Tieu Chien - Duong Duong and Nham Gia Luan were 'summoned' at the same time, what's the tension?

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Recently, on the social network Weibo, a series of blogger posts have been spread about the male lead cast in the hit TV projects Cbiz. In particular, the topic that attracted the most attention from the audience was: "Why do the male main characters in the movie all have the surname Co?".

Immediately, the leading cast of Cbiz such as Tieu Chien, Duong Duong or Nham Gia Luan were "called out", along with characters bearing the surname Co that the male gods used to take on. The above topic immediately climbed the hot search of the entertainment board and received a huge amount of interaction.

Specifically, to explain the popularity of the surname Co in the name of the male lead of Chinese-language films, netizens have given several reasons based on their knowledge and experience.

First, according to tradition from ancient times to the present, Chinese people have always believed that people with the surname Gu always look better than usual, and their family background is also super-rich. The talent of people with this surname is often symbolic of the times.

Besides, according to the writing and pronunciation, the surname Co is often associated with positive and beautiful images. For men, the surname Co is the most suitable when building the image of a domineering general or a heroic hero with an upright and kind mind.

Tieu Chien - Duong Duong and Nham Gia Luan were 'summoned' at the same time, what's the tension? - Photo 1

Tieu Chien - Duong Duong and Nham Gia Luan were 'summoned' at the same time, what's the tension? - Photo 2

Although the blogger's explanation has not been appraised by experts, it still receives many discussions and approvals from netizens. In the comments section, many of the characters surnamed Gu in the film were named by the audience, along with the identity of the male god who successfully took on that role.

The characters of the Gu family that were successfully built on the Chinese screen that many viewers mentioned include: Gu Wei (Tieu Chien), Co Thien Fan (Tran Hieu - Mong Hoa Luc), Co Xuyen (Nham Gia Luan - Nham Gia Luan). Lady Crow and Lizard Fairy), Co Nhuoc Bach (Duong Duong - Toan Phong Maiden), Co Tieu Ngu (Tran Tinh Huc - Dong Cung),... In addition, the audience also gave many compliments to her. Impressive role-playing of the male gods Cbiz in the above film projects.

Tieu Chien - Duong Duong and Nham Gia Luan were 'summoned' at the same time, what's the tension? - Photo 3

Tieu Chien - Duong Duong and Nham Gia Luan were 'summoned' at the same time, what's the tension? - Photo 4

Tieu Chien - Duong Duong and Nham Gia Luan were 'summoned' at the same time, what's the tension? - Photo 5

It can be seen that the male leads of the surname Gu mentioned by netizens in the discussion have all "stormed" on the screen with their appearance, temperament and talent that are hard to match. This topic has persisted on the top 3 hot search Weibo entertainment boards and shows no sign of cooling down.

Co Xuyen - the role of Nham Gia Luan in the Little Crow and the Lizard Fairy is one of the roles about the male surname Gu that has received special attention recently.

The Little Crow and the Lizard Fairy is a rare modern film starring Nham Gia Luan, along with Xing Phi - a bright face of Chinese romance movies in recent years.

The content of the film is new, interesting and funny, the motif is still "the heady director" and her stupid, clumsy assistant. However, the inclusion of a fantasy detail has made the film more attractive.

The film revolves around Gu Xuyen (Rem Gia Luan) - an enthusiastic young man who suddenly got into a traffic accident. He had to have an artificial heart to save his life, but since then he can't be active, can't have strong emotions.

10 years of living quietly, his life changed when he met Khuong Tieu Ninh (Figure Phi) - a super clumsy girl. Tieu Ninh repeatedly caused Gu Xuyen to have a strong agitation, almost dying. However, her enthusiasm and optimism warmed his "machine" heart.

Tieu Chien - Duong Duong and Nham Gia Luan were 'summoned' at the same time, what's the tension? - Photo 6

Lady Crow and Lizard Fairy were then considered to have an "advantage" in competing for views. The reputation of Nham Gia Luan and Hinh Phi was very good, the film began to be "word of mouth" on social networks, with support from the large fan base of the two actors.

Compared to other modern films showing at the same time such as Time Luong Than My Canh and Bao Phong Vu, Lady Crow and Lizard Fairy have the ability to "eat tight" because the two main actors are more famous.

Tieu Chien - Duong Duong and Nham Gia Luan were 'summoned' at the same time, what's the tension? - Photo 7

In addition, the chemistry between him and Xing Fei in the film is very good, Nham Gia Luan's acting as a director who is always grumpy and irritable, Gu Chuan, makes the audience enjoy, commenting that Gu Chuan is like the current version. Dai of Luc Dich in Cam Y Chi Ha.

Tieu Chien - Duong Duong and Nham Gia Luan were 'summoned' at the same time, what's the tension? - Photo 8

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