Song Joong Ki was upset when his private life was scrutinized and revealed his changes after marriage for the first time

Thư Kỳ21:34 25/09/2023

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Song Joong-ki recently shared insights into his life after getting married and becoming a father, revealing a more personal side instead of his previous work life. At the same time, the actor was upset about his personal life being probed.

After becoming a third-year-old, Song Joong-ki returned to work and appeared in the movie " Hopeless" (directed by Kim Chang-hoon). "Hopeless" is a neo-noir thriller about a boy named Yeon-gyu (Hong Xa-bin), who wants to escape the hellish reality, meets the middle-level boss of an organization Chi-geon ( Song Joong-ki) and experience the dangerous world together.

This film marks Song Joong-ki's return to the screen after marrying former British actress Katy Louise Saunders earlier this year and becoming a father in June.

Before the film's release, Song Joong-ki had an interview with Wikitree sharing many different stories surrounding his work as well as talking for the first time about married life with his foreign wife.

Song Joong Ki was upset when his private life was scrutinized and revealed his changes after marriage for the first time - Photo 1

Song Joong-ki described 'Hopeless' as "a thought-provoking film. He expressed hope that the feelings he had after reading the script would be conveyed, emphasizing the importance of being an adult." Don't lose courage and lead children towards a better world.

Song Joong-ki also mentioned that he played the main role in 'Hopeless' without being paid because the actor said that all the money from filming was donated to a children's charity fund.

Besides work, the actor also spoke frankly about his family life in the interview. Song Joong-ki mentioned that his wife encouraged him to attend the Cannes Film Festival, even though she had attended the Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals before him.

Speaking of his wife, Song Joong-ki smiled and said : "We don't talk much about this industry. But my wife has attended major film festivals, so when she came to Cannes this time, she told me not to get too excited or make noise".

Song Joong Ki was upset when his private life was scrutinized and revealed his changes after marriage for the first time - Photo 2

Song Joong-ki shared that becoming a father changed his perspective, emphasizing the need to have a good life and become a better person.

The actor also spoke about his role as a father and the joy he finds in raising his children. He shared that he and his wife take turns taking care of their children and expressed pride in the responsibility of raising children.

Song Jong-ki emphasized the importance of being an upright father and maintaining strong moral character for the sake of his children. He also mentioned his wife's support and the audition he attended for BBC work in the UK with her support, hinting at a potential future project.

Song Joong Ki was upset when his private life was scrutinized and revealed his changes after marriage for the first time - Photo 3

Regarding daily life , he explained: "Our son is now more than 100 days old. He is growing up very quickly every day. My daily life is like many other fathers."

Throughout the interview, Song Joong-ki spoke frankly about his wife and son. However, he also had to go through a difficult time because of the challenges he and his wife faced due to media scrutiny and unfounded rumors when they confirmed their relationship and got married in this early year.

Song Joong Ki was upset when his private life was scrutinized and revealed his changes after marriage for the first time - Photo 4

He expressed his frustration and disappointment at reporters writing speculative stories about his wife, who is no longer active in the entertainment industry. Despite the challenges, Song Joong-ki admitted that this experience taught him maturity and that he learned from his wife's positive attitude.

Regarding this, Song Joong-ki said: "Of course there are sad moments. But after giving birth, I lived with a grateful heart so the sadness disappeared. Now I just think, 'I need must live a good life'. I'm just grateful that the baby was born healthy."

Song Joong Ki was upset when his private life was scrutinized and revealed his changes after marriage for the first time - Photo 5

Song Joong-ki even asked the reporter, "Do you want to meet my son?" and showed a video of his child on his phone. The baby has big eyes and a lovely smile like Song Joong-ki. The actor smiled and proudly showed off his son. He is like any normal father who constantly brags about his children.

Song Joong Ki was upset when his private life was scrutinized and revealed his changes after marriage for the first time - Photo 6

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