Quang Linh Vlog was estranged from Thuy Tien, hotgirl Chichi rushed to Vietnam to meet "crush"

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Those who follow Quang Linh know that he is being pushed to love with Miss Thuy Tien.

The two had many interactions during their charity trips together, even letting their double avatars make headlines for a while. Fans hope the couple will be a couple.

It is known that Quang Linh and Thuy Tien met for the first time in early 2022 when participating in advertising for 1 brand. The couple then had the opportunity to collaborate on work and volunteer work. Thuy Tien also went to Africa to build a well with Quang Linh's team, bringing clean water to the village. In Vietnam, the couple built schools together for children in remote areas.

Right from the beginning, Quang Linh and Thuy Tien have received a lot of praise and excitement from everyone because both are extremely cute and kind. Up to now, netizens are still diligently assigning, hoping they give each other the opportunity to learn and move towards a further relationship.

Not only that, Quang Linh and Thuy Tien also often give each other many meaningful small gifts. However, in the face of speculation about romance, Thuy Tien confirmed that she is still single.

Quang Linh Vlog was estranged from Thuy Tien, hotgirl Chichi rushed to Vietnam to meet crush - Photo 1

Currently, after returning home, Quang Linh and Miss Thuy Tien are also the couple that netizens "push the boat" most enthusiastically at this time. The couple accompanied in a charity campaign in Ha Giang, so they were closely watched by everyone.

Quang Linh Vlog was estranged from Thuy Tien, hotgirl Chichi rushed to Vietnam to meet crush - Photo 2

This is also the reason that every image and clip featuring male YouTuber and Hau attracts attention from people. The "Boat Pusher" Society eagerly scrutinized, looking for special acts that the two had for each other.

However, recently, netizens were somewhat disappointed when they caught a moment of Quang Linh and Thuy Tien recorded by the passing team. In this clip, Thuy Tien actively pushes Tien Nguyen – an African team member to sit in the middle, choosing a sitting position as far away from Quang Linh as possible.

Quang Linh Vlog was estranged from Thuy Tien, hotgirl Chichi rushed to Vietnam to meet crush - Photo 3

Quang Linh Vlog was estranged from Thuy Tien, hotgirl Chichi rushed to Vietnam to meet crush - Photo 4

After the clip went viral on social media, netizens left many comments claiming that the couple is more distant than before. Many people also decide to "push the boat" because they like it, but from the beginning they know that Quang Linh and Thuy Tien are difficult to make a couple.

Some comments from netizens:

- I also want the 2 of them to be couples, but when I watch this video, I think Tien already has a lover.

"I think they're starting to have a distance, different from when they were with Spirit in Angola. Back then, Tien teased closer to Linh.

- It was this moment that saddened me the most yesterday's live and gradually lost hope. Just hope the 2 of you are happy and happy.

- 2 You are simply lovely. I know that it will not be a couple, but wish 2 young people always happy and optimistic.

- This pair knew from the beginning that the result was not coming together. Fairies are good, but their two worlds are different. Still likes Linh later marries ordinary people.

- The two of you each have 1 mission with different goals, love with 2 of you sometimes cannot be greater than their goals but these 2 companions are so precious.

In the past, Thuy Tien has also repeatedly clarified her relationship with Quang Linh, insisting that the two are just friends. However, many people still do not stop expressing their love for Quang Linh and Thuy Tien, "pushing the boat" regardless.

In another development, the online community is also spreading information that Chichi - the first hot Lao girl of Vietnamese origin is also returning to her hometown to reunite with Quang Linh.

Specifically, Chichi's full name is Phoiphailin Sivilay is known as the most beautiful hot girl in Laos, her Vietnamese name is Nguyen Mai Chi. Since the age of 14, ChiChi has been famous on social media in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia thanks to her sweet beauty.

Quang Linh Vlog was estranged from Thuy Tien, hotgirl Chichi rushed to Vietnam to meet crush - Photo 5

She comes from a fairly famous family in Vientiane, so not only beautiful, this girl is also a young lady "jade leaf with golden branches". Recently, ChiChi has just publicly "confessed" to Quang Linh Vlog, causing netizens to stir.

Quang Linh Vlog was estranged from Thuy Tien, hotgirl Chichi rushed to Vietnam to meet crush - Photo 6

Accordingly, in his sharing, ChiChi promised to "take care of Quang Linh all his happy life together". She herself has been a hard fan of Quang Linh for the past 2 years, she admires the talent and heart of the boy of Nghe country. This has made fans hope that Quang Linh will soon have a response.

Quang Linh Vlog was estranged from Thuy Tien, hotgirl Chichi rushed to Vietnam to meet crush - Photo 7

Quang Linh Vlog was estranged from Thuy Tien, hotgirl Chichi rushed to Vietnam to meet crush - Photo 8

Quang Linh Vlog was estranged from Thuy Tien, hotgirl Chichi rushed to Vietnam to meet crush - Photo 9

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