Discovered something strange in a mini apartment fire: There were 4 fire extinguishers but only 1 was used, why?

Kim Lâm11:46 21/09/2023

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According to a notice from Hanoi Police, among the 4 fire extinguishers sent for inspection, 3 were unused and 1 was used. So the reason why not use the remaining 3 fire extinguishers is also a question that many people wonder about.

The fire at mini apartment building No. 37, Lane 29/70, Khuong Ha Street, Khuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi killed 56 people and injured 37 people, making it the fire that caused the most loss of life in the past 21 years. . Besides condolences to the victims and their families, many people are also interested in the cause of the fire, as well as what to do when a fire unfortunately occurs.

Discovered something strange in a mini apartment fire: There were 4 fire extinguishers but only 1 was used, why? - Photo 1

On September 19, the Institute of Criminal Science of the Ministry of Public Security issued a conclusion examining the cause of the fire at house number 37, lane 29/70, Khuong Ha street, Thanh Xuan district.

According to the inspection conclusion, the fire's starting point was located in the area adjacent to the southern wall, about 2.3 meters from the eastern wall, on the first floor inside a multi-apartment housing complex.

The cause of the fire was determined to be due to a short circuit on the power line in the battery area of the front of the motorbike using a gasoline engine (scooter type) located against the southern wall of the first floor, causing a fire. .

Also according to the inspection conclusion, the fire then spread to the electric cable area, the electric meter boxes mounted on the wall on the first floor and spread to the surrounding area, leading to a fire that killed 56 people.

Of the 4 fire extinguishers sent for inspection, 3 were unused and 1 was used, a notice from Hanoi Police said. This is also what makes many people wonder why only 1 bottle is used in an emergency situation like this.

Discovered something strange in a mini apartment fire: There were 4 fire extinguishers but only 1 was used, why? - Photo 2

Previously, according to Mr. Ngo Pho Dien, a mini apartment security guard, at 11 p.m. on September 12, he was on duty when he discovered the electrical outlet on the first floor was on fire. The fire was small, so he carried a fire extinguisher and sprayed it. "But the more I sprayed, the bigger the fire became. I quickly shouted to alert the residents," he said.

Some people near the scene believed that the fire from the tram on the first floor exploded and caused a fire in the mini apartment building. This information causes confusion for electric vehicle users and many housing operators. Many mini-apartments, motel owners, and commercial apartment owners have banned electric vehicle charging in the basement or parking lot, and even terminated rentals if tenants use electric motorbikes.

Discovered something strange in a mini apartment fire: There were 4 fire extinguishers but only 1 was used, why? - Photo 3

According to fire prevention experts, electric vehicles may not be the source of the fire, but will be the factor that makes the fire more serious. The newly broken fire may have been small, but the motorbike was located close to the electrical wiring system in the car's tunnel, causing the fire to spread quickly. Meanwhile, the car tunnel had dozens of motorbikes stacked close together, electric vehicles mixed with gasoline vehicles, causing the fire to spread quickly and create a large, out of control fire. At that time, the firefighting equipment equipped in the tunnel may no longer be fully effective.

Discovered something strange in a mini apartment fire: There were 4 fire extinguishers but only 1 was used, why? - Photo 4

According to the fire prevention and fighting police and the CNCH, the procedure to handle a fire due to an electrical short circuit in each family is as follows:

Step 1: When discovering a fire arising from electrical equipment, immediately turn off the circuit breaker of the area where the fire is occurring or disconnect the main circuit breaker of the entire house.

Step 2: Quickly use a portable fire extinguisher (gas, powder fire extinguisher...) to put out the fire, or use blankets, clothes, curtains... dipped in water to cover the entire area. area of burning electrical equipment (absolutely do not use water to extinguish the fire until the power has been completely cut off).

Step 3: In all cases where a fire or explosion occurs, you must immediately call the Fire and Rescue Police force at phone number 114 for assistance.

Discovered something strange in a mini apartment fire: There were 4 fire extinguishers but only 1 was used, why? - Photo 5

However, each type of fire extinguisher has different features, suitable for different fires, so users need to pay close attention, specifically:

CO2 tank - specializes in extinguishing liquid fires (gasoline, oil, alcohol), gas fires (methane, gas) and electrical equipment. The normal label clearly states CO2, or MT2, MT3, MT5

Powder extinguishers: There are many different types, to extinguish fire materials with different characteristics, respectively denoted as A (solid fire fighting), B (liquid fire fighting), C (gas fire fighting) and D or E (electrical fire fighting).

Sand: Good for extinguishing liquid fires, to prevent liquid from spreading (like gasoline fires).

Cotton blanket: Soaked cotton blankets are very useful in covering gaps to prevent smoke, or covering the body to run down the emergency stairs (runners should crawl close to 40-60 cm above the floor, where there is always oxygen to breathing), or burning oil stoves or motorbikes.

Water: Do not use water to extinguish fires in cases of flammable liquids (gasoline, oil), electrical equipment fires, and chemical fires.

Discovered something strange in a mini apartment fire: There were 4 fire extinguishers but only 1 was used, why? - Photo 6

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