Unveiling the truth of the marriage between the Koi Fish King and Ha Thanh Xuan: Behind the language is money?

Yaya18:09 11/09/2023

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The announcement of Ha Thanh Xuan and 'Koi Fish King' Thang Ngo has led many to question whether the two have previously come together with love or for money purposes.

On September 10, Ha Thanh Xuan suddenly made waves when through his personal Facebook page said that he and Koi Fish King - Thang Ngo had officially "gone their separate ways".

The overseas singer wrote: "Today I would like to post this status so that those who care and love me no longer have to doubt or wonder about Xuan's married life information.

Unveiling the truth of the marriage between the Koi Fish King and Ha Thanh Xuan: Behind the language is money? - Photo 1

I'm so sorry... As she wrote this, Xuan's mood was also extremely sad... Before and until now, Xuan has never registered her marriage. After 2 months of knowing and meeting Mr. Thang, due to the wishes of 2 families and 2 insiders who thought the relationship was pink, the wedding took place very quickly, as the whole family said.

After that wedding, Xuan was almost depressed and had to withdraw, not daring to read any comments on social networks. After a short time together, the two developed many problems and did not fit in all thoughts. Xuan has lived alone for nearly 1 year and today Xuan used all her calm to post this information, Xuan officially ended this relationship and returned to the single life of the whole family.

I hope that what has passed is a lesson for Xuan to be more mature in all decisions of his life..."

Unveiling the truth of the marriage between the Koi Fish King and Ha Thanh Xuan: Behind the language is money? - Photo 2

Contacting "Koi fish king" Thang Ngo about this unexpected status, this businessman shared quite briefly. He said it was just that his wife was under stress.

Ha Thanh Xuan's shocking statement shocked social media and media. Because, in May 2022, when the two celebrated their marriage, many admired and touched on behalf of the couple.

Accordingly, during the love ceremony held at a luxury restaurant, Thang Ngo shared: "Oh, it is very difficult to laugh, but only a few months of knowing Xuan, the time I laugh is equal to my whole life combined. If it was for money, Xuan definitely wouldn't choose me because there are so many giants chasing her. I'm not perfect, neither is she, and we love each other."

Unveiling the truth of the marriage between the Koi Fish King and Ha Thanh Xuan: Behind the language is money? - Photo 3

Not stopping there, the Koi Fish King once shared about his famous wife: " To be honest, I never thought I would know a singer before. I searched for Ha Thanh Xuan's name online and read 60 articles about her. From there, I discovered that my wife was a special woman, with many differences, so I wanted to find out. Having understood carefully, I decided to officially pursue and know Ha Thanh Xuan because I believed in my wife. The love affair between me and Ha Thanh Xuan is really predestined, due to a certain arrangement of fate."

Unveiling the truth of the marriage between the Koi Fish King and Ha Thanh Xuan: Behind the language is money? - Photo 4

Once said love, but now revealed that the pressures of married life, because of the family on both sides and the pressure of public opinion make the singer herself live no longer herself and then fall into a stalemate and depression even though she was taken by her husband to travel everywhere.

Even the singer said that even her passion is singing, she has not been able to pursue it like she used to since her marriage. Therefore, after 1 year of living in marriage, her stifling life became visible.

Unveiling the truth of the marriage between the Koi Fish King and Ha Thanh Xuan: Behind the language is money? - Photo 5

With the contrast of the couple from love words to depression of Ha Thanh Xuan - businessman Thang Ngo has led netizens to ask many theories whether the cause of the breakup is due to material differences between the two.

Thang Ngo is known as a famous rich businessman in the koi industry, but after divorcing to come to Ha Thanh Xuan, this businessman accepted to leave empty-handed, leaving all his assets to his ex-wife and children.

Unveiling the truth of the marriage between the Koi Fish King and Ha Thanh Xuan: Behind the language is money? - Photo 6

Some netizens left comments: "I don't think I can fall into the jar of sticky rice who suspects to fall right into the fish sauce jar", "No money 2 months later it is right, there is no crazy to hug an old person with nothing in his hands", "Although he is tall and beautiful, he is not bald, but with little money, he cannot keep his youth", "To think of giving all your possessions to your ex-wife is to say that it's true. Why did that Miss He Qingxuan leave after a few months",....

Unveiling the truth of the marriage between the Koi Fish King and Ha Thanh Xuan: Behind the language is money? - Photo 7

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