Tuyet Ngoc: Long legs reveal intimate photos with Lam Truong at the karaoke bar, how is life now?

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Tuyet Ngoc was a famous model of the 2000s. She was once entangled in rumors of back and forth with Lam Truong when he was married, which is said to be the key to the dissolution of the singer's first marriage.

Tuyet Ngoc with Dinh Ngoc Diep, Thanh Hoai worked at the same time and became a famous model in the 2000s. Not only possessing a pretty face, charming smile and confidence, she was also highly appreciated when is a multi-talented footman.

After participating in the program "Fly to Dream" and modeling for Muc Tim newspaper, Tuyet Ngoc became a sought-after name. At that time, she was appreciated for her sweet and gentle beauty with a strong, modern touch. In addition to the available talent, this beauty at that time was "chosen to send gold" by many designers and brands to perform at Southern fashion shows. Besides, she also tried herself as a stylist, fashion editor and acted in films such as Prime Minister, I Am a Star...

Tuyet Ngoc: Long legs reveal intimate photos with Lam Truong at the karaoke bar, how is life now? - Photo 1

Tuyet Ngoc: Long legs reveal intimate photos with Lam Truong at the karaoke bar, how is life now? - Photo 2

In her artistic journey, Tuyet Ngoc was also rumored to be Lam Truong's "pink shadow" even though the singer was in a marriage with Y Lan. In February 2010, intimate photos between Tuyet Ngoc and Lam Truong in a Karaoke bar were posted online. The photo does not lie, Tuyet Ngoc sits behind and hugs Lam Truong's waist while he is singing.

Tuyet Ngoc: Long legs reveal intimate photos with Lam Truong at the karaoke bar, how is life now? - Photo 3

Tuyet Ngoc herself did not hesitate to give many compliments to Lam Truong, considering him as an ideal man. "Of course I like Lam Truong. Such a lovely man, why don't you like it.

I sympathize with Lam Truong because during the interview, I understand more about his deep inner person. The more I talked, the more I understood every corner of his life. Lam Truong is a very lonely person. Go to work alone, go out alone. He almost has no relationship outside of work, only focusing on work," Tuyet Ngoc admitted to liking Lam Truong.

However, when asked the question "Do you have a date with Lam Truong", Tuyet Ngoc definitely answered no.

"If you don't say it, everyone knows, not only me, many people who have contact or even do not have contact with Lam Truong, just listening to him sing is ready to say: "I love you Lam Truong".

Such a handsome, skillful, sweet, small man, with such a solid career, knowing how to behave like that, what girl doesn't like? Many other girls can love with admiration, I am of the same s.ex, so it is easier to understand and sympathize.

Around Truong, there is no shortage of girls' confessions, if his family is not stable, it will be shaken a long time ago", Tuyet Ngoc once dedicated words to Dan Truong.

Tuyet Ngoc: Long legs reveal intimate photos with Lam Truong at the karaoke bar, how is life now? - Photo 4

This beauty at that time also explained the rumors very clearly : "Someone didn't understand why they posted on their personal blog about Truong's family and then put my picture up. This person said poor Truong's wife. , blame me for being this, that, I just say one thing, rumors that celebrities don't meet, sometimes there are more terrible rumors than that. But now poor Truong's wife, who else is poor? I don't have a family anymore, anyone who hears it will tell me this and that."

Despite such an explanation, the intimate images released made many people disagree with Tuyet Ngoc. However, her relationship with Lam Truong did not have "after that". Because after breaking up with his wife, the voice of "Love stops feeling sorry" did not come to the model and fashion editor.

Tuyet Ngoc: Long legs reveal intimate photos with Lam Truong at the karaoke bar, how is life now? - Photo 5

Lam Truong is only focused on singing, busy running shows and extremely tight-lipped in her private life. Outside of work, he also wants to be closer to his family. As for Tuyet Ngoc, she still focuses on her profession, but her reputation is also more or less affected. According to the female model, because of the "unfair reputation" of dating Lam Truong, she lost many "connections" in the love story.

After the scandal with Lam Truong, she is no longer interested in fashion and entertainment. As revealed by close friends, she is the owner of a chain of businesses such as cafes, fashion, karaoke... "Art is the cradle that has brought me to success but business. is the path I want to pursue for the rest of my life," she once shared.

In 2019, Tuyet Ngoc boarded a flower car with an overseas Vietnamese businessman named Nguyen Quoc Truyen, 5 years older than her.

Tuyet Ngoc: Long legs reveal intimate photos with Lam Truong at the karaoke bar, how is life now? - Photo 6

Tuyet Ngoc and her husband have known each other for about 13 years and 5 more years of dating to return to the same house. Tuyet Ngoc's husband was praised for being handsome and stylish.

Tuyet Ngoc's husband said, he fell in love with his wife from the first time they met, but was "ignored" by her 3 times. "The first time in 2003 at a bar, I got acquainted again, asked for his name, but Tuyet Ngoc showed no emotion. The second time I met him at a hotel in Saigon, I asked 'Do you remember meeting me at the bar? bar Q?' but Ngoc replied 'Sorry, I really don't remember' The third time was in 2012 when I sent a message via Facebook saying that we had met 9 years ago, then Ngoc asked again 'Sorry, who are you?' After a period of persistent clinging and flirting, we finally belonged together, " said Tuyet Ngoc's husband.

Tuyet Ngoc: Long legs reveal intimate photos with Lam Truong at the karaoke bar, how is life now? - Photo 7

Tuyet Ngoc and her husband welcomed their first son in February 2021. The former model's family now lives in a high-class apartment in Ho Chi Minh City.

As for Lam Truong, after the breakup in the first marriage, Lam Truong got married with a younger wife. Lam Truong's life is still as smooth as his own personality. But deep down Lam Truong still worries about his first son.

Tuyet Ngoc: Long legs reveal intimate photos with Lam Truong at the karaoke bar, how is life now? - Photo 8

Not only with his first son, but also with his daughter and second wife, he did not complete it because he was busy running shows to make money. Once, his 2nd wife voiced her pity for taking care of herself. However, after a few moments of sulking, the couple returned to their normal state.

Tuyet Ngoc: Long legs reveal intimate photos with Lam Truong at the karaoke bar, how is life now? - Photo 9

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