"King of Koi" implicitly confirmed the problem with Ha Thanh Xuan, expressing his attitude when advised to keep his wife tight?

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Recently, rumors appeared that "King of Koi fish" Thang Ngo and Ha Thanh Xuan had gone their separate ways. Recently, the giant Thang Ngo suddenly made a new move, the marriage question between him and Ha Thanh Xuan is real.

Recently, rumors of "King of Koi" Thang Ngo and overseas singer Ha Thanh Xuan "go their separate ways" after a short time of organizing a lavish wedding have received much attention from the online community. The evidence made netizens speculate that the couple broke up when Ha Thanh Xuan deleted or hidden many of their photos taken together.

The couple also no longer interacts with each other on social networks. In addition, netizens discovered that the "king of koi fish" had locked the old personal Facebook page - where there were many pictures of the couple. These things made the rumors of the rift even more rampant.

King of Koi implicitly confirmed the problem with Ha Thanh Xuan, expressing his attitude when advised to keep his wife tight? - Photo 1

Most recently, on his personal page, giant Thang Ngo shared videos of daily life. Notably, below comments a netizen mentioned the marriage of Thang Ngo and Ha Thanh Xuan. Accordingly, this person mentioned a song about separation and regret, advising Thang Ngo and his wife to cherish their current relationship. "'Sometimes 1 hour late for an appointment, next time I want to wait for a thousand years', hope you two will always be a happy couple", netizens commented.

King of Koi implicitly confirmed the problem with Ha Thanh Xuan, expressing his attitude when advised to keep his wife tight? - Photo 2

Receiving comments from netizens, the giant Thang Ngo then "released his heart" and said nothing more. This move of the "King of Koi" made many people think that he was implicitly confirming the marriage problem with Ha Thanh Xuan. Currently, the singer is in the US and businessman Thang Ngo is in Vietnam. Geographic distance is believed to be the factor that keeps the couple further apart.

Singer Ha Thanh Xuan has many moves to attract attention on his personal page. She posted a new photo with the caption, "After the rain, the sun will shine again" as well as shared many pictures of being surrounded by the audience when performing in the US. Besides, the female singer has locked the comment feature on her personal page.

King of Koi implicitly confirmed the problem with Ha Thanh Xuan, expressing his attitude when advised to keep his wife tight? - Photo 3

Not long ago, sharing about the problem of unfriending and deleting photos taken together on social networks, "King of Koi fish" said: "It's already a social network, people want to say anything but can't. People who have high authority and dignity will not even forgive me.

On my personal facebook, I still have pictures of me and Ha Thanh Xuan, from the past until now. I just locked facebook because I know social networking sites are taking pictures on my personal page to spread false information."

When asked about the rift and parting, "King of Koi fish" Thang Ngo refused to answer: "I would like to not discuss this".

King of Koi implicitly confirmed the problem with Ha Thanh Xuan, expressing his attitude when advised to keep his wife tight? - Photo 4

The love story of "King of koi" Thang Ngo and Ha Thanh Xuan once caused a stir in social networks. In May 2022, the two held a grand wedding, officially returning to the same house. However, the giant Thang Ngo was fiercely criticized for being accused of betraying his wife to follow a young love while singer Ha Thanh Xuan was rumored to be a "small tam" to interfere in the married life of Thang Ngo and his wife. old.

He also revealed that he and the overseas singer came together because of love. Because Ha Thanh Xuan herself has many rich people to pursue, but in the end she decided to be with the "King of Koi fish".

King of Koi implicitly confirmed the problem with Ha Thanh Xuan, expressing his attitude when advised to keep his wife tight? - Photo 5

Talking about love with Ha Thanh Xuan, the giant SN 1975 spent many "winged" words. He once confided: "I find Ha Thanh Xuan's nature very good. Humans can lie, animals can't lie. It must see someone friendly, gentle, something attracts it, then it will be new. next.

Ha Thanh Xuan is an animal lover. From loving that animal, I can see her kind soul."

After the lavish wedding, Ha Thanh Xuan and businessman Thang Ngo often show off their sweet moments together. Ha Thanh Xuan is also cared for and loved by her husband. However, recently they no longer interact with each other.

"King of koi fish" is a "nickname" for giant Ngo Van Thang. He is the owner and director of a famous koi fish farm. Currently, Thang Ngo's farm concentrates many types of koi fish with different prices, which can range from a few hundred million to billions of dong. Not only that, he is also a successful businessman with a huge fortune.

King of Koi implicitly confirmed the problem with Ha Thanh Xuan, expressing his attitude when advised to keep his wife tight? - Photo 6

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