Quang Linh Vlog has a headache again, Lindo "pocketed" a huge amount of money before returning to Vietnam

Mộc Trà13:54 24/04/2023

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Lindo - a close friend of male YouTuber Quang Linh Vlog continues to attract attention with a new start-up goal. If in the past, Lindo used to open a stall selling food, instant noodles, agricultural products at the market... now, Lindo has started to prepare sugarcane juice carts to serve African people.

Quang Linh Vlog has a headache again, Lindo "pocketed" a huge amount of money before returning to Vietnam - Photo 1

Quang Linh Vlog has a headache again, Lindo "pocketed" a huge amount of money before returning to Vietnam - Photo 2

In the latest video, Lindo and some friends in Angola showed off the result of a compact sugarcane juice truck located in a small corner of the market. Lindo's sugarcane juice truck only includes a device for squeezing sugarcane juice, a few slices of lemon, ice, a plastic cup... Although simple, the sugarcane juice stand attracts the love of many locals.

Quang Linh Vlog has a headache again, Lindo "pocketed" a huge amount of money before returning to Vietnam - Photo 3

Quang Linh Vlog has a headache again, Lindo "pocketed" a huge amount of money before returning to Vietnam - Photo 4

According to Lindo, so far, sugarcane is not a strange food for Africans. However, the pressing of sugarcane into water for drinking is rarely done. That's why Lindo decided to open a sugarcane juice car business.

"People only know that Lindo sells sugarcane juice, but they don't know how Lindo builds sugarcane juice, how to make sugarcane juice. Today, Lindo brought a blender and sold it. When it was sunny, drinking sugarcane juice added a few ice cubes. there's nothing like it," Lindo shared in the video.

Lindo personally chopped each cane root clean to squeeze juice to serve the people. People crowded around the sugarcane juice truck of close friend Quang Linh Vlog to see Mr. Thi Pham. In addition, Lindo said that sugarcane juice is best when adding a few slices of lemon because it will create a mild sour taste that dissolves with the cool, rich sweetness of sugarcane. It is known that each glass of sugarcane juice Lindo sells for about 50Kz (about 2,000 VND).

Quang Linh Vlog has a headache again, Lindo "pocketed" a huge amount of money before returning to Vietnam - Photo 5

Quang Linh Vlog has a headache again, Lindo "pocketed" a huge amount of money before returning to Vietnam - Photo 6

After drinking it, everyone was amazed with the pleasant sweetness of sugarcane juice. That's why the queue is very crowded waiting for their turn to buy and use. Within just over ten minutes, Lindo's sugarcane juice truck was "sold out". Even the quantity of fresh sugar cane Lindo is about to sell is not enough.

Many Vietnamese audiences are extremely excited about Lindo's new business model in Africa. Sugarcane juice is a familiar and popular beverage of Vietnamese people. In recent times, the fact that Vietnamese people popularize sugarcane juice to international friends has received a standing ovation.

In addition to her talent and hard work, Lindo is also famous for her loyalty and gratitude to Quang Linh Vlog.

Not long ago, on a livestream, Quang Linh told a story about being bullied by a texter, asking to delete all clips on the channel because he thought he was insulting African people. Lindo - a local friend sitting next to Quang Linh - was very upset. When YouTuber from Nghe An advised you to stay calm because this person has a gun, Lindo immediately said: "He has a weapon, I have a mouth. I will fight with my mouth".

Lindo's words made Quang Linh burst into laughter. After that, he said that he often received "threats" like that, but the male YouTuber didn't care, but only focused on doing what needed to be done. Quang Linh believes that people will understand him in the future.

Quang Linh Vlog has a headache again, Lindo "pocketed" a huge amount of money before returning to Vietnam - Photo 7

In a video not long ago, YouTuber from Nghe said that he loves the country and the people here, they are simple and honest. That's why he chose Africa as a place to stick and make a career. Behind the success, male YouTuber has to trade a lot of time, effort and money.

He affirmed that if he just decided to do business here, he could be rich and even become a billionaire at any time. However, Quang Linh mainly just wants to help people develop agriculture, by providing seeds and techniques, and no longer provides support in the form of buying rice or donating materials to people. "Those were only for the first stage, at that time it was to give the people something to eat and wear. This time, I also support the people as much as possible, hope the project succeeds well. If it doesn't, it's money. It's always a mystery, because the capital I have poured into here is all. It's very expensive to do agriculture here, to breed and then to fertilize... It takes 3 or 4 years to work in agriculture, but it won't work out in a few months", Quang Linh shared.

There are also many opinions that "Why help Africa when Vietnam is also poor?". However, Quang Linh and her friends still regularly do charity work in Vietnam. Currently, his team is collaborating with Miss Thuy Tien to have meaningful activities with poor children in Ha Giang.

Quang Linh Vlog has a headache again, Lindo "pocketed" a huge amount of money before returning to Vietnam - Photo 8

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