Doan Hai My accepted Doan Van Hau's marriage proposal, revealing the time of the wedding

Nguyễn Kim09:43 18/09/2023

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After 3 years together, Doan Van Hau officially proposed to the beautiful Doan Hai My and she agreed. The sweet moment between the two received many blessings from fans.

On the evening of September 17, on their personal page, couple Doan Van Hau and Doan Hai My simultaneously posted a photo of when Van Hau proposed to Hai My. The couple smiled brightly and happily together. Doan Hai My raised her hand with the ring on her ring finger and Van Hau delivered a cake with the words "She said Yes" printed on it - PV.

In the photo, Doan Hai My is close to her boyfriend. She beamed as she showed off the proposal ring and large bouquet of flowers carefully prepared by player Doan Van Hau. At the same time, defender 9X also shared this photo and expressed his happiness when receiving a nod of approval from his lover.

Doan Hai My accepted Doan Van Haus marriage proposal, revealing the time of the wedding - Photo 1

According to an acquaintance, Doan Van Hau secretly planned to propose a week ago. He contacted some friends to ask for help, and together designed a party to surprise his girlfriend. Doan Hai My said they will have an engagement ceremony and plan to hold a wedding early next year.

Under Doan Hai My's post, many Vietnamese stars such as beauty Cam Dan, singer Pha Le... sent their congratulations to her and her boyfriend. Some netizens praised the couple for their beauty and looked forward to the day they would become husband and wife. One account commented: "Congratulations girl, such a beautiful couple." Another viewer expressed: "A beautiful ending to the love story, congratulations to you two." "My brother quit the game, congratulations to both," netizens shared.

The Vietnamese players' association came in to comment unexpectedly. Que Ngoc Hai teased his younger brother, saying "I feel bad for that girl", while Bui Hoang Viet Anh quickly congratulated his brother. The duo Ha Duc Chinh and Nguyen Thanh Chung were mentally prepared to "dance" at the wedding of Van Hau and Hai My. Thanh Chung also confirmed that he hired a personal coach to prepare himself to "play" physically.

Doan Hai My accepted Doan Van Haus marriage proposal, revealing the time of the wedding - Photo 2

The talented couple just celebrated three years of dating on August 15. Doan Hai My and her boyfriend held an anniversary party at a restaurant in Hanoi. She said she was happy to receive roses and gifts from Doan Van Hau. On his personal page, the moment the couple dated attracted tens of thousands of likes and congratulatory comments. Doan Hai My wrote "I love you" under the romantic photo, Doan Van Hau replied: "I love you very much too."

Doan Hai My accepted Doan Van Haus marriage proposal, revealing the time of the wedding - Photo 3

Van Hau and Hai My have known each other since 2020, but it was not until 2022 that they made their feelings public. Previously since 2020, the two were entangled in romance rumors but did not confirm it. The defender born in 1999 said he was the one who actively flirted with Hai My. The beauty once did not respond to the player's get-to-know message with the excuse of being "busy with school". Later, she opened her heart and realized that the player had a lovely and psychological personality.

Doan Hai My accepted Doan Van Haus marriage proposal, revealing the time of the wedding - Photo 4

Doan Van Hau is commented by many fans that he pampers his girlfriend and is gallant on important occasions. After tournaments, players often arrange time to take Hai My out to play and listen to music. They share the same hobby of traveling to the sea, and used to take their parents on vacation together. For him, his girlfriend scores points because of her gentleness and determination. When he took Doan Hai My back to his hometown in Thai Binh, she did not hesitate to go into the kitchen to help everyone and wash dishes.

According to Van Hau, one of the things he likes most about his girlfriend is her closeness and responsibility even though she is a young lady, born and raised in the city.

"My is from the city, but when she comes home, I feel like she's like a girl from the countryside. She can do all the housework. When I come home, there's a party in the countryside, a lot of people. There are a lot of dishes, she washes the dishes so everyone doesn't have to worry. I really appreciate things like that," Van Hau once said about his girlfriend.

Doan Hai My accepted Doan Van Haus marriage proposal, revealing the time of the wedding - Photo 5

Hai My graduated from Hanoi Law University. Besides modeling, she also has her own business and is the founder of a cosmetics company for men. Meanwhile, Van Hau has a solid career, being the number one choice as left back at CAHN Club and the national team. Thanks to his continuous success on the field, the Thai Binh defender was able to buy a house in Hanoi and a super car.

Last season, Van Hau was a key factor for CAHN to win the 2023 V-League championship. With his excellent performance, he was elected to the tournament's outstanding team.

Doan Hai My accepted Doan Van Haus marriage proposal, revealing the time of the wedding - Photo 6

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