Thanh Hang implicitly said that Huong Giang "robbed and shouted at the same time", affirming that winning or losing is not important

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This is not the first time Thanh Hang has been accused of intentionally playing tricks on the show "The New Mentor". Faced with this comment, the long-legged supermodel has just responded harshly.

Episode 7 of "The New Mentor" has just ended, leaving the audience with many indescribable emotions with the tearful elimination and the constant efforts of the models, especially Mai Ngo.

Thanh Hang implicitly said that Huong Giang robbed and shouted at the same time, affirming that winning or losing is not important - Photo 1

Losing form in this episode, 4th runner-up Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 had to enter the qualifying round to the regret of many people. However, Host Pharmacist Tien "broke the rules" and saved her back. Fierce debates also broke out from here and became the focus of attracting the audience's attention.

Specifically, after the latest episode of the reality show aired, debates surrounding Mai Ngo - Thanh Hang - Ha Ho - Huong Giang appeared everywhere on social networking forums. Because she did not have a good performance, Mai Ngo was put into the elimination room by Thanh Hang to face Ha Ho and Pharmacist Tien.

Thanh Hang implicitly said that Huong Giang robbed and shouted at the same time, affirming that winning or losing is not important - Photo 2

Before going to the "death room", facing her coach, Mai Ngo burst into tears and blamed herself for putting the whole team in a dangerous situation. "I'm sorry for always being so burdened and today is really too much for me because I'm not in good health.

But because I saw that you put so much trust in me, I didn't want you to be disappointed, so I didn't dare to refuse you. I'm very confused, from the moment I finished the exam until now I don't know what I'm doing," Mai Ngo shared with Thanh Hang.

Seeing their teammates lose control of their emotions, Kim Phuong and Tuong Van also burst into tears. With the experiences and solidarity of the students, Thanh Hang could not hold back her tears. But in the end the supermodel still had to make the decision to put Mai Ngo opposite the winner.

Thanh Hang implicitly said that Huong Giang robbed and shouted at the same time, affirming that winning or losing is not important - Photo 3

In the elimination room, Ha Ho holds the right to decide which 2 models from the other team will have to leave and Pharmacist Tien gets to save 1 of the 4 contestants entering this round. As soon as he saw Mai Ngo come in, Pharmacist Tien "broke the rules" without asking questions and was ready to save her. Of course, Ha Ho couldn't eliminate Mai Ngo anymore, so the female singer eliminated 2 contestants from team Huong Giang.

While taking Mai Ngo to the waiting room, there was a tense argument between Pharmacist Tien, Thanh Hang and Huong Giang. As in last week's episode, Huong Giang also thought that her seniors were playing tricks so she sent Mai Ngo to the qualifying round. Without hesitation, the queen stood up and loudly questioned Doctor Tien out of respect for not daring to eliminate strong people.

Thanh Hang implicitly said that Huong Giang robbed and shouted at the same time, affirming that winning or losing is not important - Photo 4

"Mrs. Thanh Hang clearly understands that when you put Mai Ngo in, the odds of being eliminated are very difficult. Mai Ngo is like a talisman for Thanh Hang's team. When you put her in like that, I wonder if the producer is you, you don't dare to be eliminated. And you are the one who chooses to be fair today."

Too angry, Huong Giang continued to say: "Anyone who plays tricks with Pharmacist Tien, Pharmacist Tien will not dare to eliminate, so it's too easy. So next time I'll just send the strongest contestants in to be sure." Be safe. The game is too predictable."

Thanh Hang implicitly said that Huong Giang robbed and shouted at the same time, affirming that winning or losing is not important - Photo 5

Not only Huong Giang, some viewers also thought that Thanh Hang intentionally used Mai Ngo to pressure Ha Ho and Pharmacist Tien. Because, in episode 7, although Mai Ngo could not maintain her form, throughout the process of participating in the contest, she did better than the remaining contestants on the team. Therefore, if Ha Ho - Pharmacist Tien does not let Mai Ngo safely leave the screening room, they will be the ones who will be severely attacked.

According to Vietnamese Women, Thanh Hang officially spoke out about being criticized for playing tricks in episode 7: "When I talk to my students, I have a lot of emotions mixed with pain, sympathy, and surprise." and felt sorry for her. Surprised because Mai tried to hide her health condition, which was not really good to shoulder the responsibility. To me, your health is important, what's the point of winning or losing at this level?

Thanh Hang implicitly said that Huong Giang robbed and shouted at the same time, affirming that winning or losing is not important - Photo 6

And the peak when I shed tears was when the members shared honestly, sincerely, and thought about each other. I see the human love there... The contestants on Thanh Hang's team are all strong, every time they bring someone in they tell me to play a trick. Let me ask: if you can play tricks, why do you forbid others to play tricks? Do you want to limit others to serve your own personal purposes? Do not dream".

Regarding Mai Ngo, the supermodel also added: "During rehearsals, I instructed Mai to bring the mentality of sharing her own perspective, people, experiences and understanding to the presentation, not to learn memorize any content.

Mai is very fine, I believe, but what I don't know is Mai's health situation. The filming scene was at 1:00 a.m., the filming days were slow and my brain couldn't download anything anymore. At that time, I was more worried about Mai's health."

Thanh Hang implicitly said that Huong Giang robbed and shouted at the same time, affirming that winning or losing is not important - Photo 7

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