Princess Ham Huong: The smell of a body part scared the Qianlong, only loved it for 1 night and then abandoned it.

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Ham Huong is known as a beautiful princess who always emits a flower-like fragrance, wherever she goes, butterflies follow her. But this beauty has a defect that makes King Qian Long only love 1 night.

In ancient times, there were 3 beauties possessing separate, extremely famous fragrances. The first was Tay Thi, she was donated by Viet King Gou Tien to Ngo Vuong Phu Sai. Phu Sai was captivated by the body fragrance of Tay Thi, who built a fragrant stream for her. Tay Thi is so fragrant that many historical records record that the bed in which this great beauty sleeps still retains the fragrance for up to 3 years after she left.

Another great beauty is Duong Quy Phi - Duong Ngoc Hoan also has a special body fragrance. Even the poet Ly Bach once wrote a poem praising Duong Quy Phi who has a fragrance like morning dew on flowers.

The third beauty with a special body fragrance is Dung Phi Hoa Trac Thi of Emperor Qian Long. Compared to the two beauties above, Dung Phi is most famous for her scent that overwhelms her flowers. The prototype of princess Ham Huong - who owns a fragrance that attracts all the butterflies around her in the movie "Hoan Chau Cach Cach" is Dung Phi.

Princess Ham Huong: The smell of a body part scared the Qianlong, only loved it for 1 night and then abandoned it. - Photo 1

Fragrant beauty is extremely beautiful

Like Princess Ham Huong, Dung Phi is from the Uighur ethnic group, surnamed Hoa Trac Thi. In the recorded history books, Dung Phi was extremely beautiful from a young age, her body was born with an extremely attractive scent, without the need for any fragrance.

Princess Ham Huong: The smell of a body part scared the Qianlong, only loved it for 1 night and then abandoned it. - Photo 2

In 1759, when the Qing Dynasty pacified the rebellion of Dai Tieu Hoa Trac, Qian Long mentioned those who had helped him to quell the rebellion. Among them is Dung Phi's family. The whole family was then summoned to the Forbidden City to hold a banquet and be crowned.

Thanks to Qianlong's virtue and also to show loyalty, the family decided to recommend Hoa Trac Thi to the palace. At this time, Hoa Trac Thi was 27 years old, compared to the beautiful concubines who entered the palace according to official standards, she was indeed older. However, thanks to her beautiful beauty, delicate body shape and attractive body scent, Hoa Trac Thi was immediately favored by Qian Long and named a noble.

Princess Ham Huong: The smell of a body part scared the Qianlong, only loved it for 1 night and then abandoned it. - Photo 3

Worth mentioning, the noble Hoa Trac is not only simply beautiful, has a natural fragrance, but also inherits the genes of a Uighur girl. She is beautiful, different, and very good at dancing and singing.

The weak and frail body as if boneless, the graceful and flexible neck like a noble white swan made Qian Long couldn't help but exclaim that Dung was a peerless beauty.

After that, the noble Hoa Trac advanced very quickly, in the palace for 3 years, he was promoted to concubine, 5 years was promoted to be a concubine, the third position among the concubines, called Dung concubine.

Princess Ham Huong: The smell of a body part scared the Qianlong, only loved it for 1 night and then abandoned it. - Photo 4

Worth mentioning, due to Qian Long's favor, even though she entered the palace, Dung Phi still kept her hometown style, wore national costumes, and ate food cooked by Uighur chefs. All this is enough to prove that Qian Long really loves Dung Phi and does not spare anything to please the beauty.

However, strangely, although Dung was blessed to heaven by Qianlong, lived to the age of 55, but never became pregnant. Why didn't Qianlong let her give birth to a child? Actually this involves a secret.

Ham Huong's hard-to-talk disease

Although Dung Phi's body has a very attractive scent, there is a part that smells so bad that Qianlong can't stand it. Even though she had a better appearance and manners than other concubines in the Qing imperial palace, Qianlong did not dare to continue to pamper her.

Princess Ham Huong: The smell of a body part scared the Qianlong, only loved it for 1 night and then abandoned it. - Photo 5

It turned out to be on her feet. Because she was born with such a smell, but because she usually wears very tight shoes, everyone can't smell this smell. When resting, taking a bath, going to bed, Dung Phi took off her shoes. Qian Long, when this concubine was impregnated, smelled the bad smell, so she couldn't stand it.

Since then, the Emperor no longer made love to her. However, even though she did not have s.ex with Dung Phi, Qian Long still extremely spoiled this beauty, treating her as one, regardless, hate. Only Dung Phi has a reputation of being loved, but she is cold alone.

Princess Ham Huong: The smell of a body part scared the Qianlong, only loved it for 1 night and then abandoned it. - Photo 6

It can be seen that no one is perfect. God is so fair, giving Dung Phi beauty and body fragrance, but it makes her a little flawed.

Dung Phi lived to 55 years old before she died. Since Concubine Dung's death, Emperor Qianlong has always mourned and, according to her will, distributed all the jewelry and gifts that she had accumulated to the concubines and Ge Ge in the palace. She was also interred in the royal palace.

Princess Ham Huong: The smell of a body part scared the Qianlong, only loved it for 1 night and then abandoned it. - Photo 7

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