Phi Nhung's biological daughter commemorated her deceased mother's death, revealing a very meaningful act
Nhật Hân16:04:19 28/09/2023
Loc Fuho continued to "show off" his assets when he spent a lot of money to do this, the reaction of fans was shocking.
Hoàng Phúc13:58:28 28/09/2023
Pregnant lady Nhan Vlog still makes mukbang clips, eats and drinks freely, responds when her unborn child is cursed
Kim Lâm13:46:33 28/09/2023
Doan Hai My's life was "unstable" after being proposed to by Doan Van Hau, the owner admitted one thing
JLO07:22:20 28/09/2023
The Koi fish king cannot forget Ha Thanh Xuan, holding out hope of reconciling with his young wife. Is this detail enough to understand?
Nguyễn Kim21:15:51 27/09/2023
The "coolest" bride in Hanoi was welcomed by her husband with a "super motorbike" worth 20 billion VND, revealing a surprising new family background
Gia Linh18:03:38 27/09/2023
Cong Phuong rarely talks about Vien Minh, but just two words made fans exclaim: "Love your wife like an egg."
Huỳnh Phúc15:58:39 27/09/2023
Cindy Lu shocked when she published the image of welcoming her third "little angel", revealing the identity of her lover?
Yaya14:38:39 27/09/2023
Pham Thoai 'exposed' the story of MC Quyen Linh 'cheating' to help his family escape poverty
Nắng11:37:45 27/09/2023
Tien Phat (Who Is That Person) was officially reminded about marriage by Quynh Luong, how did he react?
Thảo Mai06:40:11 27/09/2023
The Koi fish king changed after the divorce, Ha Thanh Xuan is still determined to keep this kindness towards her ex-husband
Uyển Đình17:28:07 26/09/2023
Dinh Trong knelt down to receive wedding gold from his wife's family and the groom's family because he enjoyed a special favor
Pinky17:12:01 26/09/2023
Dang Thuy Trang continued to mock Thuy Tien and called out Emma Le's name before the Miss Universe VN final.
Ning Jing11:48:52 26/09/2023
Thang Ngo changed dramatically after breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan: Often speaks moral, gloomy and no longer smiles
Thảo Mai11:38:43 26/09/2023
Trang Nemo couldn't sleep, cried and wet her pillow with regret. She was strongly praised and took the opportunity to do this for her son
An Nhi09:55:01 26/09/2023
Tycoon Duc An hung 100 pictures of Phan Nhu Thao in his house. He wanted to register his marriage but was refused.
Hoàng Phúc07:33:15 26/09/2023
Miss Hai Bao after saying goodbye to Miss Hai Bao: Quit working as a worker, changed her appearance, determined to become a singer
Nhật Hân07:23:30 26/09/2023
The Koi fish king suddenly opened up about one thing, fans quickly blamed Ha Thanh Xuan: "Does not know how to look at people"