Song Joong Ki was criticized for not respecting his wife when he had a baby, netizens felt lucky for Song Hye Kyo

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Song Joong Ki's statement about marriage and childbirth recently caused the online community to "wake up". Many people believe that the actor only talked about himself when he had children, but did not understand his wife's sacrifice.

Korean media reported that Song Joong Ki recently shared the good news to welcome his first son with his wife Katy Louise Saunders on June 14. The couple's son was born in Rome (Italy), which is also the hometown of actress Katy.

The Korean star posted this good news on her personal website, along with a photo of her son's small hand. "Today I want to share this joy with you because I have a dream that has just come true," Song Joong Ki informed. The actor received many congratulations from fans around the world.

Song Joong Ki was criticized for not respecting his wife when he had a baby, netizens felt lucky for Song Hye Kyo - Photo 1

But the good news has just come, Song Joong Ki has encountered many criticisms related to an interview he did not long ago, talking about family life.

Accordingly, the actor of "Descendants of the Sun" gave an interview to Chinese media. In it, he was asked by a reporter about balancing his time to harmonize work and family. At the time of Song Joong Ki's interview, his wife was pregnant.

In an incomplete interview video that went viral on social media, the actor said he could not avoid losing the role after officially becoming a father.

"Sometimes, being a father, being a husband, means losing a job in this field. Marrying a woman, giving birth and being a father, in the art business will be hard to avoid me. less and less work," Song Joong Ki shared.

Song Joong Ki was criticized for not respecting his wife when he had a baby, netizens felt lucky for Song Hye Kyo - Photo 2

This interview excerpt of Song Joong Ki, after being posted online, was met with a wave of heavy criticism from the audience, especially Knet. The audience thinks that Song Joong Ki "exaggerates", because the Korean entertainment industry applies stricter conditions on dating, marriage and childbearing to idols than actors.

In particular, female celebrities are the ones who are severely affected because it is believed that married women will reduce work efficiency. Men are much less disadvantaged.

Song Joong Ki was criticized for not respecting his wife when he had a baby, netizens felt lucky for Song Hye Kyo - Photo 3

As for Song Joong Ki, the divorce from Song Hye Kyo, then getting married a second time and having children does not seem to affect his work. The actor still participates in new movies and appears at events.

Korea also has no shortage of actors who are still active and reach the top despite being married. For example, Lee Byung Hun, the actor even got into an affair scandal, but thanks to his outstanding talent, he was still able to revive his career and rise to the top of Korean cinema.

In the Korean entertainment industry, female actors even lose both roles and popularity after getting married. Song Joong Ki's share was criticized for being insensitive to the fact that many women have difficulty going to work after getting married.

Even many malicious comments commented that Song Joong Ki was not the one who gave birth to the child. His wife, who was pregnant and gave birth, suffered from physical pain during and after pregnancy.

Song Joong Ki was criticized for not respecting his wife when he had a baby, netizens felt lucky for Song Hye Kyo - Photo 4

Song Joong Ki was criticized for not respecting his wife when he had a baby, netizens felt lucky for Song Hye Kyo - Photo 5

Some netizens' comments: "Feeling lucky for Song Hye Kyo"; "I thought he had a high IQ, but he can say this sentence, bear it"; "If a female actress said these things, I would sympathize a bit"; "If a wife just gave birth, she can say this, it's like fighting each other"...

After announcing his first child, calling his wife "the biggest dream", "living happily until the end of his life", Song Joong Ki was suddenly pulled into a joke about his love story and failed marriage with Song Hye Kyo. .

Song Joong Ki was criticized for not respecting his wife when he had a baby, netizens felt lucky for Song Hye Kyo - Photo 6

He and Song Hye Kyo were once praised by the audience as a "dreamlike love story" after the fake love story from Descendants of the Sun. The moment the two walked hand in hand into the ceremony became a topic of discussion on social networks for a long time.

But in June 2019, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki announced their divorce. The famous couple's love quotes for each other are now dug up and ridiculed by the online community.

Song Joong Ki once talked about Song Hye Kyo with romantic sentences such as "With the promise of going to the end of the road together, Song Hye Kyo and I have turned to a new page of life with a wedding", "I am extremely happy. happy period when deciding the most important thing in life"...

Some comments on the forums said that Song Joong Ki was "just talking". Promises to go together until the end of life were once told by movie star Vincenzo to Song Hye Kyo.

Song Joong Ki was criticized for not respecting his wife when he had a baby, netizens felt lucky for Song Hye Kyo - Photo 7

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