Prophets Nostradamus and Vanga with coincidental predictions made everyone who heard them "cold"

An Nhi11:25 20/09/2022

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Although not born at the same time, the predictions of Nostradamus and Baba Vanga have amazing similarities. This is what has shocked many people.

Nostradamus and Baba Vanga are the most famous and followed prophets of modern times. Every year, their predictions over the course of their lives are interpreted in ways that affect humanity.

Prophets Nostradamus and Vanga with coincidental predictions made everyone who heard them "cold" - Photo 1

Nostradamus is also known as Michel de Nostredame or Nostredame. He is a French astrologer who has predicted that the world in 2022 will be hyperinflation, dominant artificial intelligence, famine in many places. In 1555, he published the book "Prophecies", a collection of predictions about events that would happen to the world from the mid-16th century until the end of the world, which he assumed would happen in the year 1555. 3797.

Vanga is a famous Bulgarian seer and herbalist. She was born on January 31, 1911 and died on August 11, 1996. The blind prophet Baba Vanga has repeatedly made accurate predictions about the future destiny of the world, making many people shudder in surprise. She has been called "descendant of Nostradamus" or "one of the most famous prophets in the world".

Prophets Nostradamus and Vanga with coincidental predictions made everyone who heard them "cold" - Photo 2

Although born in 2 eras, 2 different regions, Nostradamus and Vanga had unexpected coincidences.

Predictions about Barack Obama

Nostradamus once predicted that Barack Obama would win the 2013 US Presidential election, but would be the last US President. At the same time, he predicts that in 2016, the White House will still play war with plans to destroy the world, starting with the Middle East.

For his part, the blind prophet Vanga predicted an African-American who would be the 44th and last president of the United States. She added that there will be an economic crisis when he takes office. "People put their hopes on him to end it, but the opposite will happen. He will bring the country down and the conflict between the north and south states will escalate," she said.

Prophets Nostradamus and Vanga with coincidental predictions made everyone who heard them "cold" - Photo 3

History has proven, the 44th President of the United States is really a person of color - Mr. Barack Obama, however, America has not fallen.

The 9/11 terrorist attacks and the rise of the terrorist organization IS

Many believe that both Nostradamus and Vanga predicted the rise of terrorism many years ago. Accordingly, the French writer Nostradamus wrote vague verses that believers believe to be strange prophecies: "Two iron birds will fall from the sky of Metropolis / The sky will burn at four latitudes Fifty-five degrees / Fire approaches the great new city / Immediately a large, scattered fire breaks out / Within a few months the rivers will bleed / The undead will roam the earth for time short". This is considered a prophecy by Nostradamus about the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Even a newspaper once quoted him, to predict the rise of the radical Islamic army: "An army of Muslims will march through Europe, invade all and set up the apparatus. rule in London. Invaders will murder, r.ape and pillage."

Prophets Nostradamus and Vanga with coincidental predictions made everyone who heard them "cold" - Photo 4

Vanga also made a very famous prediction about the 9/11 terrorist events and the raging of the IS terrorist group. In 1989, she said: "Horror, horror! American brothers will fall after being attacked by iron birds. Wolves will howl in the bushes and the blood of innocents will flow." Vanga's followers believe that the "iron bird" here refers to hijacked planes. "American brother" is the two twin towers that crashed. It is worth noting that she used the word "bush", possibly referring to then-US President George W. Bush, who would lead the "wolf pack" in the war on retaliatory terrorism.

Nature is angry

The blind prophet also said: "Many people will suffer. Misfortune will come from everywhere, touching all peoples... Everyone is barefoot, without shoes, without clothes, without any clothes. fuel and light. There will come a time of tribulation. People will be divided according to religious grounds." This is a quote that alludes to the terrorism of the Islamic State extremist group that threatens Europe and the United States in 2016.

Prophets Nostradamus and Vanga with coincidental predictions made everyone who heard them "cold" - Photo 5

Since 1555, Nostradamus has predicted climate change and rising global temperatures. The verses he left for posterity say very clearly: "Like the sun, the head will see the bright sea / All the fish that live in the Black Sea will boil". According to his prediction, 2022 will be the hottest year in human history.

And Baba Vanga also predicted a series of natural disasters that humanity has to endure. For example, in 2022, India will see temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius and a locust attack. The destruction of crops on farmland was something she foresaw. In addition, Ms. Vanga believes that this year, earthquakes and tsunamis will affect Asian countries and Australia.

Prophets Nostradamus and Vanga with coincidental predictions made everyone who heard them "cold" - Photo 6

In fact, the Earth is suffering from many severe consequences of climate change. Droughts, floods, earthquakes cost people too much in both life and material.

Prophets Nostradamus and Vanga with coincidental predictions made everyone who heard them "cold" - Photo 7

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