BLACKPINK disbands, YG "clears the way" for "new chickens" to take their place, will it make things happen in the future?

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Although YG has not yet confirmed BLACKPINK's contract extension, YG's stock price has continuously "dropped" in recent days. To "rescue" the company's future, YG is said to be focusing its efforts on the debut of a new girl group.

Faced with BLACKPINK's messy contract situation, YG is currently the entertainment company that people are most interested in. The risk of global girl group members not renewing their contract makes public opinion worried about YG's future activities. Accordingly, YG's stock price plummeted significantly, down more than 15% in just one trading day.

Data from the Korea Exchange on September 21 showed that YG Entertainment's stock price fell to 69,200 won ($51.59 USD) per share - a sharp drop of 13.28% compared to the previous day when the stock price was 79,800 won (59.50 USD) per share.

This wiped out about 100 million USD of YG's market capitalization in just one day. This is the lowest recorded in nearly five months, when the stock price hovered around 66,700 won ($49.73) per share in early May.

BLACKPINK disbands, YG clears the way for new chickens to take their place, will it make things happen in the future? - Photo 1

Amid this, YG Entertainment is said to be focusing on the release date of Baby Monster. This will be the girl group launched by YG about 7 years after BLACKPINK. The group consists of seven multinational members from Korea (Ahyeon, Haram, Laura), Thailand (Parita, Chiquita) and Japan (Luca, Asa), introduced to have singing, dancing, rapping skills and visuals. Stunning.

Before the official launch, the number of YouTube subscribers of the group had surpassed 3 million. Dream's pre-debut MV reached more than 50 million views after only 3 months. The song encapsulates Baby Monster's journey towards his dreams and new beginnings. According to YG's June statistics, the group's YouTube channel content has accumulated more than 500 million views. This reflects the high expectations of global music fans for "BLACKPINK's younger sister".

BLACKPINK disbands, YG clears the way for new chickens to take their place, will it make things happen in the future? - Photo 2

However, Korean media recently released the latest update on the girl group BABYMONSTER project, making the audience worried. Specifically, the Korean press said that YG postponed the debut date for BABYMONSTER, previously the group was expected to officially debut in September this year. The reason given is to improve product perfection.

BLACKPINK disbands, YG clears the way for new chickens to take their place, will it make things happen in the future? - Photo 3

The project to debut the group "BLACKPINK's little sister" was carried out under the direction of former YG president Yang Hyun Suk. It is known that BABYMONSTER will release a debut song in the strong hip-hop genre and YG Family members are pouring all their enthusiasm into the process of composing songs for the group.

The new girl group was first revealed on December 31, 2022, attracting attention from many Kpop fans. Unlike 2NE1 or BLACKPINK who "made it big" with their girlcrush style and perfect 4-member lineup, BABYMONSTER was announced with the profiles of 7 trainees.

BLACKPINK disbands, YG clears the way for new chickens to take their place, will it make things happen in the future? - Photo 4

BLACKPINK disbands, YG clears the way for new chickens to take their place, will it make things happen in the future? - Photo 5

During the first 5 months of this year, YG continuously released training videos, introduced "new chickens" and performed qualifying rounds, making fans restless. On May 12, BABYMONSTER's official lineup was decided, including 7 girls in very young ages, from 13 to 20. Since that time, there has been no further information about the group's debut project.

Many people believe that YG has revealed female rookies for too long, not taking advantage of the heat to create an explosive debut. Besides, debuting next to BLACKPINK's global success certainly puts BABYMONSTER under a lot of pressure. Fans partly understand the reason YG wants to carefully prepare the new group's release product. With unique hip-hop music that continues to be performed by Teddy and The Black Label team, many people worry that the new girl group will have a hard time escaping the shadow of their seniors.

BLACKPINK disbands, YG clears the way for new chickens to take their place, will it make things happen in the future? - Photo 6

According to Star News, for YG to achieve sustainable growth, renewing the contract with BlackPink is necessary, but the success of the next generation - Baby Monster - is important.

"YG has proven its ability to discover and train talented K-pop idols to global success with Big Bang, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK. It remains to be seen whether Baby Monster, the group, will receive High expectations from music fans right before debut, whether to become a global 'Kpop star', responsible for YG's future or not" - Star News wrote.

BLACKPINK disbands, YG clears the way for new chickens to take their place, will it make things happen in the future? - Photo 7

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