Nemo page stated that fans would be very sad and have no one to complain to if she had to go to jail

Juni Nguyễn10:25 23/09/2023

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After saying that if she went to prison, there would be no one to help those in need, leading to more and more robberies, Trang Nemo recently made many people angry when she said that no one would entertain everyone. if she gets caught.

It was thought that in the preparation phase for the day he was put behind bars, Trang Nemo would change his personality and make less shocking statements to regain some of his bad image in the eyes of many people. But no, recently in a new livestream of a hotgirl born in 1992, many people were bored.

Accordingly, during the livestream, while she was happily chatting with everyone, a lot of negative, ironic comments appeared below the live stream, satirizing the hot girl born in 1992 when she was about to eat. state rice.

Nemo page stated that fans would be very sad and have no one to complain to if she had to go to jail - Photo 1

In response to the sarcastic comments of Trang Nemo saying, "You look very suitable in striped pajamas", the hotgirl born in 1992 was annoyed and responded bluntly: "Well, if I post a picture, I'll say I'm wearing a prison uniform. look happier. If anyone feels happy, I'll let you go."

Not stopping there, Trang Nemo became even more irritable when she said that while she herself had not yet officially executed the sentence, the hotgirl born in 1992 would feel free to let people criticize her to avoid making her mouth sad, if not later. Hey, if she really ends up behind bars, there won't be anyone for the online community to complain about, then everyone will probably be very sad.

"Give everyone the karma so everyone will feel less sad, but now that I go to prison and no one speaks, everyone will be sad" - Trang Nemo shared.

Nemo page stated that fans would be very sad and have no one to complain to if she had to go to jail - Photo 2

At the same time, Trang Nemo said that she is currently not doing well as she is facing a 9-month prison sentence. It was also Trang Nemo's strong but somewhat fearful statements that received a lot of attention from netizens and quickly became a hotly discussed topic on all fronts of social networks.

Previously, in the appeal trial of the case of Disturbing Public Order, which took place on the morning of September 8, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City rejected the appeal of Nguyen Xuan Huong Trang (born in 1992, also known as Trang Nemo). , maintaining the 9-month prison sentence for this defendant. Trang Nemo's accomplices received sentences: Pham Quyen Quy and Nguyen Ngoc Khuong to 9 months in prison, Phan Hoang Nam to 12 months in prison.

Nemo page stated that fans would be very sad and have no one to complain to if she had to go to jail - Photo 3

At the trial, Trang Nemo defended herself because she did not have a lawyer and asked for a suspended sentence because she was raising young children, her parents were sick, and her family had someone with meritorious service to the revolution. However, the Trial Council rejected the appeal and upheld the first instance verdict.

However, the chairman still gave Trang Nemo 15 minutes to contact the lawyer, but the defendant could not do so. Therefore, if she continues to attend the trial, Trang Nemo will defend herself or can leave.

Trang Nemo then decided to continue attending the trial and defend herself, the trial took place without prejudice.

Nemo page stated that fans would be very sad and have no one to complain to if she had to go to jail - Photo 4

Defending herself, Trang Nemo said her conscience had been tormenting her for the past 2 years, so she hoped the court would consider reducing the sentence as well as granting a suspended sentence: "I ask you, if your child makes a mistake. The first time, do you chase them away, or do you warn them to teach them better? It's my first crime, I have young children, I create jobs for many other people, but is the punishment too harsh? . If I go to jail, my employees become unemployed, or steal, who is responsible? There are many people behind me who need me. If I go to jail, what will I get? If I go to jail, how can I fix it?

The defendant has young children and has created jobs for many people; The defendant's uncle was a soldier who died in the resistance war, his grandmother was a heroic Vietnamese Mother... Standing here was a lesson for the defendant. "

Nemo page stated that fans would be very sad and have no one to complain to if she had to go to jail - Photo 5

Even though they were given time to argue and defend themselves, the Trial Panel considered the defendants' statements, but considered the defendants' behavior to be disregarding the law and openly beating people in public. public so it needs to be handled seriously. The sentence imposed by the first instance court was appropriate, so the appellate court did not accept the defendants' appeal.

Trang Nemo's self-reflective words at the trial also caused the online community to condemn and stone her even more heavily.

Nemo page stated that fans would be very sad and have no one to complain to if she had to go to jail - Photo 6

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