Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai made a shocking decision with the male shipper to save 10 people in a mini apartment fire

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In recent days, a mini apartment fire on Khuong Ha street, Hanoi has made public opinion sad. The fire has been extinguished since dawn on September 14, but the pain it left behind is still too great, smoldering in the hearts of the victims.

Currently, everyone is still trying to join hands to support those who remain to overcome difficulties and continue their lives. Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai also has his own way to contribute.

Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai made a shocking decision with the male shipper to save 10 people in a mini apartment fire - Photo 1

Recently, this "charity man" confirmed that he would take care of the male shipper who bravely threw himself into the fire to save 10 people in an apartment fire. Sharing on his personal page, Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai wrote: "I took Nguyen Dang Van - who saved 10 victims in the recent mini apartment fire - to dinner with two distance running champions. 42,195 km are Hoang Nguyen Thanh and Bui The Anh.

Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai made a shocking decision with the male shipper to save 10 people in a mini apartment fire - Photo 2

Van agreed to come to Saigon to live with my family. He will go to college and start running 42,195 km under the guidance of two champions. Hope everything will go well with Van. Everyone wants you to have a better future!".

Previously, Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai also offered to support Mr. Nguyen Dang Van. He promised to give Mr. Van a new motorbike if his current one was stolen.

Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai made a shocking decision with the male shipper to save 10 people in a mini apartment fire - Photo 3

Besides, he also expressed that he wanted Van to drive for his family, wanted Van to have a job suitable to his qualifications or wanted to be trained so he could have better job opportunities. He willingly wanted to support this young man. Mr. Hai affirmed: "Because I believe that this child's "résumé" is beyond excellent."

Finally, after a day of deliberation, Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai and Nguyen Dang Van met in Hanoi. With Mr. Van's consent, Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai will welcome him to Ho Chi Minh City to help with his future.

In response to Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai's humane action, many people left comments:

- Great, Mr. Hai, Van will soon have a better stepping stone towards the open future ahead.

- Whatever you do with your heart, the results are always worth it. Congratulations Nguyen Dang Van, I hope the next days will be less difficult.

- Mr. Hai is very timely in honoring the example of good people. So happy, good people met each other!

Regarding the incident, the Hanoi Party Committee Office recently issued notice No. 1337-TB/TU, conveying the conclusions of the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee on the work of directing and overcoming the consequences of the fire. 9-storey mini apartment building in Khuong Dinh ward (Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi) happened on the night of September 12.

The Standing Committee of the City Party Committee commented that this was "a particularly serious and very unfortunate incident, causing serious consequences and damage to people's lives and property".

Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai made a shocking decision with the male shipper to save 10 people in a mini apartment fire - Photo 4

The Standing Committee of the City Party Committee praised the functional forces and people who were present promptly to fight fires, rescue, provide first aid, emergency care, identify the deceased, encourage morale, and provide material support. materials and accommodation for victims.

To overcome the consequences of the fire and continue to do a good job of fire and explosion prevention, the City Party Committee's Standing Committee requires all levels of the City to strictly implement Telegram 796/CD-TTg, dated September 13, 2023 of the Prime Minister. Prime Minister; Continue to thoroughly grasp and implement well the directives, resolutions and plans of the Central and City on fire prevention and fighting...

Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai made a shocking decision with the male shipper to save 10 people in a mini apartment fire - Photo 5

In particular, priority should be given to overcoming the consequences of the fire, doing a good job of rescue work, coordinating with the families of victims to bury the deceased, ensuring public safety, social security, and stabilizing thought and life for people. people.

The notice also requires all levels of the city to do a good job of propaganda, dissemination, and education of laws and skills on fire and explosion prevention, creating strong changes in awareness, consciousness, and responsibility of officials and the party. members and people from all walks of life on fire prevention and fighting.

"The Standing Committee of the City Party Committee will direct and consider handling the responsibility of the leader if lax management allows fires or explosions to occur in their localities, agencies and units" - the notice stated.

Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai made a shocking decision with the male shipper to save 10 people in a mini apartment fire - Photo 6

In particular, the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee assigned the Party Committee of the City People's Committee to direct the development of support policies for those affected by the above fire to submit to the Standing Committee of the People's Council and the People's Council for decision according to their authority.

The city supports 50 million VND/death and 30 million VND/injured person. In addition, continue to mobilize support from other socialization sources of cities, districts, wards, social organizations, agencies and units...

Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai made a shocking decision with the male shipper to save 10 people in a mini apartment fire - Photo 7

In addition, the City also supports rent at 6 million VND/household (for households), 1.5 million VND/person/month for students, workers, and renters (or sharing apartments). households) (support per individual), support period is 6 months.

Full support for hospital expenses for people injured in the fire who must be treated at the hospital. Support money to buy books and school supplies for children of families affected by the fire, 5 million VND/child and other support if the family needs (support for cremation fees...). Financial support to care for orphans is 100 million VND/child.

Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai made a shocking decision with the male shipper to save 10 people in a mini apartment fire - Photo 8

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