Miss Grand International 2023: Revealing the identity of 2 Latin queens to Vietnam to confront Hoang Phuong

Bình Minh19:54 14/09/2023

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The "race" to conquer the prestigious crown of Miss Grand International 2023 is gradually hotter than ever, as representatives of countries have gradually revealed. These include Paraguay and Panama.

Paraguay's representative at Miss Peace International 2023 is beauty Maelia Salcines. The 28-year-old was born in the city of Fernando de la Mora, in the central region of Paraguay. Since childhood, the queen was adopted by a Cuban-American couple and settled in the United States with her family.

Miss Grand International 2023: Revealing the identity of 2 Latin queens to Vietnam to confront Hoang Phuong - Photo 1

Throughout her career journey, the young girl trained as a model and makeup artist. Maelia Salcines is considered to have impressive beauty pageant experience. She participated in the Miss Texas USA pageant and won the 3rd runner-up and the "Friendly Beauty" award. She also competed in Reinas del Paraguay 2022 (Miss Universe Paraguay) and won the "Best Skinned Beauty" sub-award.

Once she was famous in the US, she wanted to fulfill her dream of representing her homeland and registered for the Beauty Queen pageant with the desire to become Miss Universe Paraguay. Despite failing to win the title, the young woman did not give up and participated in Miss Grand Paraguay 2023 on behalf of the Paraguayan community.

Miss Grand International 2023: Revealing the identity of 2 Latin queens to Vietnam to confront Hoang Phuong - Photo 2

With her efforts and dedication, Salcines was crowned the highest position in early April this year and won the ticket to represent Paraguay in the Miss Grand International contest to be held in Vietnam next October.

After winning the noble crown, the queen was deeply moved to recall how she decided to fight for her dream of representing the world fighting nation. "Many Paraguayans have contacted me and encouraged me to continue fighting for my dream of representing Paraguay. Today, finally, I did.

The support that the country has given me means a lot to me. It's a blessing and I'm grateful to receive so much love from everyone," Maelia Salcines said.

To be able to enter the international competition, Maelia Salcines still has a long way to go, talking about her preparation before the competition, she shared: "I will prepare myself mentally and physically to be able to complete the challenges of the competition."

Miss Grand International 2023: Revealing the identity of 2 Latin queens to Vietnam to confront Hoang Phuong - Photo 3

Maelia Salcines also stressed that winning the Miss Grand title is the expectation of her hometown people and she will do everything possible to raise Paraguay's name in the international beauty arena.

"I get very emotional every time I remember the moment they crowned me. My new goal is to bring the second golden crown back to the country," she said.

The new Miss Peace Paraguay is the co-founder of Mental Monarchs, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending stigma related to mental health. She has also published children's books, educating children and families about depression and anxiety.

Miss Grand International 2023: Revealing the identity of 2 Latin queens to Vietnam to confront Hoang Phuong - Photo 4

Notably, last year, Paraguay's representative at Miss Grand International 2022, beauty Agatha Leon, entered the top 20. In 2018, they won the contest with the achievement of the beauty Clara Sosa. Therefore, Paraguay is considered a strong sash in the Miss Peace arena.

About Panama, the beauty Julia Marina Leong will represent at this year's contest. Accordingly, the Miss Peace Panama organization has just adopted their official page to announce the appointment of Julia Leong as the new Miss Grand Panama 2023 and is currently preparing to represent her country at Miss Grand International 2023.

Miss Grand International 2023: Revealing the identity of 2 Latin queens to Vietnam to confront Hoang Phuong - Photo 5

Julia, 26, graduated with a bachelor's degree in Finance and International Business. The beauty is currently an entrepreneur and pursues a master's degree in Project Management at ADEN International Business School.

Besides, the queen also actively participates as a volunteer in the national association against cancer, the Joven Panama Foundation and cares about the environment, because she wants to be served and ready to serve the community. Julia is also an entrepreneur, athlete and leader. Not a newcomer to the pageant, she won the title of Queen of the Panama Carnival 2020 and was a contestant of Miss Panama.

Miss Grand International 2023: Revealing the identity of 2 Latin queens to Vietnam to confront Hoang Phuong - Photo 6

The 11th Miss Grand International will be held on October 25, 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This is the second time Vietnam has hosted this contest, the first time was in 2017 at Vinpearl Convention Center, Phu Quoc Island.

Miss Grand International 2023: Revealing the identity of 2 Latin queens to Vietnam to confront Hoang Phuong - Photo 7

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