Phuong Nga - First Sao Mai Champion: Doctorate, beautiful U50, holds high position

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More than 20 years since being crowned champion for the first time in the Sao Mai contest (originally called the National Television Singing Festival), singer Phuong Nga is reaching a certain stability in both her career and career. and family life.

Silent but solid career

Singer Phuong Nga's real name is Nguyen Thi Phuong Nga, born in 1978 in Hanoi, and from a young age she showed her talent and passion for music.

Phuong Nga - First Sao Mai Champion: Doctorate, beautiful U50, holds high position - Photo 1

Phuong Nga is one of the few cases who determined a clear direction early on, so from the age of 14 she studied professional music at Hanoi College of Arts, under the teaching of Meritorious Artist Phan Thu Lan.

Remembering the time she started pursuing singing at the age of 14, singer Phuong Nga shared about the "contradiction" in her father and mother's views. "My mother was absolutely against me pursuing music, because she was afraid that her daughter would work hard and come home late at night without being stable. But on the contrary, my father wholeheartedly supported me. He was passionate about music but didn't have it." fate, I should pass on all that passion to my daughter."

Phuong Nga - First Sao Mai Champion: Doctorate, beautiful U50, holds high position - Photo 2

By 2001, Phuong Nga passed the university entrance exam at the Vietnam National Academy of Music and was taught by two leading teachers of classical vocal music, People's Artist Le Dung and People's Artist Trung Kien. These two talented teachers helped Phuong Nga develop her talent and practice solid classical vocal techniques.

Also that year, Phuong Nga participated in the Sao Mai television singing contest and was the first contestant to win first prize overall, with the song Shadow of Ko Nia Tree. She is highly appreciated for her expertise, belonging to the golden generation of Vietnamese academic music along with Trong Tan, Anh Tho, Lan Anh...

In 2002, Phuong Nga participated in the Spring Music Festival in Pyongyang and won the Silver Prize. Returning home, Phuong Nga continued to study and graduated from the Conservatory of Music. Thanks to her excellent academic achievements, the female singer was retained as a lecturer at the Conservatory of Music and completed her master's degree course.

Phuong Nga - First Sao Mai Champion: Doctorate, beautiful U50, holds high position - Photo 3

With constant training and improvement in both voice and vocal expertise, and maturity in thinking, Phuong Nga's voice becomes more and more loving, sweeter and more experienced.

The female singer shared that in addition to focusing on training and teaching at the Conservatory of Music and preparing to defend her PhD thesis, she still sings, but does not sing publicly, only participates in shows. Because of her important performance, the audience felt like she was "silent".

In 2004, Phuong Nga released her debut album titled Shadow of the Ko Nia Tree. Because of limited touring, it was not until 2012 that the female singer released her second album titled Oi Loving Life.

Phuong Nga - First Sao Mai Champion: Doctorate, beautiful U50, holds high position - Photo 4

Currently, Phuong Nga is holding the position of Deputy Head of the Vocal Department of the National Academy of Music, along with singer Tan Nhan. In 2017, she successfully defended her doctoral thesis. At the Conservatory of Music, there are currently 3 female singers with doctorates: Phuong Nga, Tan Nhan, Anh Tho, but Phuong Nga is the earliest to receive a degree.

She is also a member of the jury of Sao Mai 2015, the National Music and Dance Festival and the 2019 Fall Music Competition.

Phuong Nga confided: "Even until now my mother still maintains a strong opinion against music because she finds it difficult and unstable, but as for me, I find myself happy, because I love her." The shimmering magic of the stage lights and especially the applause of the audience is a huge motivation for our artists."

Phuong Nga - First Sao Mai Champion: Doctorate, beautiful U50, holds high position - Photo 5

A fulfilling life at the age of 45

Phuong Nga has a private and fulfilling personal life. She got married in 2001 to singer Dao Nguyen Vu, a vocal classmate. More than 20 years have passed now, but she and her husband are still happy together. In 2013, she and her husband released the album Flowers and Music.

The couple lives in the same house and works at the same school, so they do everything together and are almost always "sticky" together. The happiness of two people is built from sympathy and sharing everything in life. "What makes me happiest is that he loves his wife, loves his children, and is devoted to his work, both acting and teaching," the female singer could not hide her happiness.

Phuong Nga - First Sao Mai Champion: Doctorate, beautiful U50, holds high position - Photo 6

The female singer confided that she loves her family very much. Mother and children have an extremely important position in her life and she always tries to be a strong support for her relatives.

For Phuong Nga, family is a peaceful place, so she puts family first, followed by work and appreciates her current life, living optimistically.

In family life, Phuong Nga and her children get along very well. The female doctor always tries to be a role model for her children.

Many people think that Phuong Nga has a perfect life, successful in work and family, but she shares everything with her very naturally.

Phuong Nga - First Sao Mai Champion: Doctorate, beautiful U50, holds high position - Photo 7

Phuong Nga admitted that she is a woman, so when she loves, she loves passionately, passionately and truly passionately, but never allows herself to be dependent in love. She believes that modern women must be more resilient, take control of their lives, and always create their own happiness.

Currently, in addition to her work at school, Phuong Nga still participates in performing but rarely appears in the media. For the past two years, the female singer has kept up with the trend, focusing on building her own Youtube channel, releasing new songs to thank the audience for loving her, and interacting with the audience on her personal channel.

Phuong Nga - First Sao Mai Champion: Doctorate, beautiful U50, holds high position - Photo 8

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