Trang Le - The fashion mogul behind the hit reality TV show series

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Trang Le is a producer of popular fashion shows in Vietnam. She is also a guiding teacher, helping the career of a series of models and designers with a vision to reach out to the world.

Before encroaching on fashion, Trang Le was passionate about singing. She loved singing since childhood, even entering the Vocal Department at Hanoi Conservatory of Music. But the flow of life filled her with the University of Economics - Finance - Accounting. At that time, Trang Le's dream was to become the CFO of multinational corporations.

Trang Le - The fashion mogul behind the hit reality TV show series - Photo 1

At the age of 29, she left E-media and applied for a job on the most popular show "Who is a Millionaire" but was rejected because she had 2 children and was older.

Compulsive nature combined with blood, she decided to do something for herself. In 2005, she and her former colleague at E-Media founded Multimedia JSC, specializing in trading, buying and selling copyrights, producing foreign programs about Vietnam.

After 2 years of launch, Multimedia JSC made its mark with one of Do Re Mi's singing programs for children.

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Next, she harbored the ambition to bring Next Top Model to Vietnam. But many CBS Studios International (the conglomerate that sells the rights to Next Top Model) touted here. She boldly contacted CBS to buy the rights, but offered them a sky-high price.

Despite being rejected for 3 years, she persisted in pursuing her dream. CBS then went to see how each unit's production capacity was. Thanks to the success from the previous 3 seasons of Do Re Mi, Multimedia JSC was selected.

From Vietnam's Nextop Model seasons, success. The domestic fashion market continuously welcomes many long-legged, promising new faces such as: Hoang Thuy, Conflicted Thuy, Tuyet Lan, Rub Mi,...

Next, Trang Le continued to establish BeU Models with the goal of training models to fight in the international market.

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She embarked on the production of Project Runway - Vietnamese fashion designer. It can be said that Trang Le is the pioneer for Vietnamese fashion to reach out internationally, as well as bring the world's fashion quintessence closer to the domestic public.

After more than 10 years of appearing on the market so far. Multimedia JSC has had quite a lot of success for the biggest shows. She is considered the person behind famous programs in the entertainment industry.

She said it came from scratch. No experience in fashion modeling, no relationship with people in showbiz... Now she is always optimistic and never gives in to any difficulties, much less difficulties. She felt the more challenging she wanted to overcome.

Trang Le - The fashion mogul behind the hit reality TV show series - Photo 4

To achieve the current success, Trang Le shared the "secret": "That is probably because I always do everything with my heart, when I do something, I always put my heart in all work. Responsibility, enthusiasm, passion, constantly learning to improve myself and especially I always have a strong belief in myself. To succeed, the road is never easy if we don't have faith in ourselves, passion is not big enough, and we don't have a mind full of enthusiasm. And all of that gave me strength, helped me overcome challenges.

Trang Le - The fashion mogul behind the hit reality TV show series - Photo 5

Especially, as someone who comes from zero with the fashion and modeling industry, I am a short-legged person who knows absolutely nothing about models that today I have changed a lot of the lives of long-legged girls like Miss and Model in Vietnam. It is these things that have given me the strength to overcome difficulties and challenges on the way to success, help me discover myself and overcome barriers to achieve success."

Trang Le - The fashion mogul behind the hit reality TV show series - Photo 6

Dubbed the 'Powerful Woman of Vietnamese Fashion Village', Trang Le talked about her fashion style when she said she loves plain color designs, flared sleeves, and gowns when attending model village events. In addition to Vietnam International Fashion Week, at other events of the model village, Trang Le also invests in elegant and impressive dresses. Trang Le sometimes wears ton-sur-ton outfits and accessories, but sometimes she changes and combines the two colors to create something new. Trang Le shared: "Fashion is not a destination, but a journey. I always want to change and refresh my image and work, contributing to the development of Vietnamese fashion."

No remorse for what he did, just grief for his family

This powerful woman is currently a single mother. After the divorce, she adopted two children, a daughter and a son. Both are studying at an international school in Hanoi. During Tet Tan Suu, Trang Le came to Hanoi from Saigon to celebrate the New Year with her parents and two children.

Trang Le - The fashion mogul behind the hit reality TV show series - Photo 7

As a busy person, although he does not have time to take care of his family and relatives, it is not always smooth sailing. She sacrificed time for herself and her family, to focus her role on work. Thankfully, her family always understood the work she was doing, so they always supported every decision she made.

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