Hoa Minzy revealed her pregnancy suspicion, fans suddenly shouted Van Toan's name, how did the insiders react?

Hoa Tuyết10:48 26/09/2023

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When rumored to be pregnant for the second time, Hoa Minzy did not hesitate to respond immediately. The "key fight" between the female singer and her fans quickly attracted the attention of many netizens.

The incident stemmed from the fact that Hoa Minzy wore a baggy outfit with her close friends to attend and congratulate football player Tran Dinh Trong. Appearing here, singer Thi Mau wore a pure white flowing dress. Simple long loose hair combined with gentle makeup creates a harmonious, eye-catching overall look.

Hoa Minzy revealed her pregnancy suspicion, fans suddenly shouted Van Toans name, how did the insiders react? - Photo 1

It is also this outfit that makes people think that she is deliberately wearing it to hide her plump waist. Accordingly, an account left a comment under a photo of the female singer at the Vietnamese football player's wedding: "I heard rumors that Hoa was pregnant, but lately I've been wearing loose clothes, so confused."

Responding to netizens' questions, Hoa Minzy immediately spoke up: "Oh my god! I have one wardrobe, I've been wearing it for a long time." This response shows that the female singer wearing baggy dresses is because of her personal preference and has existed for a long time. At the same time, this is also a denial of rumors of a second pregnancy from her side.

Hoa Minzy revealed her pregnancy suspicion, fans suddenly shouted Van Toans name, how did the insiders react? - Photo 2

In fact, this is not the first time the Bac Ninh singer has been questioned about her pregnancy. Facing public speculation, Hoa Minzy admitted that because she has a heart for eating, she easily gains weight. Maybe that's why the audience thought she was pregnant. In response to the suspicions, the female singer denied them all.

Recently, the mother of one child suddenly received enthusiastic support from the people towards player Nguyen Van Toan. Because not long ago, when the striker was still in Korea playing for Seoul E-land Club, Hoa Minzy suddenly appeared to celebrate his birthday.

Hoa Minzy revealed her pregnancy suspicion, fans suddenly shouted Van Toans name, how did the insiders react? - Photo 3

Not only that, the two also took intimate photos wearing matching sandals. Furthermore, Van Toan spoke up: "I have the same pair of sandals as you. If I wear them, it could turn into a double date. Explosion." This makes netizens believe that Hoa Minzy and the guy are in an "ambiguous" relationship.

However, right after that, the player born in 1996 "turned around" quickly, making the fans dizzy: "Dating with a friend. Nauseated. Don't dare to imagine." In fact, Van Toan and Hoa Minzy have been close friends for a decade. Their friendship started when the singer Turn on Love Len dated Cong Phuong, who is also Van Toan's close brother at HAGL Club and Vietnam National Team. At this time, Hoa Minzy was also quite close to the 9x striker's girlfriend.

Hoa Minzy revealed her pregnancy suspicion, fans suddenly shouted Van Toans name, how did the insiders react? - Photo 4

Having been in love for a while, Cong Phuong and Hoa Minzy "went their separate ways" but Van Toan still kept in touch and became close with the female singer. She also often shows support for her new friend by being present to cheer him on during matches, or taking little Bo to visit Van Toan at the location where the Vietnam National Team is stationed. As for the Hai Duong-born striker, he also enthusiastically promoted his close friend's music products.

Reuniting at Dinh Trong's wedding on September 24 in Hanoi, Hoa Minzy and Van Toan once again caused a fever with an extremely intimate photo taken together. The two were immediately commented as a "beautiful couple" and netizens actively "pushed the boat", hoping that the talented and beautiful girl could develop from a 10-year friendship into love between a boy and a girl.

Hoa Minzy revealed her pregnancy suspicion, fans suddenly shouted Van Toans name, how did the insiders react? - Photo 5

Despite the sinking of the boat, Van Toan still affirmed: "This couple only plays comedy, they are not a good couple." When an acquaintance asked for hidden meaning, the 9x striker frankly said that there would never be a story that he and Hoa Minzy would be a couple. This is not the first time Van Toan has cleverly refused to "push the boat" with his beautiful friend.

Returning to Hoa Minzy, despite her career success, the singer's love life has encountered many obstacles. She and young master Minh Hai were once a couple with a dreamlike love story that was admired by many people.

Hoa Minzy revealed her pregnancy suspicion, fans suddenly shouted Van Toans name, how did the insiders react? - Photo 6

It seemed like the two would be happy together forever, but in the end they chose to break up, making the public feel sad. Currently, perhaps Hoa Minzy has regained her spirit after the breakup of her deep love affair.

It can be seen that this time the female singer is focusing on work and taking care of her children, and is not ready for a new relationship. Hoa Minzy also said that living happily and peacefully with her son is enough for now.

Hoa Minzy revealed her pregnancy suspicion, fans suddenly shouted Van Toans name, how did the insiders react? - Photo 7

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