Plane crash: 4 miraculous survivors have been found after 40 days wandering in the Amazon

Chi Chu11:09 10/06/2023

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After the plane crashed into the deep forest, although 3 adults died, 4 children were very young, but miraculously survived and survived by themselves. After 40 days of searching, officials recently said they had found all four children.

According to CNN, Colombian President Gustavo Petro said that he had found four children alive after they wandered in the Colombian Amazon forest for more than a month: " Joy for the whole country! Found four children alive after when I got lost 40 days ago in the Colombian jungle."

Plane crash: 4 miraculous survivors have been found after 40 days wandering in the Amazon - Photo 1

Mr. Petro also shared a photo showing search teams with the four children. Victims were rescued by the military in the area between Caqueta and Guaviare states, near the scene of the plane crash. In photos released by Colombian authorities, the children were found emaciated. The children were taken to the hospital by the authorities for treatment.

President Petro said that the four children will be evaluated and medical treatment immediately. "The most important thing now is the assessment of the doctor. The children have been wandering in the forest for 40 days, their health has certainly been affected. We also need to check the psychological health of the children." , he emphasized.

Plane crash: 4 miraculous survivors have been found after 40 days wandering in the Amazon - Photo 2

The four children mentioned above were the victims of the plane crash on May 1, the accident that killed the pilot, indigenous leader and mother. large scale after 4 children disappeared in the deep forest. The operation involved more than 100 soldiers of the Colombian special forces and over 70 indigenous scouts participating in the search of the area.

For weeks, the search yielded startling clues, such as footprints, a used diaper and a bottle of milk. Family members say the oldest child has had some experience in the woods, but hopes have faded as the children remain missing for days.

Plane crash: 4 miraculous survivors have been found after 40 days wandering in the Amazon - Photo 3

Initial hopes appeared in mid-May when Mr. Petro mistakenly posted on Twitter that four children had been found, which he later had to correct. The four surviving children are extraordinary when they are so young. Out of 4 children, the oldest is 13 years old and the youngest is 11 months old.

The story of the children's miraculous survival after the plane crash has attracted strong interest not only domestically but also internationally.

Plane crash: 4 miraculous survivors have been found after 40 days wandering in the Amazon - Photo 4

Previously, a small plane Cessna 206 carrying 7 people, including 3 adults and 4 children, departed early in the morning from the community of Araracuara. Immediately after departure, the pilot radioed to air traffic control that he was looking for an emergency landing spot. The pilot then said that the engine was working again and continued on.

However, less than half an hour later, the emergency call was again transmitted to air traffic control. Air traffic control saw the plane turn right, but then it disappeared from radar screens. Although air and underwater searches took place immediately after the incident, it is reported that more than two weeks after the crash, the ill-fated plane was found.

Plane crash: 4 miraculous survivors have been found after 40 days wandering in the Amazon - Photo 5

Five days after the plane went missing, the Colombian military deployed special forces units to search. 10 days later, on the night of May 16, they finally discovered the debris. At the time of discovery, all three adults were dead at the scene. All four children were completely missing, leading rescuers to believe they had survived, getting out of the plane and walking in the woods on their own.

Plane crash: 4 miraculous survivors have been found after 40 days wandering in the Amazon - Photo 6

Photographs taken by investigators at the crash site show the small plane's tail, painted in blue and white, standing upright, still relatively intact. The nose and front of the plane were shattered by contact with the ground. Investigators believe the plane may have first crashed through trees in the dense forest, lost its engine and propeller, and then fell vertically to the ground.

Plane crash: 4 miraculous survivors have been found after 40 days wandering in the Amazon - Photo 7

Preliminary reports indicate that adults sitting at the front of the plane were seriously injured in the collision. However, the rear seats - where the children sit - are less affected by the impact. This is also a detailed explanation for the survival of the children.

Plane crash: 4 miraculous survivors have been found after 40 days wandering in the Amazon - Photo 8

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