Ngoc Chau - Phuong Anh: Expected to be crowned, but unexpectedly out of the top and a valuable lesson!

Hoàng Phúc10:53 16/01/2023

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The same two queens received a lot of fans' expectations at the contest they participated in, but at Miss International 2022 and Miss Universe 2022 - Phuong Anh and Ngoc Chau both stopped inexplicably, stopping on the doorstep. heaven while it seemed possible to reach the crown very close.

Phuong Anh was crowned 1st runner-up at Miss Vietnam 2020, she was trusted to represent the country in the 60-year-old beauty arena - Miss International, in the expectation and expectation of bringing back the crown. first crown. That belief is not coincidental, the beauty born in 1998 besides possessing sweet beauty also makes fans admire with her huge academic achievements - she is one of the beloved queens in Vietnam. Love is not because of looks but from knowledge, genuine personality and humor, closeness.

Ngoc Chau - Phuong Anh: Expected to be crowned, but unexpectedly out of the top and a valuable lesson! - Photo 1

Coming to Miss International 2022, through training for 2 years with careful preparation and support from the Golden Lotus team, Phuong Anh is considered a warrior of a thousand blood for this "beauty Olympics". Continuously scoring with the judges from flute-playing to Japanese-language shooting on television in front of the mayor of Osaka, trusted by the members of the contest team to act as the group's leader and commented with positive comments. wings, all creating a pink curtain for the beautiful prospect that our audience has always dreamed of - a crown worn on the head of a Vietnamese girl.

Ngoc Chau - Phuong Anh: Expected to be crowned, but unexpectedly out of the top and a valuable lesson! - Photo 2

However, the performance skills of the beauties born in 1998 were only rated at a good level, while the representatives of other countries were quite strong in this part.

In the outer round, the judges judged the contestants mainly in terms of catwalks and performances, while Phuong Anh's strong point was the interview.

Ngoc Chau - Phuong Anh: Expected to be crowned, but unexpectedly out of the top and a valuable lesson! - Photo 3

Ngoc Chau - Phuong Anh: Expected to be crowned, but unexpectedly out of the top and a valuable lesson! - Photo 4

Therefore, when the beauty could not be shown, the beauty was eliminated, many people think that the interview is not all that the contest needs, because the beauty arena is still important first of all, body and performance skills. , "burn" the stage.

Similarly, the reigning Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 Ngoc Chau also regretfully ended her journey to conquer the "universal dream" when empty-handed at Miss Universe 2022. During the process of participating in the pageant, she regretted demonstrate the outstanding effort to become a true beauty queen. She reconciles both performance and behavior at this playground, but that is not all that Miss Universe needs.

Ngoc Chau - Phuong Anh: Expected to be crowned, but unexpectedly out of the top and a valuable lesson! - Photo 5

The beauty of Tay Ninh did not fail to perform well at the contest, however, when facing many strong opponents, the charm and shine of the queen gradually faded. With Ngoc Chau's failure at Miss Universe 2022, it is also the time when Vietnamese beauty needs to look at it as a whole to bring the strongest warriors to the world.

Accordingly, many views believe that the most necessary thing now is to reform the system of judges, who hold the balance to select the Chinese and runner-up titles in the country. Leaders with expertise and broad vision will position Vietnamese beauty in a correct and objective way. This is extremely necessary to enhance the beauty of Vietnamese women on the international map.

Ngoc Chau - Phuong Anh: Expected to be crowned, but unexpectedly out of the top and a valuable lesson! - Photo 6

Second, representative training needs a clear system. Over the years, the trend of Miss Universe has changed to no longer simply a contest of encroaching models, they observe and comprehensively evaluate contestants on many criteria. In which, community activities and inspirational projects have great influence.

Not all Miss Universe Vietnam contestants always have strong people, but when there are strong candidates in the criteria, they must be recognized and properly invested. Not only investing and focusing attention on how to design and layout makeup, but Vietnamese representatives need more of a bold personality in the international arena.

Ngoc Chau - Phuong Anh: Expected to be crowned, but unexpectedly out of the top and a valuable lesson! - Photo 7

It can be said that the Vietnamese audience does not have to put too high expectations on Phuong Anh or Ngoc Chau, but in both girls possessing the ability to make fans believe they can make things happen. However, stopping at the competition does not mean that their ability is weak. It only reflects the current form of the moment, in the future the two queens will surely be even more successful with their choices.

Ngoc Chau - Phuong Anh: Expected to be crowned, but unexpectedly out of the top and a valuable lesson! - Photo 8

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