Hien Ho "rioted" with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say?

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On recent forums, Hien Ho revealed a 10-minute-33-second clip, stimulating the curiosity of netizens. In response to the dizzying news being shared, Hien Hu's side has officially spoken.

Recently, social media was abuzz with information related to singer Hien Ho. Accordingly, many forums and groups posted information about "Hien Ho revealed the 10-minute-33-second clip". A series of status lines appeared like sentences aimed at arousing curiosity from netizen, taking advantage of interactive sentences such as "Clip HH 10p33s...". Currently, this status line is being shared and commented a lot by netizens, all of whom call HH name Hien Ho and ask for the link bluff.

Hien Ho rioted with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say? - Photo 1

Hien Ho rioted with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say? - Photo 2

In response to a series of false rumors, the singer's management has officially spoken out. Accordingly, singer Hien Ho's management denied leaking the clip, saying that the 10 minutes and 33 seconds clip here is her music video Meet but not stay .

"But these channels/groups/social media accounts post discussions named 'stimulating' curiosity, under the comment section seeding incorporates edited 'cool' images. Most of the instruction links are ads, how to play virtual money, or lure people to 'black' sites, forcing people to connect social media accounts to hack nicks and take over accounts", singer Hien Ho's management shared.

Hien Ho rioted with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say? - Photo 3

In the face of a series of false information being shared at a dizzying speed, singer Hien Ho's management expects the audience to be vigilant and careful with information that deliberately distorts navigation.

Hien Ho is known as a female singer with many hits in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Possessing a beautiful beauty and a clear, cold voice, Hien Ho also receives a lot of love because of her naïve personality when appearing on game shows.

Although quite secretive, Hien Ho's private life has also been involved in many scandals in the past, surprising many people. Remember 1 year ago, she was involved in a scandal with the U60 giant. Many pictures of Hien Ho and his "cousin" U60 were "leaked" on social networks. After this concussion, the singer apologized, and asked for tolerance from the audience. However, Hien Ho still faced a wave of boycotts from the public. After that, she also "stayed hidden" for a long time, before returning to showbiz recently.

Hien Ho rioted with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say? - Photo 4

Hien Ho's insistence on finding her way back to showbiz once again sparked a wave of boycotts from the audience. On social media, all posts related to Hien Ho received harsh criticism from the audience, partly showing that the department's anger towards the singer is still there.

After the debut of the MV "Crying in the club", the audience almost only saw Hien Ho practicing dancing by herself and pushing the cover trend on social media. Following the singer's fanpage, she barely saw any pictures of running the singing show again.

Hien Ho rioted with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say? - Photo 5

After many days of release, the official MV and dance version of Crying in the club received a series of "achievements" that were not very positive. Compared to Hien Ho at the time when the music was a hit or holding a series of hundreds of millions of view MVs, Hien Ho at the present time is clearly having a long slide that is difficult to hold.

From this, it can be seen the determination of the audience in the boycott of Hien Ho. It is not a trend, not a momentary outburst but has become a thought ingrained in the audience every time the name Hien Ho appears.

Hien Ho rioted with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say? - Photo 6

Earlier, many concerts had to be canceled because the audience strongly opposed Hien Ho's presence. For a long time, the singer hardly had a show, did not appear on TV nor appeared in any brand campaigns.

After the noise, the number of people who opposed Hien Ho was too large, completely overwhelming the small community of people who still admire the singer. This is the biggest barrier if Hien Ho wants to return to showbiz, because in fact, very few shows or events have the courage to invite the singer to perform.

Hien Ho rioted with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say? - Photo 7

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