Phuong Oanh was mocked for being a joke online, and responded highly, making people admire her

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After revealing that her husband supported her return to showbiz, Phuong Oanh worked harder to improve herself. However, she had to constantly face a series of unflattering comments from the online community.

Accordingly, on September 22, actress Quynh Bup Be suddenly posted a photo of herself wearing a youthful, dynamic and somewhat "age hacked" outfit on her personal page. Not only that, she also subtly shows off her hobby of "buying" branded goods by coordinating outfits with handbags from luxury "fashion houses" in the world. Through the pictures, it can be seen that Phuong Oanh has clearly improved in appearance and fashion style after becoming "someone's wife".

Phuong Oanh was mocked for being a joke online, and responded highly, making people admire her - Photo 1

After just a few minutes of posting, the actress's post quickly garnered a large amount of interaction. Besides compliments about her beautiful beauty, she cannot avoid negative and sarcastic comments. Specifically, one netizen wrote: "Like a joke on the internet."

Being a straightforward person, fans are sure that Phuong Oanh will have a harsh response to this unflattering comment. Surprisingly, Shark Binh's wife just gently left a "haha" expression without giving any other feedback.

Phuong Oanh was mocked for being a joke online, and responded highly, making people admire her - Photo 2

Actress Quynh Bup's move immediately surprised people, because this was the rare time this happened. Because, in reality, she has repeatedly had to face rude comments related to her personal life. At times like that, Phuong Oanh often boldly responds immediately.

Some netizens say that now that she is married, nothing is more important than having a peaceful and happy home. That's why the actress doesn't want to compete with those who cause trouble anymore and just stays silent.

Phuong Oanh was mocked for being a joke online, and responded highly, making people admire her - Photo 3

After holding the engagement ceremony and registering the marriage, Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh often shared "love-filled" moments on social networks, making everyone extremely jealous. Recently, the actress and her husband even went together at a birthday party with close friends attending.

In particular, to celebrate Phuong Oanh turning a new age, Shark Binh showed off his singing talent, making his wife laugh continuously with happiness. Furthermore, the actress also personally recorded the moments when her husband publicly expressed his affection in front of many people.

Phuong Oanh was mocked for being a joke online, and responded highly, making people admire her - Photo 4

Notably, participating in her close friend's party, Miss Ngoc Han revealed the full image of Phuong Oanh - Shark Binh spreading "dog salary" among the people. Specifically, the queen just posted a video clip recording the moment the "shark" businessman held a birthday party for his friend with the words "Forever Phuong Oanh 18" (roughly translated as Phuong Oanh forever 18).

Accompanying the post is Ngoc Han's wish to actress Quynh Bup: "Happy birthday, my friend, a very happy new age. Happy birthday to my friend, a brilliantly happy new age." This video clip shows Shark Binh passionately singing for his wife.

As for Phuong Oanh, she also quickly returned to the moment of entertaining her husband's music. After finishing the performance, Shark Binh was "marked sovereignty" by his partner. The actress also stayed on stage to sing a duet with her husband and continued to "touch lips", making guests at the party continuously cheer.

Phuong Oanh was mocked for being a joke online, and responded highly, making people admire her - Photo 5

Witnessing her best friend and her husband being affectionate together, Miss Ngoc Han also had to exclaim: "I'm always full when I eat rice." Just this small detail is enough to show that the actress and her husband are very passionate and fulfilled when they are together.

It is known that Phuong Oanh once admitted that she was under a lot of pressure after announcing her relationship with Shark Binh. "I have lived independently since I was 18 years old, and have gone through many ups and downs, so I believe in myself and am strong. But during the past 8 months, there have been many times when I have been depressed and thought of negative things.

Phuong Oanh was mocked for being a joke online, and responded highly, making people admire her - Photo 6

I couldn't imagine before that I would be loved by everyone and given many beautiful words. Yet when the love story with Mr. Binh was shared, everything seemed to change 180 degrees. They used many bad words and scolded me. My close friends and staff burst into tears when reading malicious comments about me," the actress confided.

It was also thanks to Shark Binh's sincerity that it motivated Phuong Oanh to continue fighting for this relationship. Up to now, after experiencing many emotional turbulences, the couple has officially become legal husband and wife. Owning a married life makes many people dream and admire.

Phuong Oanh was mocked for being a joke online, and responded highly, making people admire her - Photo 7

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