The "tiny" bride, weighing only 20kg, got married thanks to social networks, the mother's words made fans' hearts flutter.

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The love story of a girl with a "special" appearance quickly received a lot of attention from the online community. Many people expressed respect and admiration for her will.

The tiny bride, weighing only 20kg, got married thanks to social networks, the mothers words made fans hearts flutter. - Photo 1

These days, Pham Thanh's hometown, located in Loc An commune, Long Thanh, Dong Nai, becomes bustling and more vibrant than ever before the wedding of the "tiny" girl weighing 20 kg Pham Thanh attracted. the attention of netizens.

Many friends and relatives came to congratulate and give good wishes to this couple. They all understand that to be as happy as she is today, bride Pham Thanh had to overcome many difficulties and difficult challenges in her life.

It is known that Thanh, in his 20s, is only 1m2 tall and weighs 20kg. Due to having a cleft palate since childhood, Thanh has difficulty communicating. Compared to her peers, the girl becomes smaller and weaker. Mrs. Lien, Thanh's mother, shared about the day her daughter was born with unspeakable sadness:

"When I was pregnant, I went to antenatal care and had all the tests done, but there were no signs of concern. When Thanh was born, some nurses realized that my child had a cleft palate. . I remember them taking the baby away and Thanh's grandmother took care of her kindly, but they couldn't tell me the truth. After 3 days, I learned about my daughter's condition, that she no arms, cleft lip, cleft palate, only one nostril. I had to breastfeed my child every drop of milk, and at that time, even my father almost fainted before that painful truth." , Ms. Lien - Thanh's mother choked up recounted.

The tiny bride, weighing only 20kg, got married thanks to social networks, the mothers words made fans hearts flutter. - Photo 2

A neighbor also said: "She's tiny but very gentle! She was born with congenital heart disease, cleft palate and only has one arm.

We here thought the baby would not survive because there was no way she could drink milk. Yet he has a strong will to live, and is now very agile and witty."

When Thanh was about 8 months old, Mrs. Lien registered Thanh to participate in the charity lip repair program at Children's Hospital 1. After a successful surgery, Thanh was able to eat and drink milk like other normal children. .

However, when Thanh was 4 years old, she had to be hospitalized again for heart surgery. Throughout her childhood, Thanh had to spend many vacations in the hospital, combined with continuing to take medication and frequently connected to needles.

Even though she was constantly sick, Thanh was a girl with extraordinary determination. In studying, Thanh always tries his best, overcoming low self-esteem and guilt to excel. The Thanh Dynasty is currently leasing it as a teaching location. Every day, Thanh helps her mother cook lunch and take care of the children's sleep.

At the beginning of the story, Thanh shared: "I am called a "tiny" girl by people in the area. I also like that nickname because it is true to my physical condition. Currently I stay at home to help my mother take care of the children. The student stays for lunch: eats, drinks, and rests.

Work for healthy people will be leisurely, but for me it is not simple at all. But I can try, as long as the children see that I take care of them thoughtfully and conscientiously."

The tiny bride, weighing only 20kg, got married thanks to social networks, the mothers words made fans hearts flutter. - Photo 3

Having said that, Thanh turned to the woman with a gentle face and gray hair and introduced her as her mother, who worked as a housekeeper at an elementary school near her home.

Talking about the love story of Thanh and her fiancé, Thanh said she had a quick love story during the Covid-19 outbreak. In her free time, Thanh decided to go on social networks to find some entertainment and make friends with many people. Unexpectedly, her life would change because of a coincidence.

As if by accident, Thanh received a text message from a guy named Minh, 20 years old, also a friend from the same hometown of Dong Nai. At first, the conversation was just polite questions about the epidemic situation and daily life. However, day by day, they felt closer and began to share their true thoughts and feelings.

The tiny bride, weighing only 20kg, got married thanks to social networks, the mothers words made fans hearts flutter. - Photo 4

Minh is a tall and handsome guy, not only attracted to Thanh by his appearance but also by his warm soul and sympathy. They have gradually become special friends, always ready to listen and encourage when needed. Text conversations have become an important part of their daily lives.

When the Covid-19 epidemic gradually subsided and life began to return to normal, Thanh and Minh decided to meet in real life. The first meeting is not only a connection from social networks, but also a meeting full of emotions and happiness. Thanh and Minh realize that their feelings have developed into a special relationship, and they don't want to miss this opportunity.

With time, Thanh and Minh's love continued to grow and grow stronger. Although they were initially just friends chatting online, they turned their meeting into a beautiful and meaningful love story.

The tiny bride, weighing only 20kg, got married thanks to social networks, the mothers words made fans hearts flutter. - Photo 5

After a few meetings, Thanh had to admit that she had special feelings for a boy of the same age, Minh. She did not hesitate to express her admiration: "Minh always knows how to turn words into actions, that's really impressive." After nearly half a year of dating, Minh decided to bring Thanh back to meet his mother to meet her.

Although Thanh's mother, Mrs. Lien, did not stop her, she always advised her daughter: "I told her not to get too deep, because all parents are like that. Even if I had a healthy son, I wouldn't want her to know someone like that." . Despite the difficulties that may come, Thanh confidently declared that they will both try their best to build a happy family, and then they will consider having children. Criticism from outside does not affect them, because for them, personal happiness and time will be the final proof of the correctness of this love. On September 24, Thanh will get on the bus. flowers to her husband's house.

The tiny bride, weighing only 20kg, got married thanks to social networks, the mothers words made fans hearts flutter. - Photo 6

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