Duy Phuong was mentioned by Tan Hoang, affirming that the aura was very big in the past

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Recently, NS Tan Hoang suddenly posted a clip referring to the recent noises of NS Duy Phuong. Once brothers and co-stars, NS Tan Hoang couldn't help but be moved when he saw the situation of male artist Duy Phuong at the present time.

Tan Hoang said: "Brother Duy Phuong gives Tan Hoang many impressive lessons, in the past, his aura was so great, it was impossible to imagine, wherever he went, the audience flocked there."

The male artist comforted Duy Phuong: "The urgent feelings of Duy Phuong, I think you should not cry, just say anything, I know you had a glorious time, but now you have to sell banh beo. Sell cakes. There's nothing shameful about beingo, working with your sweat and tears."

Duy Phuong was mentioned by Tan Hoang, affirming that the aura was very big in the past - Photo 1

Also in the video, NS Tan Hoang suddenly mentioned that NS Duy Phuong used to urge many people in Vietnamese showbiz to link, making it difficult for senior artists to perform, not to mention there are gangs in showbiz: " Mr. Duy Phuong said in the group that there was a certain faction, I confirmed that Mr. Phuong was right. Whoever is respected, someone else will enter the show and they will force the show to leave the other person. That's natural. ".

Not stopping there, NS Tan Hoang also revealed that he was called by juniors in the world after the male artist posted a series of videos expressing his heart: "The clips of my heart upset some people. Artists, there are a few, not many, call me to say harsh words, I can't say heavy sentences. Maybe they don't understand, they say I'm old, old, out of time. then you should have a view, a like sentence, got money from Mr. Dung and Mrs. Hang. My life is poor, but I'm poor, but I'm not miserable. I can still make money, still take care of my wife, raise children, raise grandchildren, what should I do? Please calm down, sometimes I tell the truth, you call and say it's okay, they're brothers in the family, so they will forgive each other."

Duy Phuong was mentioned by Tan Hoang, affirming that the aura was very big in the past - Photo 2

Finally, NS Tan Hoang did not forget to remind generations of artist juniors: "Brother Hoang is not afraid of anyone, it's okay if you don't accept him in the artist world, you are our brother. It's fine. But let me speak in my heart. If I'm wrong with you, I'll apologize to you."


Currently, NS Tan Hoang's new clip shared on his personal YouTube channel is receiving much attention from netizens.

After the show "After the halo" with the presence of Le Giang was broadcast, Duy Phuong was attacked by netizens. Being scolded badly, Duy Phuong reacted harshly, the actor denied the information Le Giang gave, and filed a lawsuit against the show producer After the halo for reporting one-way, unverified and affecting heavy on his reputation and honor.

To date, the case is closed. Duy Phuong was compensated for damage up to 400 million VND.

Duy Phuong was mentioned by Tan Hoang, affirming that the aura was very big in the past - Photo 3

As for Duy Phuong, after winning the lawsuit and being compensated 400 million VND, he frankly mentioned whether he needed an apology from Le Giang, saying: "I don't need that. I don't need it. I just need it. If you feel it's right or wrong, you just have to understand it. What do we need when it comes to making people apologize. Decent people don't say anything, but if Le Giang doesn't understand, it's hard work and upsets each other."

Duy Phuong was mentioned by Tan Hoang, affirming that the aura was very big in the past - Photo 4

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