Miss Bao Ngoc's family welcomed a new member, a victim of a mini apartment fire in Hanoi

Gia Hoàng10:50 19/09/2023

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Recently, the news that Bao Ngoc adopted a little girl who lost her family in a tragic fire in Hanoi made fans feel warm and touched by Miss Hau's noble gesture.

Miss Bao Ngocs family welcomed a new member, a victim of a mini apartment fire in Hanoi - Photo 1

On the evening of September 17, on her personal page, Miss Bao Ngoc posted an article that touched many people. Accordingly, the queen said she adopted an 8th grade girl who lost her relatives in the recent mini apartment fire in Hanoi. I am the only person in my family of four who survived the fire.

After escaping the fire, relatives later came to take him home to mourn his parents and younger brother. Bao Ngoc said: "From today, Ngoc has another younger brother. Even though he went through the fire in Hanoi, the remnants of pain still cannot be extinguished. Today Ngoc met me LTN I just learned 8th grade, but suffered a huge loss in the recent fire.

Miss Bao Ngocs family welcomed a new member, a victim of a mini apartment fire in Hanoi - Photo 2

Dear sister, when your parents and younger brother are no more, I hope I can become your older sister. I can't do much, nor can I cure this wound inside you. But I will try to be a companion so you can have a fulcrum in your upcoming journey to adulthood. I will take care of your education until you turn 18 years old. You are a strong girl with many ambitions, so if you still need me after that, I will still be by your side.

You said you wanted to learn English, your parents also wished you could study abroad... In view of your and your family's wishes, I will guide you with all my might, and I also hope you two Let's work together to make your dream - also my dream - come true, honey! Khuong Dinh, September 17, 2023".

Bao Ngoc said that when he met her, TN seemed to suppress his emotions and didn't say much, but when asked about him, he still tried to smile. When mentioning his parents and younger brother, N. choked up and said: "My younger brother is only in 3rd grade."

Miss Bao Ngocs family welcomed a new member, a victim of a mini apartment fire in Hanoi - Photo 3

Currently, the girl is being cared for by an aunt. This person said that when the incident first happened, she did not want to meet anyone and just covered herself with a blanket and lay in her room.

Bao Ngoc confided that she felt pain when thinking about the child's situation. I'm at a crisis-prone age, but I went through a huge incident and lost all my relatives.

Miss Bao Ngocs family welcomed a new member, a victim of a mini apartment fire in Hanoi - Photo 4

This beautiful and meaningful action by Bao Ngoc quickly received many compliments from the audience:

- Thank you for Bao Ngoc's heart. Wishing you both good health and happiness always. Hope my sister will get through this difficult time.

- Wishing the baby will soon regain his spirit and use it as motivation to realize his dreams and succeed in the future with Bao Ngoc!

- Sending my sincere condolences to my sister, and also thanking Bao Ngoc. Hope everyone is happy and peaceful.

- The pain of losing family and loved ones is a sad thing that nothing can describe. Thank you for accompanying that strong girl.

In recent days, the fire of a 9-storey mini apartment building on Khuong Ha street (Hanoi) has received nationwide attention. The heartbreaking consequences that occurred with the number of 56 people gone and 37 people injured made everyone feel sad. Many Vietnamese artists have expressed their sympathy and joined hands to contribute to support the victims and their families of the tragic fire.

Miss Bao Ngocs family welcomed a new member, a victim of a mini apartment fire in Hanoi - Photo 5

In addition, in the past week, many artists proactively postponed their product releases, and producers postponed the broadcast schedule of a series of entertainment shows to take time to express condolences to the families of the victims. The artists' move received a positive response from the public.

Miss Bao Ngoc became known to the public when she won the 1st runner-up position at Miss World Vietnam 2022. Not long after, she represented Vietnam to participate in Miss Intercontinental 2022 and successfully won the crown. This is the first time a beauty from Vietnam has won the top position of this contest.

Miss Bao Ngocs family welcomed a new member, a victim of a mini apartment fire in Hanoi - Photo 6

In his new position, Bao Ngoc attracts attention when continuously participating in social and volunteer activities. Previously, in an interview after winning 1st runner-up, the Can Tho girl said: "I don't think I'm lacking anything to not be crowned. This title at this time is probably appropriate." for me. I believe in the judges' choices and perspectives. I have time to perfect and pursue my upcoming journey. Who knows, maybe I will have the opportunity to participate in another arena."

Miss Bao Ngocs family welcomed a new member, a victim of a mini apartment fire in Hanoi - Photo 7

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