SHOCK: Ha Thanh Xuan confirms breakup with Koi fish king, reveals reason for ending marriage causing depression

Hoàng Phúc16:42 10/09/2023

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After the skepticism of netizens about rumors of a marriage rift with businessman Thang Ngo (also known as the Koi King), overseas singer Ha Thanh Xuan recently directly confirmed that the two have ended their relationship.

Accordingly, in the sharing on her personal page, Ha Thanh Xuan said she spoke up so that those who care and love no longer doubt and wonder about information related to her married life. The singer expressed her sadness and apologized for writing the message.

SHOCK: Ha Thanh Xuan confirms breakup with Koi fish king, reveals reason for ending marriage causing depression - Photo 1

Ha Thanh Xuan shared that she and businessman Thang Ngo have not registered their marriage. After 2 months of acquaintance, because of the desire of the 2 families and two insiders thought it was salty, the wedding took place quickly.

However, after the wedding, Ha Thanh Xuan was almost depressed, had to withdraw, did not dare to read the comments on social networks. Then between her and businessman Thang Ngo arose many problems, inconsistent in thought. Ha Thanh Xuan said that he has lived alone for nearly 1 year, confirmed that he has officially ended his relationship with businessman Thang Ngo and is living alone.

SHOCK: Ha Thanh Xuan confirms breakup with Koi fish king, reveals reason for ending marriage causing depression - Photo 2

"After that wedding, Xuan was almost depressed and had to withdraw, not daring to read any comments on Social Media. After a short time together, the two developed many problems and did not fit in all thoughts. Xuan has lived alone for nearly 1 year and today Xuan used all her calm to post this information, Xuan officially ended this relationship and returned to the single life of the whole family.

I hope that what has passed is 1 lesson for Xuan to be more mature in every decision of his life. Music is still the top priority and the audience is forever Xuan's 2nd family. Hope everyone still loves and supports Xuan" - Ha Thanh Xuan shared.

SHOCK: Ha Thanh Xuan confirms breakup with Koi fish king, reveals reason for ending marriage causing depression - Photo 3

The singer thanked the public for their words of concern and encouragement, and wished to respect private matters, including emotional breakdowns.

Contacting Ha Thanh Xuan, the singer shared that she is not in a good mood at the moment. The singer said: "What needed I wrote in the post."

SHOCK: Ha Thanh Xuan confirms breakup with Koi fish king, reveals reason for ending marriage causing depression - Photo 4

As for Thang Wu, he has not responded to the breakup information. In August 2023, the businessman told the media that his marriage to Ha Thanh Xuan was still peaceful.

"We're fine. My wife came to visit me and then went to Thailand to participate in the concert and then returned to the US to continue her work," he said.

Singer Ha Thanh Xuan was born in 1988, possessing beautiful beauty, sweet voice. Ha Thanh Xuan and Thang Ngo got to know each other through the matchmaking of a director. At that time, the singer was in the US, so the two were in a long-distance relationship until March 2022 when they first met. At the end of April 2022, businessman Thang Ngo proposed to his girlfriend who is 13 years younger. Before marrying Ha Thanh Xuan, the businessman was divorced.

Their wedding took place at a luxury wedding center in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM, blessed by many artists.

SHOCK: Ha Thanh Xuan confirms breakup with Koi fish king, reveals reason for ending marriage causing depression - Photo 5

However, after the wedding, Ha Thanh Xuan received many criticisms from the online community. It all comes from the fact that netizens discovered that not long ago Thang Ngo was still appearing on a TV program and causing emotion when he gave many "love words" to his wife, now he has matched with a new person. The incident caused Ha Thanh Xuan to be "stoned", forcing her to lock the comment feature on her fanpage and hide her profile for a long time.

SHOCK: Ha Thanh Xuan confirms breakup with Koi fish king, reveals reason for ending marriage causing depression - Photo 6

By early 2023, netizens speculated that Ha Thanh Xuan and "koi king" Thang Ngo broke up after less than 1 year of wedding. The proof is that the singer deleted or hid many of their joint snapshots. The couple also no longer interact with each other on social media. In addition, netizens discovered that the "koi king" had locked his personal Facebook page. Since then, Ha Thanh Xuan has only shared about music and life in the US and almost did not mention the "koi king".

SHOCK: Ha Thanh Xuan confirms breakup with Koi fish king, reveals reason for ending marriage causing depression - Photo 7

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