Vinh Rau - The perfect "copy" of Hoai Linh and the noisy marriage with Luong Minh Trang

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Vinh Rau is a famous comedian in the group FAPtv. Although not well-trained, Vinh Rau himself has a natural and attractive acting style. In particular, he has the ability to fake acting as well as the voice of Hoai Linh and Van Son.

For those who regularly watch comedy or funny videos on Youtube, the name FapTV is certainly familiar. In which, Vinh Rau is a FapTV comedian with many fans. His love story also received a lot of attention.

Vinh Rau's career

Vinh Rau is a comedian of the FapTV group. His real name is Hoang Xuan Vinh, born in 1994 and raised in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Although he did not pass any acting classes, Vinh Rau has charming features that attract many fans. His private fanpage has more than 2 million followers, this is an achievement not everyone can achieve. After that, Vinh Rau also participated in many Vietnamese films and web dramas that received good reviews.

Vinh Rau - The perfect "copy" of Hoai Linh and the noisy marriage with Luong Minh Trang - Photo 1

Vinh Rau loved comedy acting since childhood. But instead of attending acting school, he decided to major in English from the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City. The reason that his father is a believer in English should lead him to follow rather than art. No one in his family follows the arts, so it will be quite difficult for Vinh Rau to work alone.

Passion is always in Vinh Rau's heart, so he founded a drama group called "Paradise Drama Team". As an actor and director, Vinh Rau maintained this theater group for more than 4 years. Since then, Vinh Rau decided to pursue an acting career.

In 2014, Vinh Rau, Thai Vu, Huynh Phuong, and Ribi Sachi founded the FapTV comedy group specializing in posting funny clips on Youtube. Through many difficulties, FapTV is still doing well and receiving much support from the audience.

Vinh Rau - The perfect "copy" of Hoai Linh and the noisy marriage with Luong Minh Trang - Photo 2

His products quickly received the love of the audience for their witty, realistic performance and creative script. However, the factor that makes Vinh Rau become the most attractive face of FAPtv is his ability to fake his voice. He can imitate Hoai Linh's voice so well that it is difficult for anyone to distinguish. Not only that, Vinh Rau can also "imitate" the acting style of Hoai Linh and Van Son. In addition to Hoai Linh, Vinh Rau impersonated many other famous people.

He has a natural performance and is commented to be quite similar to comedian Hoai Linh and Van Son. Some of Vinh Rau's famous skits: FAP TV Cold Rice, Comedy Village Festival, Celebrities, Welcoming New Year's Pho, We Are Unique, Gamers Story, Banana Teacher, Famous Detective Conan Parody, The king of girls...

Vinh Rau - The perfect "copy" of Hoai Linh and the noisy marriage with Luong Minh Trang - Photo 3

Vinh Rau shaped his name after the series of unstable cafes with honest, naive but charming performances.

Vinh Rau also participated in many movies or web dramas with humorous supporting roles. Today's young people almost all know the name Vinh Rau. Through many efforts, he has stood firmly in the field of comedy acting in Vietnam.

Vinh Rau suddenly livestreamed FIFA Online 4 on his Facebook page, which was supported by many people. He decided to enter the streamer profession.

Love story of Vinh Rau and Luong Minh Trang

Vinh Rau and Luong Minh Trang publicly dated 2015. At first, both Vinh Rau and Luong Minh Trang did not pay any attention to each other, the couple then recounted that they were inherently "beautiful" like that because they were just consider their relationship to be just colleagues. Besides, the other person is not the ideal model of the other person, so the initial relationship is kept at the friendship threshold.

Vinh Rau - The perfect "copy" of Hoai Linh and the noisy marriage with Luong Minh Trang - Photo 4

However, the rain soaked for a long time, thanks to cooperation in projects and feeling compatible in many projects... until 2016, Luong Minh Trang and Vinh Rau officially announced their love story to the public. they.

Their love affair had a beautiful milestone in 2017 when they held a jubilant wedding ceremony. Happy days of Vinh Rau and Luong Minh Trang also gathered a series of famous names in showbiz such as Tran Thanh, Thu Trang, Anh Duc, Dieu Nhi... and of course, the FAPTV comedy group.

Vinh Rau - The perfect "copy" of Hoai Linh and the noisy marriage with Luong Minh Trang - Photo 5

The two once shared to the media that they are not each other's ideal types. Luong Minh Trang decided to come to Vinh Rau because of his sincerity and sympathy with each other in life. During their time together, the star couple often shared emotional and humorous images and gave the other half compliments. They receive love from the audience thanks to their positive energy.

Vinh Rau shared that Luong Minh Trang is a clumsy person, so he often reminds her how to communicate and do housework. According to the comedian, the ex-wife is very carefree and brings a sense of security: "Trang is so honest, I trust her feelings. Sometimes this also worries me because I'm afraid Trang is easily fooled." .

After getting married, Vinh Rau continued his acting career through comedy roles in the group FAPtv. Meanwhile, Luong Minh Trang is quite quiet. They regularly participate in programs for couples.

Vinh Rau - The perfect "copy" of Hoai Linh and the noisy marriage with Luong Minh Trang - Photo 6

It is known that in order to preserve their feelings and want the two to have more time together, Luong Minh Trang had to temporarily put aside her career as a singer. She began to try out a new role: working as a scriptwriter in the same company. Talking about children, both want to have children soon. However, in an interview in 2019, Vinh Rau revealed that because of his growing career, he wanted to postpone it for a few more years.

On July 28, 2021, singer Luong Minh Trang confirmed the divorce. The singer and Vinh Rau currently keep a friendship relationship. Luong Minh Trang announced: "Both love and then get married openly for everyone to know. So, at the end, I think we should let everyone know. Maybe we're out of love. What happens later? , I have not thought about it because life is still long. We are still friends, colleagues and help each other in work."

Vinh Rau also confirmed the breakup with Luong Minh Trang after 6 years of attachment. He sent a message to his ex-wife: "Let's meet again on the big stage one day. Cherish the memories". Luong Minh Trang said she always respects the moments with Vinh Rau. The singer thanked her ex-husband and affirmed to always follow and support him in future activities.

Vinh Rau - The perfect "copy" of Hoai Linh and the noisy marriage with Luong Minh Trang - Photo 7

However, not long after the divorce, the singer repeatedly hinted at her ex-husband with children, blocking her Facebook. The singer also implied that Vinh Rau said one thing and did another, blocking her phone number. As for Vinh Rau, he kept quiet before the noise on social networks.

Meanwhile, Luong Minh Trang was entangled in rumors of "adultery" causing the marriage to fall apart. Before the negative rumors affecting the honor, Luong Minh Trang officially denied and expressed frustration. At the same time, Luong Minh Trang also expressed that she was very comfortable when talking about her broken 6-year marriage.

Currently, Vinh Rau is still single and actively focusing on his career.

Vinh Rau - The perfect "copy" of Hoai Linh and the noisy marriage with Luong Minh Trang - Photo 8

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