Taylor Swift announces good news after "refusal" to incorporate Rosé, which is the subject of student research world

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The fact that Rosé (BLACKPINK) could collaborate with 'star' Taylor Swift has been corrected as just a rumor in the Korean press. But fans have just received new good news from Taylor Swift.

As previously reported, on September 9 local time, BLACKPINK member Rosé was seen leaving the Electric Lady Studio in New York City just minutes before Taylor Swift. Several other notable artists, including Paramore's Hayley Williams, Sabrina Carpenter, Cara Delevigne, Gracie Abrams, Sadie Sink, Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley, were also seen leaving the same studio.

Taylor Swift announces good news after refusal to incorporate Rosé, which is the subject of student research world - Photo 1

This is especially noticeable so much that many Korean netizens have rushed to online forums to share speculation that a collaboration between Taylor Swift and Rosé may be in the works.

However, this rumor was refuted by South Korean media outlet Newsen on 9/11, and Rosé went there only to attend a party after receiving an invitation from Taylor Swift. A music industry representative who is close to the artists involved confirmed, "They only attended a party and did not have to collaborate."

For fans (or curious people) who can't attend Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert series this summer, there's good news to be able to enjoy them in full in the upcoming movie. The concert documentary was directed by Sam Wrench, who is known for his work on Billie Eilish Live at the O2 and Lizzo: Live in Concert. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour was previously announced on August 31 and only hits theaters on Friday, October 13 in the US. As for the global release, there has not been any announcement.

Taylor Swift announces good news after refusal to incorporate Rosé, which is the subject of student research world - Photo 2

It can be seen that the influence of Taylor Swift's music on young people is extremely large. That is evidenced when the courses inspired by the singer once again confirm her talent.

Accordingly, Taylor Swift is so famous for songs like Love Story, You belong with me ... And whether it was then or now, the words of the singer's lyrics have always been the topic of discussion of many professionals. The talent and influence of the singer is once again confirmed for Taylor Swift becoming an inspiration as well as the subject of many courses in the US and Europe.

Taylor Swift announces good news after refusal to incorporate Rosé, which is the subject of student research world - Photo 3

Taylor Swift is a famous American singer, songwriter, producer, actress, director, and entrepreneur. Today, Taylor has received 12 Grammy Awards, 29 Billboard Awards, nearly 100 Guinness World Records and countless other awards.

From 2022, many large universities in the US such as the University of Texas, New York University. The University of Arizona, Stanford University blurred courses inspired by Taylor Swift. In August 2023, Ghent University in Belgium will launch a Taylor Swift-inspired literature course, using the singer's work to explore literature across generations.

Not only in her singing career, in May 2022, Taylor Swift received an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from New York University. And Taylor's journey from singer to PhD has inspired many young people around the world.

Taylor Swift announces good news after refusal to incorporate Rosé, which is the subject of student research world - Photo 4

Not only is it a topic for many universities around the world for students to study, but according to a survey, students who are good at studying often listen to Taylor Swift's music when studying.

Specifically, the survey was conducted by College Rover with 1,025 students in the US, 18-25 years old, to determine the habit of listening to music while studying. Among the top 10 singers most listened to by students with high GPAs, Taylor Swift music accounted for 30%, followed by The Weeknd, SZA, Harry Styles, Post Malone. The GPA of these students ranges from 3.5-4.0 (4.0 scale), which is equivalent to A grades, and 8.5-10 (10.0 scale).

Taylor Swift announces good news after refusal to incorporate Rosé, which is the subject of student research world - Photo 5

"For those looking to improve their grades, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd and SZA are top student artists. If you want to choose someone to work with as a group, check out the playlist on their Spotify app," the page reads.

The report also found that classical music is popular among those with high GPAs (55%), followed by instrumental and indie music. Only 37% of students who listen to metal music when studying have a high GPA.

60% of students with a low GPA, below 2.5 (4.0 scale), chose rap as their favorite genre.

Taylor Swift announces good news after refusal to incorporate Rosé, which is the subject of student research world - Photo 6

While female students enjoy pop music (50%), boys enjoy listening to hip-hop and rap (41%) and are 166% more likely than girls to listen to EDM music while studying. In terms of artists, girls loved SZA, Taylor Swift and The Weeknd, while boys chose The Weeknd, 21 Savage and Kendrick Lamar.

According to the survey, 38% of students listen regularly and 27% always turn on music every time they study. Some of the reasons they have this hobby include: Making learning more enjoyable (69%), relieving stress (64%), motivating (60%).

Taylor Swift announces good news after refusal to incorporate Rosé, which is the subject of student research world - Photo 7

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