'King of Koi fish' Thang Ngo and the unknown marriage corner with his ex-wife: It has been cracked for a long time

Nắng09:29 11/05/2022

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Many times, Ms. Thanh Dao has to hold back her tears and endure, but because of her love for "King of Koi" Thang Ngo, she tries to overcome everything.

Recently, the online community has been stirred up by information related to the wedding of "King of Koi fish" Thang Ngo and female singer Ha Thanh Xuan.

In addition to admiring comments about the love story overcoming the 13-year age gap to come together, a part of netizens reminded the ex-wife Cao Khang who sacrificed everything of "King of Koi" - Ms. Thanh Dao.

'King of Koi fish' Thang Ngo and the unknown marriage corner with his ex-wife: It has been cracked for a long time - Photo 1

It is known that before becoming a rich businessman like now, Mr. Thang Ngo was just an ordinary person who started a business from scratch and was supported and helped by his ex-wife, following closely on the business path.

This is shared by him in the program Super Intelligence Vietnam : "I come to my wife when I have no money, when I enter the Koi fish, I am negative. It is also very lucky because my wife always agrees. I'm willing to suffer. Before playing this game, the money was lacking, I was in debt, but I kept splurging. If my wife couldn't get over it, I wouldn't be standing here."

At Super Intelligence Vietnam 2 years ago, the tycoon and his wife made many people cry when recounting the journey of Koi fish business from empty handed to successful success. The ex-wife of the giant Koi fish impresses with her gentle face and gentle demeanor.

Ms. Thanh Dao said that her husband is a person who loves fish very much and could not imagine anyone with such passion. Ms. Dao joked that there was a time when she was too tired with her husband's hobby of Koi fish. Dao even decided to break up but changed her mind after seeing her husband's love for work. That was the moment she witnessed Mr. Thang cherishing each fish and working continuously from night to morning.

'King of Koi fish' Thang Ngo and the unknown marriage corner with his ex-wife: It has been cracked for a long time - Photo 2

Cao Khang's wife once choked up confiding in order to have a career like today, many times she had to hold back tears and endure, but because of her love for her husband, she tried to overcome everything.

"The photo is very bad, never get to hold a glass, a straw, never. I'm sad, I feel, I'm alone, but I see him alone by the aquarium talking, kissing fish. I said I don't seem to care at all this week that you are very uncomfortable inside. For me, a woman or a man when attached to each other. I have to take responsibility for what I choose. If I choose love, I have loved. But if I love, nothing is insurmountable," said Ms. Thanh Dao.

Closing the story, Ms. Dao affirmed that not everyone is lucky enough to choose a true love. But once found and truly loved, nothing is insurmountable.

'King of Koi fish' Thang Ngo and the unknown marriage corner with his ex-wife: It has been cracked for a long time - Photo 3

Entrepreneur Thang Ngo (real name Ngo Van Thang, SN 1975) is a famous name in the world of Koi fishers in Vietnam. He is better known by a TV show in 2019.

Thang Ngo is currently the owner of a leading large-scale Koi fish farm in the world, and is also a famous "player" of supercars, owning many expensive supercars, notably a Lamborghini Huracan STO of more than 20 billion copper

It is known that his Koi fish farm is more than 1000m2, the cost of investment in facilities is nearly 15 billion VND, the number of koi fish on display is up to 30 billion VND. Various types have prices ranging from a few million to several hundred million dong or even a few billion dong to meet the needs of customers.

Referring to the "King of Koi", it is impossible not to mention the 39-class, unique school of koi fish selected from famous Japanese fish farms that this giant owns with a value of billions of dollars.

'King of Koi fish' Thang Ngo and the unknown marriage corner with his ex-wife: It has been cracked for a long time - Photo 4

In this school of 39 koi fish, there is the largest koi with a size of 106cm, one of the rarest and most rare, causing a fever throughout the aquarium world in 2020. Up to now, Mr. Thang Ngo's Koi fish has supplemented. added many new categories, classified as precious and world-class.

Before the resounding success with the Koi fish brand, the giant Ngo Van Thang used to be a soldier rolling with the sun and wind in the field. The nickname "Thang Ram Bo" was once associated with the 7x businessman when he was in the army.

In 2006, after leaving the army, Thang Ngo established a real estate company, Dai Thang Number One Co., Ltd. But business is not favorable, Ngo Van Thang has failed many times, in debt, empty-handed.

After 8 years of business, Thang Ngo went from nothing to become a famous Koi fish giant. He is the only Vietnamese person invited to be the judge of the 50th International Koi Fish Competition All Japan Nishikigoi Show in 2019.

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