Lin Jingjin revealed his 'secret' love for Zhao Liying, incontrovertible evidence

Hoàng Anh13:59 24/11/2022

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Zhao Liying and Lin Jingxin's relationship had always been very good. Many times netizens have suspected that the two mean something to each other on the level of friendship, but unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence to prove the above theory.

Lin Jingjin revealed his secret love for Zhao Liying, incontrovertible evidence - Photo 1

However, most recently, netizens have accidentally discovered an extremely interesting detail, which is for unknown reasons, every time they perform a kissing or intimate scene, only when acting with Zhao Liying, Lin Jingjin blushes purple, especially embarrassed, embarrassed, As for the other co-stars, it couldn't be more normal, purely the professional attitude of an actor.

Lin Jingjin revealed his secret love for Zhao Liying, incontrovertible evidence - Photo 2

It can be mentioned as the time when Lin Jingjin played a kissing scene with Zhao Liying in Chu Qiao Story - the movie that made the two of them famous. If on film, how much this intimate scene is emotional, then backstage it is "cold", until Zhao Liying is an orphan and blames her co-star surnamed Lin for being too shy, just because of a kissing scene, she is shy to blush.

Lin Jingjin revealed his secret love for Zhao Liying, incontrovertible evidence - Photo 3

Not only that, Lin Jingjin was also extremely fond of Zhao Liying. Not to say far, in 1 post on weibo behind the scenes of Data Fengheng. When Zhao Liying only said that he wanted to eat hot pot, Lin Jingjin immediately replied, "Let me take care of it." ". Thus, not knowing whether to joke or not, the actor confirmed that he will "take care" of the hot pot for his co-star.

At the time the film crew announced the main cast of Lin Fengheng, Lin Jingjin was the most opposed, saying that his temperament and "fat belly" were completely unsuitable for the male lead. But thanks to Zhao Liying's insistence, and because he wanted to thank his colleague for the trust he had, Lin Jingjin quickly lost weight and went on a strict diet.

Lin Jingjin revealed his secret love for Zhao Liying, incontrovertible evidence - Photo 4

On the set of Data Fengheng, based on the leaked photos, netizens all felt that Zhao Liying and Lin Jingjin were very good and natural. Therefore, many people doubted whether the star surnamed Lin had been "secretly in love" with Ding Bao for a long time, but because he wanted to keep this relationship for a long time, he did not say it.

On the contrary, some netizens said that because the Chu Qiao Story couple considered each other friends, it was natural to perform "touching" scenes, shame was natural, much less "secretly love", and expressed the hope that people would not exaggerate the story to avoid affecting the reputation of both Lin Jingjin and Zhao Liying.

Lin Jingjin revealed his secret love for Zhao Liying, incontrovertible evidence - Photo 5

Data Phuong Hanh is a project marking the reunion of Lam Jingjin - Zhao Liying after the success of the film Chu Qiao. Although it has not officially aired, Data Phoenix has been ranked in the list of the most anticipated historical dramas.

Before starring in Data Phuong Hanh, Trieu Liying participated in the Huu Fei project but did not achieve as high as expected. After that, the films that Zhao Liying participated in also did not have figures that made the audience admire. Therefore, with this project, the audience expects Zhao Liying to do something special.

Lin Jingjin revealed his secret love for Zhao Liying, incontrovertible evidence - Photo 6

In the Chinese-language entertainment industry at the moment, Zhao Liying is the most famous and powerful star. After divorcing Feng Shaofeng, Zhao Liying received even more attention. Therefore, when Zhao Liying appears in any project, it will naturally be noticed by the audience and the media.

Sources from bloggers said that the film crew

Feng Heng decided to shoot 1 scene related to the cult movie Chu Qiao in the past. This particular scene revolves around Zhao Liying jumping into the water to save Lin Jingxin.

Lin Jingjin revealed his secret love for Zhao Liying, incontrovertible evidence - Photo 7

If you are a fan of Chu Qiao Story, you will immediately remember that in the past year, in the ending of the film, there was a scene where Zhao Liying's character - Lin Jingjin was submerged in the lake. The fact that the film crew skillfully put the plot related to Chu Qiao Story into Data Feng Heng is also considered a wise PR tactic, stimulating the curiosity of the audience.

However, when this rumor appeared, many viewers expressed their concern for Zhao Liying, because she was quite thin and fragile, and her health after giving birth was affected by two or three parts. Many viewers also advised Zhao Liying to use his body when filming this scene of jumping into the water.

Lin Jingjin revealed his secret love for Zhao Liying, incontrovertible evidence - Photo 8

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