Apartment fire in Hanoi: "Sponsors" grow like mushrooms, calling for "volunteers" in all ways

Nhật Hân16:09 15/09/2023

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After the recent tragic fire at a mini apartment building in Khuong Dinh ward (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi). On social networks, many "sponsors" suddenly appeared calling for volunteers of all kinds.

Immediately after the fire that occurred in Thanh Xuan district (Hanoi) in which 56 people died, many individuals and organizations called on the community for donations and charity to help the victims' families.

Apartment fire in Hanoi: Sponsors grow like mushrooms, calling for volunteers in all ways - Photo 1

This spontaneous donation activity takes place mainly on social networks, including accounts that are calling and attracting a lot of people's attention such as: BeatVN, TheAnh28, Hanoi 24h... Only After 2 days of posting information, a social network account collected over 4 billion VND in support from the people.

The power and spread of the online community has brought in large amounts of money to support victims. However, taking advantage of people's kindness, fake Facebook pages have appeared calling for support, causing frustration among the victims' families.

According to available information, Ms. MA, a family member of 7 victims of the mini apartment fire, was very surprised when her child's teacher called to confirm whether the family was calling for charity or not.

Ms. MA said that her child's teacher had just received information that there was an account claiming to be a teacher. Knowing the family's situation, she called for help and support.

Apartment fire in Hanoi: Sponsors grow like mushrooms, calling for volunteers in all ways - Photo 2

"After contacting this Facebook account calling for support, they did not know any information about my child. Currently, the family has not posted any information or called for help. I suspect this is tricks to get views, get likes, and profit from charity," Ms. MA said.

The representative of the victim's family recommends that those who are kind-hearted and intend to help the victim's families need to carefully research information to help the right people, at the right place, and need to be vigilant to avoid being deceived at the same time. We hope that the authorities will investigate and clarify those who intentionally forge for fraud and profit.

On the evening of September 14, a community page with 1.4 million followers on Facebook named Hanoi 24h also posted information: "By 5:06 p.m., the amount of 3 BILLION 870 MILLION VND had been raised and asked for stopped accepting donations because the board of directors thought the amount was enough to partially help the victims...".

Apartment fire in Hanoi: Sponsors grow like mushrooms, calling for volunteers in all ways - Photo 3

The administrator of this page also continuously posted information about working with the City Police. Hanoi and the bank to stop accepting transfers. The site's management board also confirmed that it will transfer this amount directly to the Fatherland Front Committee of Khuong Dinh ward, and at the same time provide a full "statement" of the cash flow.

Apartment fire in Hanoi: Sponsors grow like mushrooms, calling for volunteers in all ways - Photo 4

However, besides the comments supporting and thanking the page for taking action to support the victims and their families, there were comments questioning the page's deletion, hiding or blocking of comments related to the incident. This.

In order to increase transparency in the above issue, the reporter looked for information recorded on the page at 123 Lang Street (Hanoi), but this information was not true. The website hanoi24.vn has information that this page is in Da Nang.

Apartment fire in Hanoi: Sponsors grow like mushrooms, calling for volunteers in all ways - Photo 5

Talking to reporters over the phone, a representative of Hanoi 24h page explained that because the page is called Hanoi, it has to put "virtual" information in Hanoi. This is a trick to make it easier for Facebook users to find the page and has better reach, and the site management team all work online.

The representative of this page also shared that when posting the call, the page administrator intends to receive support within 3 days. At the end of receiving, the management team will make statistics and make specific plans to deliver directly to families in need in a transparent manner. However, after just a few hours of calling, the amount of money raised was too large, exceeding the original plan, so the page decided to stop calling and remove the account number from the post.

Apartment fire in Hanoi: Sponsors grow like mushrooms, calling for volunteers in all ways - Photo 6

When the reporter contacted us at 7:22 p.m. on the evening of September 14, Hanoi 24h page said it had received 4 billion VND from sponsors. This person also affirmed that on the morning of September 15, he will go to the bank for a statement and transparently disclose all support transactions. At the same time, all this money will be transferred directly to the Fatherland Front Committee of Khuong Dinh ward to ask this unit to return it to the victims.

Currently, many people are waiting for the next moves of this page's administrator - who is holding a large amount of donation money. Everyone wants the donated money to be transparent and reach the right place, to partly compensate the families of the unfortunate victims.

Apartment fire in Hanoi: Sponsors grow like mushrooms, calling for volunteers in all ways - Photo 7

Joining hands to donate and send generosity to the victims and their families during this difficult period is extremely valuable. More than anyone else, the online community and philanthropists always want their hearts to be sent to the right address, to the right person in need of support. However, people need to be careful when sending donations on social networks, to avoid letting their kindness be taken advantage of.

Apartment fire in Hanoi: Sponsors grow like mushrooms, calling for volunteers in all ways - Photo 8

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