Huong Giang was speechless and speechless when Ho Ngoc Ha 'criticized' to her face: 'Ungraceful'

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Once angry with Huong Giang when the transgender beauty eliminated strong contestants from her team in previous issues, recently, Ha Ho had the opportunity to take revenge with sarcastic comments that made many people happy.

On the evening of September 22, the most attractive television program today "The New Mentor" continued to receive great attention from the online community. In addition to gathering many famous and familiar faces, "The New Mentor" also brings together a lot of drama and tense "talking" scenes between mentors.

If in previous episodes, Huong Giang's team always had the upper hand, then in this episode, Cao Ngan and Khloé Phuong Nguyen, Huong Giang's team and Cao Ngan, Khloé Phuong Nguyen's Thanh Hang team, entered the danger zone.

Huong Giang was speechless and speechless when Ho Ngoc Ha criticized to her face: Ungraceful - Photo 1

However, this time, Pharmacist Tien decided to break the rules, not asking questions as usual, but directly using his right to save candidates to save Mai Ngo. Although he knew he had been "hit by Thanh Hang's trick", Pharmacist Tien affirmed his opinion that Mai Ngo did not deserve to be eliminated in this episode.

It was Pharmacist Tien's decision that made Huong Giang angry. She said that Thanh Hang knew clearly that no one wanted to eliminate Mai Ngo, so in order not to lose more contestants, Thanh Hang put Mai Ngo into the qualifying round to "play tricks". Huong Giang believes that because Pharmacist Tien himself is respectful and afraid of the audience's evaluation, he will not dare to eliminate strong candidates.

Huong Giang was speechless and speechless when Ho Ngoc Ha criticized to her face: Ungraceful - Photo 2

Although Huong Giang was somewhat upset because she thought that Pharmacist Tien would keep Mai Ngo to eliminate her contestant. Just as Thanh Hang and everyone predicted, Pharmacist Tien used his power to save Mai Ngo and Tuong Van from team Thanh Hang and eliminated two contestants from team Huong Giang, Khloé Phuong Nguyen and Cao Ngan.

The elimination of two contestants from Huong Giang team made senior Ho Ngoc Ha secretly happy. Not only that, Ha Ho also sided with her juniors when congratulating the transgender beauty for helping her eliminate 2/6 players. Because in the final episodes, many contestants have no chance of winning.

Huong Giang was speechless and speechless when Ho Ngoc Ha criticized to her face: Ungraceful - Photo 3

The loss of two contestants at once made Huong Giang bitter, the transgender queen started to stir up war by acting this way and that to create drama causing the mentors to fight with each other. Huong Giang expressed her attitude: "Last time I only eliminated one contestant of Ms. Ho Ngoc Ha, she was so angry. Today, she eliminated two of my contestants but I still accepted it very calmly, unable to stand it. hot like you always do."

Huong Giang was speechless and speechless when Ho Ngoc Ha criticized to her face: Ungraceful - Photo 4

Grasping Huong Giang's dark plot, Ho Ngoc Ha showed her senior bravery as well as her wisdom and proactively teased her juniors first. Accordingly, Ho Ngoc Ha sarcastically made the transgender singer speechless : "Now I have to thank you, instead of getting angry over there. 6 people on the cover of the magazine are still in a daze, are they going to the finals to die?".

In particular, the saying "It's ungrateful to be angry at this hour" for Huong Giang became the focus of the show. In just a short time, this saying has appeared heavily on social networks, causing the online community to talk and discuss heatedly.

Huong Giang was speechless and speechless when Ho Ngoc Ha criticized to her face: Ungraceful - Photo 5

Some netizens have expressed their feelings about Ho Ngoc Ha's words for Huong Giang: "As expected of the big sister, Huong Giang has made her hometown sag, there is nothing left to say", "It can only be Ho Ngoc Ha made Huong Giang speechless", "Hey, let's set up this drama, now let's spray glue", "Hey, let's trigger this drama, it's already saggy. Let's see what else can be said",....

Some people also think that Huong Giang was scared after being taught by Ho Ngoc Ha in the previous episode. She did not dare to continue creating tricks when the voice of "Lonely on the sofa" extinguished her right from the first sentence.

Huong Giang was speechless and speechless when Ho Ngoc Ha criticized to her face: Ungraceful - Photo 6

In addition to Ho Ngoc Ha's flirting with Huong Giang, some viewers also observed that the two "big sisters" Thanh Hang and Ho Ngoc Ha also joined hands to take revenge for Huong Giang's actions that eliminated the contestant. before. In this episode, after a convincing victory, Ho Ngoc Ha has full authority to decide the fate of who is eliminated and who stays to continue.

Huong Giang was speechless and speechless when Ho Ngoc Ha criticized to her face: Ungraceful - Photo 7

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