Miss Universe announced shockingly, Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang are expected to "wrap up" to fight internationally

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Recently, the organizers of Miss Universe caused a stir when they suddenly announced that women of all ages can register to participate in the contest.

"Miss Universe will remove all age restrictions for contestants. This change will apply starting in 2024 on a global scale. From now on, every adult woman in the world has the right to register for Miss Universe," the statement said.

Miss Universe announced shockingly, Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang are expected to wrap up to fight internationally - Photo 1

As soon as the news was announced, crowds of beauty fans expressed their excitement that this is a positive and necessary change for the pageant. Some fans also immediately dreamed of the prospect of Ho Ngoc Ha or Thanh Hang representing Vietnam to fight in the Miss Universe arena.

Miss Universe announced shockingly, Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang are expected to wrap up to fight internationally - Photo 2

Miss Universe announced shockingly, Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang are expected to wrap up to fight internationally - Photo 3

However, many people say this scenario is unlikely. Because both Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang have a strong position in showbiz as well as many different goals in work and life. Participating in a beauty pageant with them is something that definitely never thought about or cared about.

Besides, many other names in showbiz are also interested by beauty fans such as Lan Khue, Minh Tu, Thuy Van, Contra Thuy ... They are all beautiful, talented beauties, with outstanding international competition achievements and completely suitable for the Miss Universe playground.

On the other hand, in recent days, the news that JKN Global Group Plc (JKN) - the company of transgender billionaire Anne Jakrakutatip is at risk of default due to the continuous decline in stock prices has attracted many people's attention.

After the information was published in the Bangkok Post, many international beauty forums reported that the Miss Universe 2023 pageant is in danger of being canceled or postponed to next year due to Anne Jakrakutatip's lack of financial resources.

Miss Universe announced shockingly, Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang are expected to wrap up to fight internationally - Photo 4

In response to this information, Anne denied it on her personal page. "Every article without interviewing executives, including myself, is intended to be slanderous," Anne wrote.

The billionaire also asked the public to listen and absorb information directly from JKN to have true messages, not distorted, malicious statements.

Soon after, the Miss Universe organizers also announced that the Miss Universe 2023 pageant will still be held as planned.

"JKN has confirmed that the 72nd Miss Universe pageant will still be held on November 18 in El Salvador. We attach great importance to creating priceless experiences for beauty fans and look forward to becoming an organization that empowers women worldwide," the statement said.

Organizers said JKN and the Miss Universe organization are ready to welcome contestants and fans through their broadcast partners in more than 100 countries around the world.

In particular, the transgender billionaire's company also ensures its commitment to maintaining the grandeur and splendor of the Miss Universe stage in the 2023 season as previously announced.

Miss Universe announced shockingly, Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang are expected to wrap up to fight internationally - Photo 5

In 2022, Anne and JKN reached an agreement to buy the Miss Universe pageant business (co-owned by former US President Donald Trump from 1996-2002) for about $ 20 million.

After taking over, Anne moved to raise the royalties and is said to have raked in millions of dollars from companies around the world. In Indonesia, the prestigious organization Puteri Indonesia said it was willing to pay 10 times the old price but still lost the copyright to other entities.

Miss Universe announced shockingly, Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang are expected to wrap up to fight internationally - Photo 6

However, Anne's copyright auction policy has also received much criticism. The billionaire is said to be looking for ways to commercialize the competition for profit. Some longtime copyright holders in other countries decided to give up participating in the Miss Universe playground.

In Vietnam, the copyright of Miss Universe held by Unimedia since 2008 must be transferred to another party, after more than 15 years of holding, to send a representative of the Miss Universe contest. Currently, the new copyright holder also holds a contest to select representatives to attend Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador.

Miss Universe announced shockingly, Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang are expected to wrap up to fight internationally - Photo 7

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