Vu Linh's niece was angry and affirmed that the funeral statement was ungodly: Anyone who has a birth certificate should come up and get it.

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The granddaughter of the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh, Hong Phuong, is said to have hinted at the funeral statement. The female singer thinks this is an unreasonable request from someone. She affirmed that this was an excuse for the other person to insult her family's honor.

Vu Linh's daughter was upset: "Everyone is talking, so today I will explain it clearly once for everyone to understand because I have not presented this before. For the first time in my life as well as in history, people have never The person listening to the story has to make a funeral statement, it's very unreasonable. The statement everyone wrote is just an excuse, but I find it really unreasonable.

Vu Linhs niece was angry and affirmed that the funeral statement was ungodly: Anyone who has a birth certificate should come up and get it. - Photo 1

Even myself, when I submitted a statement and a list of income and expenditure of a group to the district police, they said this did not need to be sent. I said I wanted to present it, but they said it wasn't necessary because this was a family matter and not within their responsibility, so I didn't need to present it. To such a degree, everyone should think about it. I'm sure the people who wrote that statement didn't come to my uncle's funeral either. But they wanted to do it on purpose, as an excuse to trample on the family with this, no one said anything so unreasonable and ungrateful.

Vu Linhs niece was angry and affirmed that the funeral statement was ungodly: Anyone who has a birth certificate should come up and get it. - Photo 2

Sometimes talking about this issue is very stressful and I don't want to be like that, I just want to sing and talk happily with everyone. If I talk too much, people will say I also pay attention, I care too much. No, because this is very unreasonable and ungainly. I wonder if there is anyone like that in this world? There is no, there is no such family at all. From ordinary people to people of high status, no one intrudes on other people's family affairs in such an unreasonable way.

Really, I've never seen it. Or is it because my uncle is so famous, he keeps giving my uncle's name all day, all month long, but even when people die, they still don't forgive him, is that pity? What's wrong with you? For a while, I had to shut myself down and close myself so I could do the necessary things. I'm very afraid that I will be impulsive. I have a very hot temper, so sometimes I'm afraid that if I do something that will affect or have consequences for my current job. Certainly as an artist, people love and hate people is something I have experienced in the process of making my art. It's not much, it's only been ten years, but I've been through a lot: Gaining, losing, gaining, winning, losing... a lot. I have never encountered an incident like this.

Vu Linhs niece was angry and affirmed that the funeral statement was ungodly: Anyone who has a birth certificate should come up and get it. - Photo 3

Anyone with enough rights can just hold up the birth certificate and say I have the birth certificate, I have the right to get the funeral statement that Hong Phuong sent. Get it back and then upload it yourself. Hong Phuong has no responsibility to do that."

She also talked about her difficult work situation: "My job is not like other singers, other singers only sing and do music activities, but I'm better, I can sing. , filming game shows, filming skits and doing voiceovers. I had a lot of work, but when the incident happened, almost everything stopped, I couldn't do anything. I never thought I would be like that. Hey, now I have to look back, see what it's like now and how I have to continue on my path. I'm very lucky, there are few people beside me now, but everyone is like arms to help me up. Everyone gives me confidence, motivation, and energy to try.

Vu Linhs niece was angry and affirmed that the funeral statement was ungodly: Anyone who has a birth certificate should come up and get it. - Photo 4

I can't live without this. I still have to live to take care of my family. My mother is now unable to work, my children are still young, this also affects my family, affects my husband. Things like that made me not dare to do anything for a while. Today, as I sit and talk, I must thank all the arms that held me at that time and gave me faith and strength. Thank you everyone for believing in me and understanding me. More or less everyone sees the situation, which is something I appreciate and am grateful for. On behalf of my family, Hong Phuong sends my deepest thanks to those who still believe and love my family."

Vu Linhs niece was angry and affirmed that the funeral statement was ungodly: Anyone who has a birth certificate should come up and get it. - Photo 5

Immediately after Hong Phuong spoke implicitly about someone everyone knew on the livestream, Hong Loan's spokesperson, Dieu Ni, responded frankly: "Yes, from the past until now the funeral has not had a statement. , but that funeral was a relative's funeral. When parents died, the children stayed behind to pay their respects. The condolences were received by the children. And for the first time in history, a person's father died and the children were not allowed to participate. Children were ignored, so now they are forced to make statements, not to mention it's unreasonable for funerals to require statements. That's right, because this case is too special, it should be recorded in history, not a normal thing that funerals every statement.

Vu Linhs niece was angry and affirmed that the funeral statement was ungodly: Anyone who has a birth certificate should come up and get it. - Photo 6

I go to funerals with joy. If I want flowers, I go with flowers. If I want money, I go with money. Some families don't accept funerals, each family is different. But here from the beginning, not accepting flowers, only accepting condolences is a question mark, there is no evaluation. It is true that funerals do not have statements, but funerals of people's fathers and children are ignored, children do not know the details, so that they can later repay the favor, they are forced to have statements, the amounts are not Transparency requires statements, it's as simple as that."

Vu Linhs niece was angry and affirmed that the funeral statement was ungodly: Anyone who has a birth certificate should come up and get it. - Photo 7

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