Ly Dich Phong reappeared on live broadcast, trying to return to showbiz after the scandal but failed

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On September 15, Trung's social media was shocked by the news that Ly Dich Phong livestreamed on Douyin and was reported to have interrupted the stream after only 5 minutes.

However, netizens quickly discovered that the livestreams were actually replays of Ly Dich Phong's videos from 3 years ago, and the account was also fake. After last year's controversy, all of Ly Dich Phong's social media accounts were locked.

Ly Dich Phong reappeared on live broadcast, trying to return to showbiz after the scandal but failed - Photo 1

Ly Dich Phong, a once prominent male idol in the Chinese entertainment industry, has gone downhill miserably after accusations of emotional and physical harassment. The actor, previously recognized as one of the Four Heavenly Kings, became the center of controversy, causing his reputation and career to be seriously damaged.

Accused of engaging in multiple acts of sexual solicitation, Ly Dich Phong has faced serious public scrutiny and condemnation. These allegations led to increased public suspicion, as well as a sharp decline in his reputation. The actor's once "rare" career has now come to a standstill, making his future in the industry uncertain.

Ly Dich Phong reappeared on live broadcast, trying to return to showbiz after the scandal but failed - Photo 2

Ly Dich Phong reappeared on live broadcast, trying to return to showbiz after the scandal but failed - Photo 3

After 8 months of absence for unknown reasons, recent information has revealed Ly Dich Phong's current situation. Although the exact details of his whereabouts remain unclear, Sina sources have revealed that he is in relatively good condition. This revelation has caused excitement among his fans who have been eager to learn about his health and current condition.

However, despite the positive information about Ly Dich Phong's current condition, the damage caused to his reputation seems irreparable. Allegations of misconduct, combined with the freezing of the actor's shares and involvement in legal battles, further exacerbated the crisis surrounding Ly Dich Phong's career. The actor's image has been shattered, and it will be an uphill battle for him to regain public trust and restore his professional standing.

Ly Dich Phong reappeared on live broadcast, trying to return to showbiz after the scandal but failed - Photo 4

In addition, several individuals claiming to be Ly Dich Phong's ex-girlfriends have come forward to accuse him of cheating in their relationship. They highlighted the stark difference between the persona he portrays on stage and who he really is in his personal life. This revelation only exacerbated the negative perception surrounding the actor, as it highlighted the dissonance between his public image and his private actions.

According to iFeng, Ly Dich Phong was once discovered to have a promiscuous love life, hanging out with high-class call girls in China.

In 2018, he had a trip abroad with a hot online girl named Blase Loan Loan. The actor spent money to bring beauties to Ko Samui (Thailand). Their relationship is that of "fly by night" partners.

163 said Ly Dich Phong told Blase Loan Loan to be careful not to be caught. However, this beauty still revealed the story. On her secondary Weibo account, she shared her bedroom experiences, and described her 5-day, 4-night trip with "guy 54" - Ly Dich Phong's nickname - as "unforgettable".

Ly Dich Phong reappeared on live broadcast, trying to return to showbiz after the scandal but failed - Photo 5

Ly Dich Phong reappeared on live broadcast, trying to return to showbiz after the scandal but failed - Photo 6

According to Sina , Blase Loan Loan was born in 1989, 2 years younger than Ly Dich Phong. She lives in Shanghai. Blase Loan Loan sells clothes and cosmetics to hide her real job of providing sexual service to rich and famous people.

Some sources said that Blase Loan Loan has a close relationship with male singer Seungri. She is the person who connects the friendship between Ly Dich Phong and the former Big Bang member.

According to QQ , Ly Dich Phong once rebelled with Seungri. In 2019, when the scandal that shook Korea at the Burning Sun bar came to light, Ly Dich Phong's name was also on the list of people who attended parties at Seungri's club.

The impact of these developments has reverberated throughout the entertainment industry, leaving industry insiders and fans disappointed and skeptical. Li Yifeng's downfall serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the potential consequences of ethical lapses and ethical violations in the eyes of the public.

Ly Dich Phong reappeared on live broadcast, trying to return to showbiz after the scandal but failed - Photo 7

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