The female singer caused outrage because she made fun of someone else's pregnancy, her identity is shocking!

Bảo Tiên15:18 19/09/2023

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The audience continuously protested against the female singer because they thought she made condescending statements. This star's disrespect for the audience is receiving intense criticism from the online community.

Not long ago, Radar Online posted a series of information surrounding the American Idol producer wanting to stop collaborating with Katy Perry.

The female singer caused outrage because she made fun of someone elses pregnancy, her identity is shocking! - Photo 1

Specifically, the producers had considered replacing her position with someone else after the female singer was constantly entangled in controversial statements, most recently talking about contestant Sara's story. Beth Liebe.

On online forums, Katy Perry became the focus of criticism from many viewers after the show's broadcasts. Many viewers asked to quit watching American Idol because of Katy Perry: "What the hell happened to her? Why does she speak so rudely and condescendingly?".

The female singer caused outrage because she made fun of someone elses pregnancy, her identity is shocking! - Photo 2

Katy Perry received a huge salary to be a judge on American Idol from the 16th season in 2018. However, she was constantly criticized for her tricks, intemperate statements, and constant flirting with other people. The male contestant is visibly handsome on television.

The peak of the noise was when contestant Sara Beth Liebe quit the competition after Katy Perry joked about her giving birth. Specifically, Katy Perry once joked with Sara Beth Liebe, "Baby, you've been pregnant too many times." This statement made the female contestant hurt and decided to withdraw from the show.

The female singer caused outrage because she made fun of someone elses pregnancy, her identity is shocking! - Photo 3

Although before that, in one of the broadcast episodes of the show, the female singer made an extremely bold decision to bring her child to the studio. Katy Perry even revealed an outfit designed so she can breastfeed her daughter Daisy much more easily.

Specifically, when judge Lionel Richie mentioned that Katy Perry's daughter was backstage, the mother of one child quickly stood up and exclaimed: "That's right. If my child needs breast milk, I'm ready to go immediately." angry!". Continuing, the female singer exposed the front of her chest, revealing her shirt underneath right on television.

The female singer caused outrage because she made fun of someone elses pregnancy, her identity is shocking! - Photo 4

Although Katy Perry's above action is a bit sensitive, the singer actually shows some of the suffering of mothers who decide to breastfeed their children. Even though she is a busy person, Orlando Bloom's wife always loves her daughter and that shows in her willingness to breastfeed her anytime, anywhere.

However, this action was like a "slap in the face" of the American female star. As a mother, Katy's statements are considered too "shallow", making fun of someone else's motherhood on television is extremely offensive.

Besides, many fans believe that Katy Perry just wants to create a close atmosphere with the contestants, without any hidden meanings that are too distant. Besides, Katy Perry is also the judge who made American Idol a success, so it's very difficult to find a replacement.

The female singer caused outrage because she made fun of someone elses pregnancy, her identity is shocking! - Photo 5

Since Katy Perry officially accepted the position of judge of American Idol, the female star has continuously become a "star" of the organizers when she made extravagant and offensive statements that caused the show to be more or less affected. Views and audience interaction gradually became negative.

The replacement of a new face in the position of sitting Katy Perry always appears clearly under each broadcast episode of the show on online forums. The organizers have also thought about this "option" if the Dark Horse singer does not change his "say what you say" personality.

The female singer caused outrage because she made fun of someone elses pregnancy, her identity is shocking! - Photo 6

Katy Perry (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson) is a talented American singer and songwriter. After twenty years of operation, she has sold more than one hundred million singles worldwide, ranking among the highest-selling artists of all time.

Katy Perry is famous for her unique deep female voice that is loved by many people but also receives a lot of criticism. However, she has had admirable turning points in her career.

When talking about Katy Perry's huge musical legacy, we cannot ignore albums like Prism, Witness and Smile. Not to mention Teenage Dream, the product has five number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The female singer caused outrage because she made fun of someone elses pregnancy, her identity is shocking! - Photo 7

The female singer won the Best New Artist award at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards and the Best International Female Artist award at the 2009 BRIT Awards. The song also brought Perry her first Grammy Award nomination in the category Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

The female singer caused outrage because she made fun of someone elses pregnancy, her identity is shocking! - Photo 8

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