Kim Than - The number 1 "boy killer" beauty in Cbiz, was once harmed by Dang Luan's team after breaking up

An Nhi20:21 17/03/2022

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The characters related to Dang Luan are constantly being "named" by the online community, the ex-girlfriend of this handsome man - actress Kim Than is no exception.

In recent days, the Chinese entertainment industry "fevers" because of Dang Luan's tax evasion scandal, and has to pay a total of 106 million yuan (380 billion VND) in compensation. Many people feel extremely regretful for Dang Luan's career in a brilliant period, saying that he has to pay too much for tax evasion. However, at this time, an article exposing the actor's identity by screenwriter Vu Chinh was dug up by Cnet, accusing the star Huong Mat Tu Khoi Suong of suppressing his ex-girlfriend. Many netizens confirmed that Dang Luan's girlfriend is said to be Kim Than.

Kim Than - The number 1 "boy killer" beauty in Cbiz, was once harmed by Dang Luan's team after breaking up - Photo 1

Kim Than was born in 1990, joined Cbiz as a model thanks to her outstanding height of 1m70. Born into a family rich in artistic traditions, since childhood, Kim Than was fostered by her parents and facilitated to learn dance. From the age of 10, the actress entered the Shanghai Dance Academy, then continued to pass the Beijing Dance Academy.

Thanks to the movie Sorcerer No Tam, the name of Kim Than was interested and noticed. After that, the beauty continuously had the opportunity to act in hot movies such as Manh Phi Gia, The Great Secret, ... and most recently, We Don't Know Love.

Dang Luan's girlfriend has a sweet beauty and an admirable body. She often causes storms with extremely well-formed screens and is invested from AZ.

Kim Than - The number 1 "boy killer" beauty in Cbiz, was once harmed by Dang Luan's team after breaking up - Photo 2

Not only dating Dang Luan, Kim Than was once rumored to be back and forth with many stars in the entertainment industry. It can be said that she deserves the title of "Cbiz's number 1 male killer beauty" when her public boyfriend or rumored lover are all popular beauties.

When Jia Nai Luong divorced Ly Tieu Lo, Kim Than was once screened by netizens with a double phone case, had a photo with a cat, not only that, but also revealed a photo of eating together and returning to a hotel. The two were quite discreet when they were not together, but the location was surprisingly coincidental. However, Jia Nai Luong and Kim Than later denied the rumors.

Kim Than - The number 1 "boy killer" beauty in Cbiz, was once harmed by Dang Luan's team after breaking up - Photo 3

The next person Kim Than caught in love rumors was Ly Dich Phong. The two stars worked together in a movie called The Great Mystery, then were caught by paparazzi in the same apartment block in the middle of the night. Like last time, Kim Than continued to show a very harsh attitude, firmly denying that he and Ly Dich Phong were in love.

In addition to the two cult characters above, former love Dang Luan also has rumors of a quick date with stars such as Dong Huu Lam (Jackie Chan's grandson), Truong Sieu...

Kim Than - The number 1 "boy killer" beauty in Cbiz, was once harmed by Dang Luan's team after breaking up - Photo 4

Kim Than and Dang Luan started dating in 2016. At that time, the actor surnamed Dang was somewhat inferior to his girlfriend, the reason was because Kim Than was extremely popular with the Master Wu Tam. The two were once caught shopping together happily, Dang Luan did not hesitate to give his girlfriend sweet gestures.

Notably, Dang Luan once received a "rain of bricks" for revealing a delicate image, touching the 3rd round of Kim Than in the middle of the day.

However, in 2017, the two decided to "go their separate ways". The reason for the breakup was said to be that Dang Luan was suddenly hot thanks to Huong Mat Tu Khoi Suong, Kim Than wanted to publicize his feelings but was rejected. Notably, after the breakup, the actress Kim once liked an article of a netizen with the content criticizing Dang Luan as a bad boyfriend who likes to slander his girlfriend.

Kim Than - The number 1 "boy killer" beauty in Cbiz, was once harmed by Dang Luan's team after breaking up - Photo 5

Notably, in a post by Vu Chinh, this writer once hinted that Dang Luan's representative hated Kim Than, trying to prevent the couple from falling in love. Because he didn't want the love story of the two to affect the actor's career, this manager even went to the film producer to ask to remove the role of Kim Than, who expected the producer to replace Ly Tham (who is the manager's pet) with a new star, Ly Nhat Dong, keeping the role of old love Dang Luan.

Too disgruntled, this manager played the trick of "blackening" Ly Nhat Dong. As for Kim Than, Dang Luan's team is said to always find a way to blame and build the image of the actress as a schemer, relying on old love to become famous. Dang Luan's team's move to suppress Kim Than made public opinion extremely disgruntled and even shocked fans.

Kim Than - The number 1 "boy killer" beauty in Cbiz, was once harmed by Dang Luan's team after breaking up - Photo 6

Now, the situation has completely changed. Cnet expressed sadness at what Kim Than had to endure during the time of love and after parting with Dang Luan. Fortunately, now she is completely free from the relationship with the tax-evading actor, her career is increasingly sublimated, becoming a star that receives the love of many fans.

Kim Than - The number 1 "boy killer" beauty in Cbiz, was once harmed by Dang Luan's team after breaking up - Photo 7

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