Suri Cruise "rioted" the streets with only a small act, the beauty at the age of 17 made everyone "look"

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The moment Tom Cruise's daughter walked on the road while looking at her phone and constantly smiling brightly quickly fell into the "sights" of the paparazzi wing. Turning 17, Suri Cruise is increasingly beautiful and outstanding, making everyone happy.

Suri Cruise was born in 2006, the daughter of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.From birth until now when she was a teenager, she has always been the focus of the media and the public every time she appears.

Recently, the paparazzi wing captured a series of moments of Suri Cruise when her daughter Tom Cruise appeared on the streets of Manhattan, New York. Suri Cruise's appearance was not affected despite the light rain while walking the streets. In this appearance, Tom Cruise's daughter is also dressed in a simple outfit as usual with a white two-string top combined with an active, youthful cow skirt.

Suri Cruise rioted the streets with only a small act, the beauty at the age of 17 made everyone look - Photo 1

Suri Cruise's beauty and charisma stand out with her hair in a neat bun. This series of photos of Suri Cruise was immediately shared by the fan community on forums and received many "heart drops" and positive comments.

Tom Cruise's daughter Tom Cruise's 17-year-old beauty has also received comments as beautiful as angels. Suri Cruise's beauty is said to be more and more like her mother Katie Holmes. Not only possessing beauty, but Suri Cruise also inherited her outstanding height from her mother.

Suri Cruise rioted the streets with only a small act, the beauty at the age of 17 made everyone look - Photo 2

In particular, many people also noticed the spirit of Suri Cruise in this series. Accordingly, Tom Cruise's daughter walked the road while looking at her phone and constantly smiling brightly.

This is considered a rarity at Suri Cruise. Because until now, whenever she goes on the street and falls into the "sights" of paparazzi, Suri Cruise is often uncomfortable and rarely shows this bright smile. The public commented that every time Suri Cruise laughed, she looked more and more like her mother Katie Holmes.

Many comments also humorously commented, Suri Cruise's smile and way of looking at her phone looked like she was talking to her loved one. Many people agree that Suri Cruise has now turned 17 and is about to go to college, so it is normal to have a boyfriend.

Suri Cruise rioted the streets with only a small act, the beauty at the age of 17 made everyone look - Photo 3

Earlier, a source revealed that the girl had applied to study at a prestigious fashion academy in New York. At the age of 17, Suri became more and more beautiful and tall. Before that, she also often appeared on the streets of New York with simple, youthful, age-appropriate outfits.

Suri's style is considered more trendy and trendy with standard American teen clothes, different from the image of the "candy princess" in childhood. It is known that Suri has a lot of interest in fashion and is influenced by her mother Katie Holmes. The American actress has relationships with many famous fashion designers and also owns her own fashion brand.

Suri Cruise rioted the streets with only a small act, the beauty at the age of 17 made everyone look - Photo 4

Since childhood, Suri has been repeatedly voted the most stylish child star in Hollywood, the most fashionable little girl ... thanks to outstanding dress sense. Suri is even more stylish than her mother.

The international media was "shocked" by the information that Tom Cruise's 3-year-old daughter owns a wardrobe worth $ 3 million from famous fashion brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Juicy Couture ...

In addition, she also owns 130 pairs of Mary Jane shoes by French designer Bonpoint.

As the only biological child of actor Tom Cruise, from a young age, Suri Cruise was nicknamed "Hollywood princess" by the public. Every time she goes out on the street, she wears the most stylish designer clothes and becomes the focus of the paparazzi.

Tom Cruise divorced Katie Holmes in 2012. Since the breakup, Suri Cruise has not received any attention and care from her biological father. Tom Cruise has never called or seen his daughter. Suri Cruise grew up and matured as she is now all a hand thanks to Katie's care and upbringing.

Suri Cruise rioted the streets with only a small act, the beauty at the age of 17 made everyone look - Photo 5

Despite the absence of fatherhood, she is always obedient and independent in life as well as study. Instead of dressing up and spending extravagantly, Tom Cruise's daughter wears casual clothes, chooses public transport and works hard to participate in social activities.

Suri Cruise rioted the streets with only a small act, the beauty at the age of 17 made everyone look - Photo 6

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