Khoa Pug's YouTube channel has had a big change this week: The old Pug faculty is back?

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It has been more than a year for netizens to see this on Khoa Pug's YouTube channel.

Last night, February 28, Khoa Pug continued to post a new vlog in the series of vlogs eating and drinking with friends in the US. The new clip content has nothing to say, but its appearance marks a milestone that has not appeared on Khoa Pug's YouTube channel for a long time. Specifically, this is the third video on Khoa Pug's channel in just the past week - the frequency of posting clips was only when Khoa Pug was still in Vietnam.

Khoa Pug's YouTube channel has had a big change this week: The old Pug faculty is back? - Photo 1

Vlog to eat hot pot with family and friends in Orange County by Khoa Pug. The male vlogger is having a good time in the US.

Khoa Pug's YouTube channel has had a big change this week: The old Pug faculty is back? - Photo 2

Looking back 1 week back, this is the 3rd vlog that was posted more than 2 days after the last vlog.

Khoa Pug's productivity clip posting speed has caught the attention of many fans, because since coming to the US to study and travel until now, Khoa Pug usually only posts 1 video/week. In some sensitive dramas, the male vlogger even disappeared, leaving the channel covered with dust for 3 weeks. Many fans also think about bad situations that happen to male vloggers because they disappear for too long, maybe just thinking too much.

The productivity of 3 clips/week was only seen when Khoa Pug was still in Vietnam, about 2 years ago. Therefore, many netizens happily declared: The old Khoa Pug is back. More clips mean more content for followers to admire and update the life of male vloggers in the US. According to some sources, Khoa Pug once "teased" about returning to Vietnam soon after exploring all the states in the US.

Leaving behind the whole drama, recently, Khoa Pug's vlogs only regularly share about life in the country and food reviews. In particular, besides luxury dishes such as Canadian crab, lobster..., Khoa Pug was also treated to a Vietnamese country dish that few expected to appear in the US. That's the dish... crab hotpot. It seems that, despite living far from Vietnam, Khoa Pug also often eats Vietnamese food!

Remember in April 2021, Khoa Pug suddenly announced to the US in the middle of the epidemic season, causing people to stir.

Accordingly, the male vlogger wants to study in the US to be fluent in English, to introduce Vietnam comprehensively from history, geography, beautiful scenery, culture, cuisine... to international friends. At the same time, Khoa Pug also wants to strengthen his language ability to make traveling abroad in the future more convenient, convenient for communication and learning.

Khoa Pug's YouTube channel has had a big change this week: The old Pug faculty is back? - Photo 3

Khoa Pug shared that he did not study English in Vietnam because he wanted to develop in the right environment. In the country, no matter how good the English language school has been, but when going out in life, communicating with relatives and friends is still in Vietnamese. Thus, the ability to receive will be limited. When coming to the US, life is isolated, around 100% using English, so it will give learners a mindset of not only language but also habits and lifestyle.

It is known that the tuition fee for Pug Faculty's English communication course is 600 million. But on this trip, he brought 10 billion to study, experience culture, and travel..., with the desire to turn Khoa Pug's chanel into an international channel.

The reason given by Khoa Pug about going to the US to study English made the majority of the audience convinced.

It is not known what the current English level of Khoa Pug is, but it can be seen that since arriving in the United States, male Youtubers have only encountered "sad stories". The climax is the noise with "jewelry king" Johnny Dang.

Khoa Pug's YouTube channel has had a big change this week: The old Pug faculty is back? - Photo 4

At that time, the case of Khoa Pug posting a forum accusing Johnny Dang of cheating himself with an amount of VND 35 billion received the attention of netizens. After that, Khoa Pug continued to post a clip recounting the details of the incident and asking for help from the online community because his life was threatened.

On the contrary, Johnny Dang's side confirmed that between the three parties, Johnny Dang - Khoa Pug - DBZ team had a promise of long-term cooperation. It was the Youtuber who broke his promise. Not only did he not follow the plan, but Khoa Pug also cut off contact with Johnny Dang and spoke only through Vuong Pham. The diamond tycoon said that he called but Khoa Pug did not answer the phone and refused to talk.

After all the noise, Khoa Pug declared "not filming, collaborating with anyone". Meanwhile, Johnny Dang is still working and preparing to launch a new version of the virtual currency.

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