Phuong Oanh signed a "love contract" with Shark Binh, planning a pregnancy to keep the giants?

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After publicly dating, Phuong Oanh and Shark Binh faced public pressure. From the suspicion that Phuong Oanh is the third person to the rumor of signing a love contract, causing a stir.

Phuong Oanh's real name is Do Phuong Oanh. She started out as a model, then turned to acting and was loved by many audiences. She is known through the films Whisper from the Past, Opposite of Tears, Quietly in the Abyss, Quynh Doll, People's Girl, Choice of Fate and Taste of Friendship.

In addition to a sublime career, it seems that Phuong Oanh is quite troubled in love. And now she is having a beautiful love story with Shark Binh. In the past, a series of intimate pictures between the two people spread throughout the forums, causing many people to speculate that Phuong Oanh was the third person or whether there was a "love contract" between the two. However, after that, Shark Binh confirmed that he had been single for two years and Phuong Oanh was "not the third person".

Phuong Oanh signed a love contract with Shark Binh, planning a pregnancy to keep the giants? - Photo 1

Phuong Oanh once said: "Me and Mr. Binh are dating. We have never hidden this. We often appear publicly together and close friends know. There was a time when I wanted to keep it a secret. about love affairs because he was afraid of noise, but he always said that he loved each other properly, there was nothing to be afraid of. I also don't think it could cause misunderstandings like now."

The actress also affirmed: "We were single when we got together recently. I know you went through a breakup more than 2 years ago but never asked about the past. I did nothing wrong, disappeared. So there's nothing to be ashamed of. Hope everyone understands that Phuong Oanh never betrays the affection, love and trust that everyone has for her."

Phuong Oanh signed a love contract with Shark Binh, planning a pregnancy to keep the giants? - Photo 2

The beauty also admitted that she was self-sufficient early on, so she had a strong and decisive personality. "If I feel that the other person is not worthy, I am ready to not need it. It is that feeling of not needing to create a bad habit that is my high ego. I want to love but not everyone deserves to let me lower my ego", female Actress Quynh Doll shared.

Talking about dating Shark Binh, Phuong Oanh also said : "From the very beginning, I was selective, only seeing who was really suitable for me did I build a relationship. Before falling in love, I always told myself. I have to be more careful. But that's just reason. When I fall in love, I'm no different. I still love like I've never been loved. Emotions are always unpredictable. I'm a sensitive person. ability, so sometimes it is not possible to apply experience, emotions always prevail over reason".

Phuong Oanh signed a love contract with Shark Binh, planning a pregnancy to keep the giants? - Photo 3

When asked about falling in love and marrying a rich man, Phuong Oanh replied: "I don't choose the rich to love, but the people who move me must be the ones who make me respect, but to be respected, they must be better than me. You don't have to love a rich man to have money. I don't ask anyone and I don't have a dependent life, but I still get what I deserve."

Phuong Oanh signed a love contract with Shark Binh, planning a pregnancy to keep the giants? - Photo 4

Before that, Phuong Oanh was suspected of being pregnant. Specifically, last year, the image of the actress standing in an elevator with an unusually large second round. In addition to this photo, the person who uploaded the post also included a chat of the character who shared the image with the revelation: "We know it all. Oanh also shared that she wanted to get married." However, the representative of the beauty born in 1989 affirmed : "The information we publish is the truth. As for the information that we do not post, our side has no opinion on those things. I won't reply any further on this matter."

Phuong Oanh signed a love contract with Shark Binh, planning a pregnancy to keep the giants? - Photo 5

Shark Binh and Phuong Oanh admitted to getting to know each other in August 2022, after some of their dating photos were spread online. The story became noisy when businessman Dao Lan Huong said that she and Shark Binh still had a marriage certificate, while the businessman said that the two had signed a divorce agreement three years ago.

Phuong Oanh said that her mentality was unstable and erratic, and everywhere she looked, she saw darkness and negativity. She was skeptical of everything, even wanting to let go of Shark Binh's hand to stop everything. However, when looking back, the actor sees that her boyfriend has lost and hurt a lot, and if he lets go, it proves that she only thinks about herself. Therefore, she decided to hold his hand and face all the storms.

Phuong Oanh signed a love contract with Shark Binh, planning a pregnancy to keep the giants? - Photo 6

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