Kicking Hien Ho, the "ex-boyfriend" of the female singer is "delighted" when being cursed by netizens

Thư Kỳ08:52 24/03/2022

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Hien Ho's "ex-lover" in the MV "I used to be different" has just made a confusing move before a series of love scandals of the female singer.

Hien Ho - the name that has occupied the spotlight in recent days has made many people interested. Also because of Hien Ho's incident, not only netizens but also many artists sat waiting to talk, but also some people expressed their views on the matter.

Kicking Hien Ho, the "ex-boyfriend" of the female singer is "delighted" when being cursed by netizens - Photo 1

In the midst of the fact that Hien Ho "takes refuge" with "cousin" Ho Nhan has not shown any signs of cooling down, recently Brian Tran - an overseas Vietnamese model known as her "ex-lover" in the MV "I used to be" different" has just made people stir when sharing a series of moments with Hien Ho.

Kicking Hien Ho, the "ex-boyfriend" of the female singer is "delighted" when being cursed by netizens - Photo 2

Specifically, on his personal Facebook page, Brian Tran re-posted a few pictures with Hien Ho in the MV "I used to be different", along with the profile picture on the Facebook account which is also a close image with the singer born. 1997. Attaching these pictures, Brian Tran shared the words: "I used to be different".

Kicking Hien Ho, the "ex-boyfriend" of the female singer is "delighted" when being cursed by netizens - Photo 3

The confusing move from Brian Tran caused controversy when Hien Ho was entangled in a big scandal about going back and forth with the U60 giants who have a wife and children. Many people went directly to the male model's personal page to criticize the "fame" guy, drawing attention when he saw that the matter was "hot".

Some netizens' comments about Brian Tran's confusing move : "It's okay to be an ex-boyfriend, mother is ungrateful. I don't defend Hien Ho but the way his ex-boyfriend behaves is not good", "This guy is a tra male", "Can you tell everyone how it's different",...

Kicking Hien Ho, the "ex-boyfriend" of the female singer is "delighted" when being cursed by netizens - Photo 4

Reacting to this, Brian Tran was quite comfortable, even showing interest when being scolded by netizens. At the climax, Brian Tran made many people "give up when this guy even bluntly posted the contents of the messages that were cursing him on social networks, with a defiant attitude, not afraid of affecting his name.

Not only Brian Tran, in the midst of the Hien Ho scandal being concerned by the public, many artists spoke up.

Not only on status to catch the trend of "relying", Hai Phong's voice also posted a forum to mention the giant Ho Nhan. The singer also said that she herself has known senior Ho Nhan for the past 10 years, so she firmly affirms that the love messages floating on social networks are not his.

Kicking Hien Ho, the "ex-boyfriend" of the female singer is "delighted" when being cursed by netizens - Photo 5

Along with that, Crystal gives her own perspective on the celebrity couple. Given that it is not lacking nowadays, the singer also analyzes the hidden corners of this story.

Finally, Crystal concluded that those who do the minor tam should not show up, be reasonable because they are not sure if they really have a position in the hearts of the rich people who support them with material things: "Where are you going? hold hands and introduce this is his wife, I have a brother who changes his wife weekly, but when he introduced me, I also respectfully greeted her for an hour, when going out to play, you must know the rules of the game. , you guys just flatter the sisters, but then change to someone else, how do you brag about them?"

Kicking Hien Ho, the "ex-boyfriend" of the female singer is "delighted" when being cursed by netizens - Photo 6

The sharing in the middle of the hot time has caused Crystal to fall into the market. Some netizens think that she is clinging to the scandal: "May I ask what does the story of Hien Ho have to do with Crystal? With the name of a singer, to tell the truth, I do not see any products of Crystal, but only see fame." , a fierce Facebooker.

Kicking Hien Ho, the "ex-boyfriend" of the female singer is "delighted" when being cursed by netizens - Photo 7

Or the long-legged Que Van has an attention-grabbing status line on her personal page, which is said to be related to a series of rumors about the young singer HH's husband.

Specifically, Que Van ... dreamed that this junior was wrongly accused of robbing her husband, and the judgment seemed to be that the online world was mistaken. Before this share of Que Van was "hungry" by netizens.

Before the attack of netizens, Que Van hurriedly turned the car around when the post of the mother of three children was hidden or deleted from her personal page.

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